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I’m with you on Tod You always need some snark in your life no matter where you are!
I like how your top 10 are equally practical (Katara for hydration, for example) and whimsy (Tod, Kelsier, Tinker Bell). Haha, I love the idea of having a Waterbender on the island to provide your hydration ?? Clever! Best selling author of Evil, Meet Opportunity, part of The Perseid Collapse Series Kindle World.
It’s not often when worry is put to rest, especially when it comes from playing in water.
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The North Dakota Game and Fish Department emphasizes a simple message to well-intentioned humans who want to pick up and rescue what appear to be orphaned baby animals – don’t touch them.
More often than not young animals are not abandoned or deserted, and the mother is probably watching nearby.
Anytime a young wild animal has human contact its chance for survival decreases significantly. The only time a baby animal should be picked up is if it is in an unnatural situation, such as a young songbird found on a doorstep. Citizens should also steer clear of adult wildlife, such as deer or moose that might wander into urban areas.
I send out PM's to everyone to remind them of what theme is due that week (example, Most Badass) and they will PM me back their RFV and the character they want to use for the theme.
However you may post AMV's and short clips of shows, you will also be allowed to post full episodes from any website which LEGALLY streams anime such as Crunchy Roll, Funimation, Viz etc. You will NOT be allowed to post scanlations (aka you know that thing you read every week for your latest manga chapter?
Everyone is welcome to vote provided you frequent the AGB enough to care about this enough to vote or are a member of the now former MU.
Rules for Debating:Coaches (players) can go back and forth on debating in their own matches for as long as they see fit.
Voters are able to ask questions of the coaches if there is something they would like to know, so don't be afraid to ask the coaches questions about their characters. If you see any incorrect information about a character in a RFV or any follow up post then you are allowed to point it out and inform everyone that the given info is wrong.
If you fail to submit a RFV for your match by the given deadline as mentioned previously then you risk being downvoted for being late, but shall be given a 24 hour extension to get your RFV in. Should both players fail to submit a usable RFV within the deadline and extended time of 24 hours, the match will be declared a double forfeit loss.
Bonus themes: This is a optional test run addition to the game this year to see how it goes. The themes will be announced in the AFL VII Discussion thread when they are about to be posted when it is posted which will be soon. Free agent transactions: This will only players to drop a character from their team during the season and pick up another undrafted available character should they wish to. With her long life time of experiences time could be passed easily just in random conversations with all the stories she could tell.
So yeah, if I'm going to be stranded on a tropical island, I want to be stuck with the guy who literally does this stuff for a living. Seriously, what is there to be afraid of on an island when one of the strongest pirates on the planet has your back?
And since Shanks lives for adventure, you can bet you'll never get bored while waiting for rescue. The first thing I would want to do with Edward Elric as my partner in misery is wait to see his reaction to the fact that he’s stuck on a desert island with apparently no real way out. In survival situations, water’s the first and foremost thing that one wishes to find and always have on hand.
Transmuting shelter would probably be decided to be a last resort, but there would undoubtedly be a lot of cussing and shouting before something sturdy was built. RFV:Sanji, the chef of the Straw Hat Pirates, has a challenging job, feeding a crew of pirates on a regular basis. To be trapped on an island with Sanji would be just as reassuring as being anywhere with him.
He demonstrated he is equally as talented in hunting for game, when a competitive game between Zoro and Sanji broke out on Little Garden in effort to see which of the two could bring back the biggest beast the feast upon. Sanji proved himself to be a sturdy and steadfast man, surviving on a small desolated island rock with Zeff for many weeks, on a very small portion of food that was scarcely rationed daily, while Zeff ate nothing but his own leg the entire tenure. After his experience with Zeff, he vowed never to allow someone to starve again, even in they were an enemy. The most important trait of Sanji and his immaculate culinary abilities, is that Sanji never lets anything go to waste. RFV: Gray is a great person to be trapped on a deserted island with for a myriad of reasons but the most important is water. Gray possesses the ability not only desalinize water ( islands tend to be located in close proximity to large quantities of water) but also to purify it. Gray's freezing ability also allows for air conditioning, which could be a real nice thing to have depending on how close to the equator your island is located. On a personal level Gray has a lot of the qualities you would want in a survival companion. Kakashi's techniques would be extremely useful outside of battles situations as well though as he can solve many potential problems that one would expect to face when on a deserted island. And also, if you are stuck on a deserted island with Kakashi, you know that you are stuck with someone who is going to look out for you. With basic survival necessities taken care of, the scenario just becomes a matter of killing time. You probably want someone who can protect you from any kind of wild life you may encounter on this island.
