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Many accounts are deleted simply because the person registering didn't follow directions during the registration process. Unless you really want it public and like spam, do not use your full email address as your board username. It can take up to 7 days for your account to be approved as we have to manually review and approve every registration. Knowing how to survive is a hard task on a nice sunny day, imagine if it were the middle of winter or you were in a place where the nights get below freezing? Knowing skills that are taught to the marines could give you the edge and get you through the freezing night or cold weather. Obviously training and doing the things in this manual will get you the skills needed to survive but at the very minimum you should have this downloaded and on a device where you can get to it.
With electronics I know an EMP will take them out but in realistic terms they are pretty unlikely. However also don't forget about physical copies of military survival handbooks you can get at places like army navy. Photo 4: Fire hose that has been taken out of service can be turned into a training dummy prop.
Training officers always hear a very common complaint from the rank and file: “We always do the same thing every drill! Stretching attack lines: As it has been said in the past, as the first line goes, so does the fire.
Search and rescue: Finding different layouts for search drills has become a common complaint for realistic training.
Vehicle extrication: Vehicle extrication training does not have to include hydraulic tools. Difficult economic times can result in limitations in department operations, and training is usually the first division to see budget cuts. Wilderness Survival Learn the art of outdoor survival so you can guide and protect your village beyond the city and into the safety of the wilderness.
Grade 2-5 Zombie Survivor Under the guidance of Rangers Guild instructors, you and your team learn to protect your village from zombies with essential stealth and survival skills. Grade 6-10 Zombie Survival: The Z-Team Join the ranks of our elite squad and train as the first response in a zombie invasion. Posted on May 15, 2014 Written by Cody Griffin 3 Comments Whether you are prepping for the zombie apocalypse or the aftermath of a hurricane, self-defense is an important aspect of surviving any disaster.  Everyone has their preference as to what qualifies as the best survival weapon. Catherine on Is It “Anti-Faith” To Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse?Blabber Mouth on PUTIN warns U.S. So I would suggest having a solar charger to charge your device so you can have this valuable information to hand anytime you need it. Why can’t we do something different?” It is difficult to continue to develop new training programs that spark excitement within the ranks, however, taking some basic training topics and providing a slight variation to the material can provide some change, and stimulate the interest of the troops.

Additionally, include a second engine that has to pull water from the same hydrant: working around the initial supply line will require the second engine company to be more efficient in grabbing water (See Photo 1). This author has seen many instances where the first line off the engine has not been efficient to suppress the fire (See Photo 2). Ask your members what they would do if no overhead anchor existed when you needed it; the answer can prove to be an outside-the-box solution. Make a list of victim injuries and demonstrate how each injury would result in a modification in the packaging system used. Hone the skills for on-scene operations prior to cutting metal, such as cribbing and air-bag usage.
That being said, it is still possible to create quality hands-on skill sessions that can benefit the members of your department with limited resources. Make a smokeless fire, safely harvest wild edible plants and build invisible shelters the zombies will never find. Learn survival skills and intensive zombie battle tactics for the front lines of the zombie war. In this fortified, 80 acre, primitive camp outside the town formerly known as Sandy, Oregon, campers train day and night to protect their village from the zombie hordes. History has proven the rifle to be the best all-purpose firearm to face a variety of combat and self-defense scenarios. Though handguns and shotguns are also to be considered, a rifle will give you the most versatility for handling a variety of post-disaster needs from hunting to perimeter security.  However, the options and varieties when it comes to choosing a survival rifle are nearly endless and even the most avid shooters and preppers struggle to choose a favorite. Marlin 1985 GS – If you want a compact rifle with big stopping power that will take down nearly any type of game in any kind of whether, look no further than the lever-action Marlin 1985 GS.  Despite the appearance of a menacing big-game hunter, which is indeed, the 1985 GS only measures 37-inches overall and weighs just 7-pounds. Protection and Self DefenseTop 7 Must Have Survival SkillsIt’s Real, It’s Coming And We Need To Be Prepared! This maze has five sections to it, which can be swapped into multiple positions to change the layout for each member (see Photo 3). Many injuries on the extrication scene can be attributed to poor stabilization and high-pressure bag issues. 3, and is an instructor with the Middlesex County Fire Academy, where he is responsible for rescue training curriculum development. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your own personal preferences and needs, as there is no such thing as the perfect survival rifle.
Personally, if all site owners and bloggers made good content material as you did, the web will likely be a lot more useful than ever before. For your next drill, take the larger handlines into the structure and lay them into position both wet and dry. Sections measure six feet in length and four feet in height, and contain various hazards within each section.

For your next session, try lifting and stabilizing an irregular object, instead of a vehicle (See Photo 8). A little creativity and imagination can go a long way towards a successful training program, and your department will reap the benefits time after time. Our expert Rangers Guild instructors teach you their arts of stealth and evasion in order to evade the zombie hordes. Below we will feature a handful of rifles that are commonly considered to be among the best all-purpose firearms to have on hand when SHTF. They can be put into a long maze, or can be used as a single station each, to address the specifics of each skill.Retired fire hose can provide assembly material for rescue mannequin construction. A trip to the local municipal yard can find a large irregular shaped block, barrier, tank or other object that can be used for a lifting and stabilizing lesson. M1 Carbine – Though it hasn’t seen active duty in combat since Vietnam, the M1 Carbine was for years considered to be one of the best combat rifles in the world.  Designed as a more compact and lightweighted version of the M1 Garand, a WWII infantry staple, the M1 Carbine was an incredibly versatile rifle that had high effect and tremendous accuracy, especially at mid-range. From there you can customize and accessorize your Ruger to suit your specific survival needs.
Our station utilizes hoses of all sizes, used to simulate victims of all sizes for rescue and removal (See Photo 4). Guide your ragtag band away from the cities of zombie hordes and into the safety of the wilderness.
Be sure to include proper patient care and lifting techniques when treating simulated victims. Instead, our department took the advice from a fellow rescue instructor and constructed our own floating ice prop. The prop is a two-section raft assembly, connected by two hard links that provide flexibility and movement between both sections. A large hole is cut and reinforced from the underside, simulating a hole within the ice (See Photo 9). The selections above were chosen for their popularity, versatility, affordability, and ability to be handled by shooters of all levels.  The choice comes down to you, but in the end the best survival rifle is the one you have with you, the one you have ammo for, and the one you’re trained to shoot effectively.
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