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Square Enix and Microsoft has just released new Rise of the Tomb Raider Cinematic trailer titled as "Aim Greater". Rise of the Tomb Raider is scheduled to launch in Holiday Season 2015 exclusively on Xbox One.
In her first adventure, Lara Croft was forged into a true survivor, but she glimpsed a deeper, secret world.
How many of you think, Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One exclusivity deal will pay off this Holiday Season 2015? Rumors of a fifth film featuring Sylvester Stallone as Vietnam War veteran John Rambo have been circulating for awhile now, with talk of various directions the series could take popping up periodically and subsequently fading from discussion.
The project has yet to be confirmed by the studio, so the title and any potential plot details are still unofficial at this point. Back in June, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Stallone described the planned fifth installment of the franchise as his version of No Country For Old Men. Anei of Tainui Anei of the tribes Ngati Toa and Ngati Mahuta re-connecting with her roots in Kawhia. TestimonialsIt's taken 20 years, but I'm finally back in the saddle.My mount, a chestnut Arab called Gaia, is carefully treading along the harbour through soft black sand. The two musicians are influential figures in the underground scene, known for representing 1llionaire Records.
Last year, the talented crews of producers Lee Hyun Do and MC Meta went against each other, and three-member hip hop group Soul Dive was finally crowned the winner of the exciting season. On the May 8 episode of Fear The Walking Dead, Madison (Kim Dickens) and her apocalypse survival skills are truly put to the test.
When it appears the electricity has gone out, Connor tells Alicia to stay put before heading out of the room. Jack is the one who finds her on the deck and he’s immediately pissed at her, telling her that if Connor had seen her she would be in big trouble. Daniel brings the information he has to Madison, who is now the temporary captain of the Abigail while Victor rests.
Back on Connor’s boat we learn that Jack really, truly trusts Alicia more than he probably he should.
Speaking of Travis, we finally get to see where he’s being kept when he wakes up in what can only be described as a prison cell. In maybe a way-too-dramatic way, she describes how the boy she was trying so hard to save slowly died in her arms until he begged her to kill him. Things go from dramatic to emotional between Alex and Travis, because his explanation for putting them on the raft is that he knows his son, Chris, is always watching him.
While watching the radar Alicia finally picks a boat, and per Jack’s instructions names it on the computer.
They find a boat on the radar that they think might be having trouble because it’s slowed down drastically, and Jack thinks Connor would be eager to get to it quickly. As the Abigail closes in on Connor’s fishing boat, we find that Chris is still standing guard outside of where Reed is being held. When it’s time for the trade to go down, Connor has Jack tie up Travis, then go look for Alicia who successfully hides from him.
Alicia goes down for Travis before trying to get off the boat without Jack, only to find the room empty. Still trying to make a run for it, Alicia finds herself on the deck of the boat with no way to get down to the dock. When Travis pulls her up into the small boat, the first thing she does is turn back to look at Jack. She learned how to survive using only what the land provides, and as soon as she could walk, her father taught her how to hunt and fish.
A few years on he realised his career path didn’t suit him, and moved to Denver, CO where he now resides as an avid outdoorsman; hiking, camping, and fishing at any opportunity. Growing up in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, his parents taught him important skills not only for the woods, but for life in general, developing his leadership skills, independence, and desire to succeed early on.In high school he took rock climbing classes and learned how to kayak in open and white water.
Raised by a single mother of seven, Kim was the kind of kid that rarely wore shoes or brushed her hair. He owns his own business and is now a private sector and law enforcement defensive and tactical firearms instructor, passing on almost 30 years of street experience and defensive firearms skills to concerned, like-minded citizens and young police officers alike. Knowing that we live in dangerous and uncertain times, Gary believes that even basic survival skills are a necessity in today's world. He’s learned his survival skills of being stripped of everything and only left with the bare essentials from his wonderful two ex-wives! The third of six children, Trent grew up in the Wasatch and Rocky Mountains, camping, hunting and fishing with his dad and three brothers. After his second divorce, he decided that life was too short, so at the age of 39, retired.
Family camping, hunting, and fishing trips are some of her most cherished childhood memories. She began honing her hunting and scouting skills in her early teens and loved being considered "one of the boys" hunting alongside her dad, her brother, and her uncles. This teaser is meant to be a hype raiser for E3 2015 showing of Rise of the Tomb Raider and to large extent Microsoft and Square Enix nailed it perfectly. This second game picks up the story following the events of the first game and after Gail Simone's Tomb Raider comic book series.