I guess you probably want to be able to get along with the person you're stuck with, too. So with Ikaros you have an android that's specifically designed to do everything you want it to do, with the capabilities to feed you and protect you, with absolutely no danger of her turning on you. Her skill in this technique has advanced greatly since the original series as she only needs a short moment to hit her target with it and can even take over two targets at once now.
On top of all this, Ino is also a skilled Medical ninja with the capability to create herbal medicines due to her knowledge of plants and herbs. RFV: Van Hohenheim is probably the best anime character to get trapped on a deserted island with, he’s modest, smart and easy to get along with and he has survival skills like no one else would. RFV: If there is any character I would like to be trapped on a deserted island with, it would be Sousuke Sagara. Eventually the Spetznaz soldier who saved him captured Sousuke and they deserted the Soviet army together. In order to survive any kind of situation, be it in the frozen tundra or the scorching desert, one must have immense discipline, a clear head, and an understanding of the world around them. In order to have shelter, Cherry can plan out your new island housing and gather the materials.
Cherry does eat, however it is not of utmost necessity for her to eat thus more food goes to you. He could also use it to capture food by rendering any animal on the island unable to run away by lifting it in the air with telekinesis. First order of business is to send a creative invitation to build excitement and anticipation for your upcoming pirate birthday party. Your pirate birthday party decorations should let your friends know they are in for the party of a lifetime. Now to entertain your pirate pals you'll need some adventurous pirate party games and activities, or there will be a mutiny for sure. Pirate Party Treasure HuntYou're at a pirate birthday party so it must be time to get out there and pirate stuff. Pirate Sleep-overAt this pirate birthday party, you and your crew mates have been in a shipwreck and are marooned on a deserted island. Hide Yer TreasureThe next thing a pirate would do is hide his treasure and make a map to find it later.
Together with co-author Steven Konkoly, Bobby has created The Boston Brahmin Series, where political suspense collides with post-apocalyptic thriller fiction.

A prime reason I chose my home was because it had a Water Well, a key item in maintaining independence from outside resource. Whether it is a young fawn, duckling, cottontail rabbit or a songbird, it is better to just leave them alone. Young wildlife are purposely placed into seclusion by their mothers to protect them from predators.
It’s illegal to take wild animals home, and captive animals later returned to the wild will struggle to survive because they do not possess learned survival skills. June is one of the peak months for deer?vehicle accidents because young animals are dispersing from their home ranges.
He’s also an active hunter and angler, a former game warden, and enjoys spending family time in North Dakota’s great outdoors. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
Only the true facts about the characters should be used, so any misinformation should and will be pointed out. This means you are permitted to go over 450 words, within reason, but try and avoid massive text walls over 500 words because likely no one will read them. If you send your RFV within that 24 hour window your match will be reposted in a new thread, and will start with whatever disadvantage you have due to being late for the deadline.
If you send a RFV for a character whose uses have extended past the given limit and fail to correct it before the deadline, you will be notified as soon as the error is noticed, and you will be expected to re-submit a new RFV and character, and you will not receive an extension on that deadline. Debates will be ongoing through the voting period, so you may want to hold off on voting on all the matches until you've seen what everyone has to say.
The Bonus themes will take place randomly throughout the game and there will be around 4 to 6 of them along the way. Then any players that wishes to take part can pick any character or characters on their team to compete in the theme in a open debate involving all players, and then after 24 hours. And once used up that character will no longer be eligible for the rest of the season once they have been used 3 times. So it's no secret that being trapped on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere would suck. Deedlit would offer everything you would need to survive on the island knowledge of Nature, magic to provide drinkable water with magic which would be the most important thing besides food. There are a few guides out there that instruct on how to build water traps and convert salt water into drinkable water.
Learning from the great pirate-turned-chef, Chef Zeff, aboard the floating restaurant, Baratie, Sanji acquired amazing culinary skills that are highly sought after on the seas.
