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I read this book in I think 5 straight hours, highlighter in hand, and remembered most of it.Amazing.
In the time line of prehistory, the period of earliest known occupation of Scotland by man is called the Palaeolithic (or Early Stone Age) - more than 10,000 years ago.
Archaeolink Prehistory ParkExplore Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman Scotland.
Stone Age people at Creswell CragsTest your Mesolithic survival skills using this online resource.
Education Scotland is the national body in Scotland for supporting quality and improvement in learning and teaching.
Social media firm Fizziology says Twitter can predict which films are flops, cult hits, or blockbusters—and they have the data (and marketing plans from studios) to prove it.
When Universal released the cult musical film Pitch Perfect in 2012, they did what any self-respecting studio would do: They commissioned marketing reports and forecasted ticket sales for the Anna Kendrick-starring movie. In Pitch Perfect, Kendrick and her castmates portray a collegiate a cappella group making their way to a national competition.
Specific lines from the movie were quoted and requoted, and there was enough data from the film to create visualizations for Universal.

Data-mining Twitter led Universal to change their entire pre-release strategy for Pitch Perfect. The award-winning Archaeolink living history park in Aberdeenshire includes reconstructions of a Hunter-Gatherer encampment and an Iron Age roundhouse. Among them was an analysis by a company called Fizziology which data-mines social media to see how the film would play out with audiences. Despite the success of Glee on television, Universal had hesitancy about how to market their film. Not only that, but much of the social media conversation was coming from men—and Universal had previously banked on the film, whose biggest stars were actresses, primarily attracting a core female audience of Glee fans. Most importantly, the film was released a week early—and Universal stumbled on what they felt was an ingenious way to capture those male viewers. You can use these free cliparts for your documents, web sites, art projects or presentations.Don't forget to link to this page for attribution! He started his venture when he was 16, he has won numerous international and national web development competitions and has worked on 100+ web, mobile and online marketing projects.
That helped Universal, who were coming to Fizziology with a very particular problem for Pitch Perfect.

They unexpectedly discovered that many people paying attention to Pitch Perfect on Twitter didn't appear to mention Glee on social media, and that an unexpectedly large number of positive tweets came from males who had attended screenings with women in the expected core audience. Before its release, Fizziology discovered that Pitch Perfect was already morphing into a cult hit.
Pitch Perfect ended up getting what Universal claims was the most extensive screening campaign in the studio's history, all thanks to analytics. The Latin ‘circa’ means ‘round about’, or ‘approximately’ - so ‘c 5000 years ago’ means ‘around 5000 years ago’.
As the days before the movie's release drew closer, Universal asked Fizziology to analyze just how the film was being discussed on social media.

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