Now, Lara must use her survival skills and wits, learn to trust new friends, and ultimately accept her destiny as the Tomb Raider.

The site indicates that Stallone is planning to return as director of the film, reprising his role behind the camera as well as in front of it. However, the most recent reports suggest that the fifth film will send Rambo across the border to battle a Mexican cartel. Up ahead, my guide Bevan and his sons Tokomaru and Tainui (both on frisky geldings) are making the pace. Rappers Vasco, New Champ, ULT, Giriboy, and Born Kim have already been confirmed for the upcoming third season. She’s sitting quietly in a kitchen on another boat as a man, Connor, fries her up a steak, which he later reveals he had hidden in the freezer long before the apocalypse hit.
Alicia finally starts to eat her steak, but the pregnant woman who was part of the Abigail hijacking comes over and takes it away before following who we can only assume is their leader outside. He brings Alicia back inside and she turns her questions onto him, once again concerned about her family. He tells Daniel (and Chris who is randomly in the room) that his father used to beat him, and that his older brother killed him by cutting his achilles the last time.
He gives her the job of tracking other ships based on their size and speed, then tells her when Connor gives the green light she has to make contact.
It looks like a room deep under the boat, possibly used as a storage room back when the boat was actually used for fishing.
She tells Travis she then had to push him out of the raft, and he tells her she did what she had to do. This is when they discuss not using Nick behind her back that can be seen in the clip above.
For some reason the door is cracked open now, and Reed uses it as an opportunity to taunt Chris. He tells Nick he froze, he let them on the boat, and that everything going on right now is his fault. Connor finally makes contact with the Abigail thinking that it’s Reed, but Madison is the one to reply. He’s already been untied so he gets up pretty quickly, and Nick is just as quick to try and put him down. Because she does that, it’s unclear if he actually would have given her up for the trade or not. Then the pregnant girl shows up and tries to lock her in there for hurting Jack’s feelings, but Alicia manages to physically shove her down to the ground and lock the cage doors behind her.
She sees her mom and Travis fighting, the Abigail in the distance, and that’s when Jack finds her.
Jason wants to experience life to its fullest, and prove to himself and family that survival is an imminent part of life. Expanding upon the survival skills she gleaned in her early years, she took an extensive wilderness survival course, lessons from which she practices with her children. While living in Hawaii at twelve years old, his father took him to work as a soldier for a month. Working night shift and managing a family that includes 2 active preschoolers means running on very little sleep is a way of life and maintaining an active lifestyle pushes her body to the limit. A positive attitude, strong will, and unrelenting energy get Kristin through most situations. He pushed his skiing skills to the Rockies of the West, camped along the Appalachian Trail, and traveled all New England on his bike.For the last three years, he has aided in the recovery of those with spinal cord injuries as a Neurological Specialist at Journey Forward. She's always felt close and comforted with peaceful natural environments and still gravitates towards them when she's in need of healing. Kim believes that completing the Naked And Afraid challenge will help her make amends with herself and become a better person. With his Christian faith at the centre of everything he does, Gary is looking forward to the gift of this adventure, knowing that whatever the outcome; God will have his hand on it!
Building shelter, starting flint fires, eating wild plants and spearing fish out of the creeks was all a part of her childhood. As an adult, Annie has found it very empowering to know how to survive on a primitive level, and be comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations. He stayed home with his boys, teaching them to enjoy life and taking them on outdoor adventures such as, parasailing, windsurfing, hiking, dirt biking, whitewater rafting, camping, hunting, and anything that will get them out of the house. Trent now works the professional speaking circuit with his crazy lover, motivating audiences around the world live life to the fullest.
At high school Andrea was an All-State athlete in basketball and softball, and an All-American cheerleader, receiving a full ride scholarship to cheer at the College of Southern Idaho. In 2007, Andrea successfully graduated from the Police Academy, serving her community as a patrol officer for 4 years before being promoted to Detective and trained as the Hostage Negotiator for the Layton Police Department.
Alicia tries to follow them but finds the doors have been locked, which leaves her with no other choice but to go through the inside of the boat.
She has no idea what happened on the Abigail when they left, so she doesn’t know if any of them are even alive right now.
She doesn’t want to do it, likely because she would be left with the guilt of convincing innocent people that they were friends and not deadly foes, but Jack tells her she has to do what Connor wants her to in order for him to trust her. Then he tells Alex about Liza, and how they have both lost a part of themselves because of what the’ve had to do. She flips out because the boat is back way too quickly, and Jack is forced to tackle her to stop her from hitting him. He tells Ofelia that Reed was going to turn, but when they go in to see his body it looks like part of his face has been shot off. Daniel interferes though, using the rod that’s impaled through Reed to secure him against a wall.

