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The one enormous problem with only doing any bushcraft or wilderness survival training with the survival gear you have on hand is that you could be in serious trouble if you don’t have that gear on-hand when an emergency or crisis occurs.
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There are 4 recognized swimming strokes namely the freestyle (Front crawl) , breast stroke, butterfly and the back-crawl. The other 2 strokes are commonly used in life saving known as survival back and side stroke. Besides providing swimming lessons, the author also spend time engaging in online swimming discussion forums. Students will be taught about how to save a life and what rescue method is required for different situations.
Aqzog Swim School has a talented pool of NROC Certified Coaches who can provide the most updated contend of Swimsafer and SSPA to most MOE school as well as to the Corporate Events such as biathlon or triathlon. What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid?
I mainly use Plantain for its healing properties, but along with being medicinal it’s also perfectly edible.
Broadleaf plantain has oval shaped leaves, while the Narrowleaf variety has lance-shaped leaves. Anytime any of my kids or myself get stung, I head to a patch of Plantain in my yard, pick a fresh leaf, chew it up, and place the slimy glop directly on the sting.
I'm a homeschooling, homesteading mama of four, doing everything I can to help my family live more self-sufficiently on our one country acre here in the Bible Belt South. When we started planning adventures in the back country with our kids, we knew it was time for some more thorough first aid training. The first day was a lot of basics and a lot of hands on training about rolling, lifting and moving patients.
At the very end before discussing Medical Kits we had one last scenario where we grabbed what supplies we found and came outside to a scenario.

A guy trying to get away from his desk so that he can fish, hike, play and just plain be in the outdoors.
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For the busy executives or parents who do not have time to engage a swim coach for swimming lessons, you can read more about the discussion here.
Aqzog Swim School is providing Swimming Camp for kids during June and Dec School holiday every year. Proper Start, Turn and Finish for various strokes will be the main focus to ensure swimmers swim in accordanace to FINA rule.
It isn’t exactly the greatest tasting green thing in your yard, however if worst came to worst, as least it would be good to know that you can eat it. As a child, my friends and I would shoot these seed heads at one another as a game (remember doing that?). It prefers to grow in sunny places, in meadows, fields, lawns, gardens, and even between cracks in the sidewalk and in poor soil conditions. Narrowleaf Plantain is preferred, as it is said to have stronger medicinal properties of the two varieties. Fill a clean pint jar with pieces of fresh plantain leaf, cover all with 1-2 inches of organic olive oil, and allow to sit for 2-3 weeks before staining off. If you haven’t found it already, I challenge you to head outside to see if you can find Plantain growing in your yard! Although my husband and I grew up as city kids, in 2008 we started feeling the urge to begin pulling ourselves out of the "system" and learning how to provide for our most basic needs.
We're here to help you and your family find good gear, skills, and confidence to walk, hike, paddle, ski, and climb our great planet. I was really impressed with the amount of material covered, despite the obvious time constraints of a weekend course. I chose a 6 foot 200 lb guy to move and it really shows use how much of a challenge it can be and how to make it easier.

Other class members filled in for injuries and small groups had to work through the triangle to figure out what issues existed and how to best act.
Although I’m going to have to go through it all again, I feel much better about taking my kids out in the back country with us this summer. Breast stroke sometimes can also be taken as a recovery stroke and is also a suitable method for doing the rescue. For example, during the swimming lessons, drills and techniques will be introduced to improve the strokes such as body streamline, basic breathing technique, arm and leg action. A syrup of Narrowleaf Plantain can be taken to reduce phlegm, and to relieve coughs particularly accompanied by a sore throat. I’ve been told that the seeds are also an effective treatment for Candida, which I am interested in looking into more.
As with all things, use good judgement and do your research before foraging for wild plants. Sculling is a swimming technique that uses the hands and forearms in the back-and-forth movement that provides almost constant propulsion.
He was in shock, but had bruised and potentially broken femur, clavicle, elbow and spine pain. I've been sharing about it all on my website, New Life on a Homestead, and am excited to bring the preparedness aspect of this lifestyle to all of you here as well!
There were instance where students come back for their refresher and continue their swimming lessons to upgrade their skills as well as their certification. What’s worse is that we had to move him to a site where the evac could come and take him away.

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