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Numerous high schools are starting to incorporate job skills training into the special education curriculum by teaching students how to create and sell products to students and faculty at school.
One example is Freedom High School’s special education class that magically converts into an elegant Italian bistro with student “cooks” and “waiters” by noon.
The students practice customer service with teachers, take reservations, prepare meals, clean up, and run the cash register—all valued job skills they may otherwise never be taught. By not only learning these job skills, but also practicing them in everyday transactions, the students acquire basic job skills that can help them one day land a real entry-level labor position such as a grocery, janitorial, retail, or warehouse assistant. Williams High School’s special education class has also started teaching job skills by selling canine treats to students and faculty. Similarly, the students learn how to successfully follow directions, socialize with customers, and sell a product—the most basic job skills needed for any position. For further job skills training and transitional programs for students with special needs, check out our First Job Survival Skills, JobSmart, and Transitions curricula. Make sure you don't miss anything with our guide to what's on, including daily talks, activities, feeds and upcoming events.
See a list of all the animals we have on site here at Dartmoor Zoo along with their names so you know who you're going to see before you get here! Don't forget to share your photos of out animals on our Facebook page, we love to see them! If you fancy getting up close and personal with some of our animals here at the Zoo, we have plenty of experiences to choose from for all ages.
We have a fantastic award-winning education programme and Dartmoor Zoo is an accredited centre for Learning Outside the Classroom. Dartmoor Zoo in partnership with Plymouth University has officially opened the Dartmoor Institute of Animal Science building which will be used for research and conservation studies.
Tim and Tristan the zebra arrived at DZP a couple of weeks ago, and have since been getting used to their new home.
By becoming an annual member at DZP you can get yourself a great deal whilst making a real contribution to our work. In addition to year-round free admission, membership packages offer a host of benefits and discounts.
We Support Law EnforcementWe welcome inquiries from all agencies, departments and individual officers. About UsAt Survival Wisdom, we offer the kind of bespoke survival training which will equip you and your team with the skills and expertise you need to be resilient and adaptable in an unpredictable world. Our approach is proven and innovative; it reflects the unique partnership of our highly-qualified instructors, our combined 60 years’ experience in military and civilian training and our ability to emerge wiser from some of the world’s harshest environments.
We’re also supported by a team of accredited, hand-picked specialist instructors, whose skills we match to your specific requirements.
Photo 4: Fire hose that has been taken out of service can be turned into a training dummy prop.

Training officers always hear a very common complaint from the rank and file: “We always do the same thing every drill! Stretching attack lines: As it has been said in the past, as the first line goes, so does the fire.
Search and rescue: Finding different layouts for search drills has become a common complaint for realistic training. Vehicle extrication: Vehicle extrication training does not have to include hydraulic tools.
Difficult economic times can result in limitations in department operations, and training is usually the first division to see budget cuts.
By creating a job-like setting within the classroom, students learn basic job skills they may otherwise never learn.
Lights are dimmed, flameless candles are “lit,” and Italian music soars through the air and Voila for $5 teachers and staff have an onsite cafe. By mimicking the working world inside the comforting walls of the school, the students with special needs are taught valuable job skills in a welcoming, non-threatening environment surrounded by friends and faculty. They see them as customers now, so they really take some pride in that,” says Bernice Blankenship, a special education teacher at Freedom. Just as the student employees serve their customers fresh soups and salads at Freedom High School, Williams’ students join the workforce by baking and selling dog treats. With continued efforts taken to teach job skills in special education classrooms, students with special needs will have a better chance of getting a job in the future.
We have links with many Universities and higher education institutions enabling us to conduct research into cognition, behaviour, conservation, animal welfare and the social sciences. Now they are settled they have been released into our African paddock where you will be able to see them out and about!
Our experience includes Belize, Borneo, Malaysia, Chile, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Finland, Iceland, Kenya, North America, Canada and the Middle East. Why can’t we do something different?” It is difficult to continue to develop new training programs that spark excitement within the ranks, however, taking some basic training topics and providing a slight variation to the material can provide some change, and stimulate the interest of the troops.
Additionally, include a second engine that has to pull water from the same hydrant: working around the initial supply line will require the second engine company to be more efficient in grabbing water (See Photo 1). This author has seen many instances where the first line off the engine has not been efficient to suppress the fire (See Photo 2). Ask your members what they would do if no overhead anchor existed when you needed it; the answer can prove to be an outside-the-box solution.
Make a list of victim injuries and demonstrate how each injury would result in a modification in the packaging system used. Hone the skills for on-scene operations prior to cutting metal, such as cribbing and air-bag usage. That being said, it is still possible to create quality hands-on skill sessions that can benefit the members of your department with limited resources.

They also have afters school taco Tuesdays and Wednesdays and run a coffee cart with pastries in the morning. They’re going to be their parents’ responsibility for the rest of their life unless they can get some job skills,” says Janelle Grimm, another special education teacher.
This maze has five sections to it, which can be swapped into multiple positions to change the layout for each member (see Photo 3).
Many injuries on the extrication scene can be attributed to poor stabilization and high-pressure bag issues. 3, and is an instructor with the Middlesex County Fire Academy, where he is responsible for rescue training curriculum development.
As an authorized NightForce dealer, we can equip your rifle with the finest precision optics.
For your next drill, take the larger handlines into the structure and lay them into position both wet and dry. Sections measure six feet in length and four feet in height, and contain various hazards within each section.
For your next session, try lifting and stabilizing an irregular object, instead of a vehicle (See Photo 8).
A little creativity and imagination can go a long way towards a successful training program, and your department will reap the benefits time after time. They can be put into a long maze, or can be used as a single station each, to address the specifics of each skill.Retired fire hose can provide assembly material for rescue mannequin construction. A trip to the local municipal yard can find a large irregular shaped block, barrier, tank or other object that can be used for a lifting and stabilizing lesson.
We are your authorized Glock law enforcement dealer.EquipmentWe are always willing to assist with special needs and various accessories. Our station utilizes hoses of all sizes, used to simulate victims of all sizes for rescue and removal (See Photo 4). Be sure to include proper patient care and lifting techniques when treating simulated victims.
Instead, our department took the advice from a fellow rescue instructor and constructed our own floating ice prop. The prop is a two-section raft assembly, connected by two hard links that provide flexibility and movement between both sections. A large hole is cut and reinforced from the underside, simulating a hole within the ice (See Photo 9).

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