Madison drives the small boat towards the dock with walker Reed inside, who has been tied up and has a pillowcase over his head. Taking on the Naked And Afraid 21-day challenge to honor his Grandfather who passed away; Jason will be using the valuable information he taught him as a child.
Fitness and wellness are vital to her life, and she incorporates that passion into her family life. After running around in the wilds of Hawaii, building fighting positions and carrying an M-16 rifle, he was determined to become a soldier. Furthermore, her problem solving and leadership abilities demonstrated in her nursing career transfer consistently to life situations that arise. The way to Paolo's heart is through his stomach and if a girl can combine food with an adventure, there is a good chance they will have a regular spot on his adventure roster. She's especially committed to survival because she believes that it will be important in the future. A fear of heights and the determination of overcoming it lead her to newfound loves: skydiving, rock climbing, and hiking the Grand Canyon. After 5 years in law enforcement, she felt like it was time for her to change gears, returning  to Moab to be closer to her family and now currently works as a personal trainer. Andrea is looking forward to putting her mental strength to the test. Well, Daniel is tending to his abdomen which has a metal rod shoved through it thanks to Madison. While he’s distracted she steals the knife out of his back pocket, obviously still trying to get to Travis, wherever he is. She tells him what’s going on and that they are going to come back for him, but he tells her that if she has a way out not to bother with him.
He asks where his mom is, and when Chris doesn’t respond Reed tells him they have a lot in common.
Chris makes it clear he’s out to make it right though, which makes him dangerous not just to himself, but everyone else, too. Considering the speech Chris just gave Nick, it’s hard to believe that he shot an already dead guy, isn’t it?
It’s clear that Daniel has a plan, and likely wants to try trading walker Reed for the others. It somehow leaves Connor fooled until Reed is forced into his arms, and when he rips the pillowcase off his brother takes a chunk right out of his arm. That’s when he realizes she was going to leave without him and tries to convince her to stay with. Debbie enjoys endurance challenges and has completed many half marathons, four marathons, and triathlon. Upon completion of high school in Seoul, South Korea, he earned an Army ROTC scholarship to college and graduated from North Georgia College in 1993, receiving commission as an Infantry Officer. After marrying his college sweetheart, Bo began his career as a young Infantry officer, being deployed to Hawaii, Thailand and Panama.
Kristin feels it is important to know survival skills because she wants to provide for her family and be able to live off the land if necessary. Kristin is looking forward to showing the world who she is and how she can rock out the extraordinary opportunity and challenge of surviving Naked And Afraid. As she says, "I guess I am paranoid about what the future has to bring and I don't want to just be a victim to this society." In her spare time, Kim enjoys exploring trails and riding her bike, cooking, singing, playing with kids, spending money (she doesn't have), celebrating, and gardening. She's passionate about everything she puts her mind to and hopes that her love of nature, hard work ethic, and unbreakable spirit help pull her through this challenge. After researching more about western history and the daily life of those who lived back then, Joe recreated and practiced the same primitive and essential skills they used to survive. A moment later he leaves, likely trying to avoid a run-in with Connor now that the power has been turned back on. He’s also tied down to the chair, much like Andrew in season one, which tells us Daniel is probably going to use him for information. She immediately starts planning a rescue, talking about stealing a boat and going to find them, and although he hesitates Jack finally agrees to go against Connor and everything else he’s been taught to go with her. He attended the Army's Special Forces Assessment and Selection course in 1998 and upon completion of the world-renowned Special Forces Qualification Course, he received his coveted Green Beret, serving as a Latin American Specialist in the 7th Special Forces Group. The fear of not being strong enough physically or mentally was proven wrong when she ran 16km and biked 200km. Feeling that we all take the luxuries of life for granted and become lost in a world with way too many materialistic attachments, Annie wants to be humbled by this experience. In a surprisingly tactful move, Travis head-butts the guy down to the floor, giving Madison a moment to cut his ties just in time for the guy to get back up and tackle Travis. He also attended the notoriously difficult and challenging Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Course (High Risk), where he received his graduate level survival instruction and practical application.
She hopes she can be considered an asset to others physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. She wants to see that her mind and body are capable of enduring discomforts of not only no luxuries, but by not having the bare necessities.
But the man doesn’t answer, he just tells her that he thinks she could be happy with them.

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