It's literally a non-issue, as Sanji is not only an incredible cook, but an impressive fighter as well. Once rescued, Zeff opened the Baratie restaurant, and that lead to Sanji's vast knowledge of culinary arts. He will use anything and everything and turn it into a nutritious and delicious recipe to compliment any meal. Sanji, chef of the Straw Hat Pirates, is THE guy you would want to have around if you were deserted on an island. This would be a huge advantage as it would simplify one of the main concerns of someone trapped on a desert island, procuring enough water to survive every day. Heat is relatively easy to generate with a fire but it's hard to imagine how you could create air conditioning on a deserted island without some means of accessing technology or an ice power.
He is a Jonin level ninja and a former member of ANBU (Special Assassination and Tactical Squad) who has not only been trained for every thing that comes with being in a deserted island to the highest level, he also has vast experience in putting that training into use. He can track animals or enemies with great skill and he can summon his ninja hounds to be even more efficient or send them on scouting trips around the island and is capable of hunting or defending against anything that he should come up against.
When it comes to a potential battle situation of the island Kakashi is well prepared to face any type of opponent and is skilled enough, intelligent enough and versatile enough to be able to overcome any strategy that he may come up against. Who better to pass time with than a person of boundless levity, who has lived multiple lives worth of adventures in his time? Ikaros is powerful so you probably don't want her killing you or anything because she hates you. And this is all withholding the potentially unfair aspect of her wish-granting abilities that can give you anything you want! Van’s listening skills would be on a level like no other if you wanted to talk out your problems with him as he has listened to over half a million stories, most of which were likely heard over load moaning and screaming.
No problem, Van has over 400 years of stories to tell on top of the half million he would have learned from within him.
No problem, Van can get you to help him find things he can transmute into perfectly consumable food, you’ll never go hungry. No problem, Van should be able to fix you up using his Alkahestry for minor injuries and illnesses and his advanced skills in Alkemy for major issues, perhaps even using part of his Philosopher’s stone if need be. You’ve got a dependable friend who is easy to get along with and who will genuinely care for you, lots to learn and listen to for passing time and surviving will certainly not be a problem either. A member of counter-terrorist group Mithril's Special Response Team, Sousuke is a master of survival. Sousuke later became a mercenary and fought in numerous Middle East conflicts, earning him enough recognition to be recruited by Mithril. Sousuke may be lacking when it comes to certain social interactions, but his knowledge of the workings of the real world is as vast as he is clueless when it comes to love (at least at first). She is almost human whoever she is an android with a Maiden Circuit which enables her to have human emotions. She can provide you food, shelter and protect you and has little to no maintenance on her side of things. He can also create a projected image of himself that can talk with and interact with others. I have no fighting skills what so ever, and I do have some rather limited survival skills (I can build a camp yo) but when it comes to things like hunting, I'd be at a complete loss, so whom better to bring with me than one of the most powerful magi in all of the Fairy Tail universe? Get your pirate pals shaking in their boots on their way to the door of your pirate birthday party by starting your pirate party decorations right out your front door.
In this pirate birthday party favorite your pirate pals will be forced to walk the plank over a tank of man eating sharks.Place cinder blocks (or other sturdy supports) on either side of a plastic pool filled with water and blow up sharks. Give your pirate party food some pirate sounding names, so head on over yonder for some Monkey Brains and Pirate Grog! Perfect pirate grub!Hollow out a pumpernickel loaf and fill with veggie dip of your choice. Do all the pirate party games and activities, and add some survival skills and nighttime fun. You have someone to play with, a lifelong friend and someone to blame for the wet towel on the bathroom floor. I’ve tried to stay on track by including some TV characters, but they’re in the minority, unfortunately!
Although if you had those, and they let you sit on them (which I suppose is questionable), you wouldn’t have to be stuck for long. We created Freedom Preppers to share the knowledge of preparedness that has come with years of research and practice. With deer more active during these months, the potential for car?deer collisions increases. But if you have to be trapped on the island then best it be someone that is not only pleasant to be around and can trust, but also be helpful in surviving being stranded on a deserted island. Our personalities are similar, but Ed carries the upper hand in having the knowledge in alchemy. Ed’s also proficient in manipulating water, being able to boil or freeze it at will, which makes him valuable immediately.
Using only his legs in a fight, his hands are reserved for the art of cooking and preparing food.
This would allow you to devote far more time to other concerns, like finding food and building shelter.
Kakashi would make sure you are safe at all times, feed you and generally take care of you. You need someone who is able to help you perform the tasks that are necessary for survival while also helping you pass the long, long days with nothing to do. He’s also got a lot of life skill and knowledge as a huge wealth of wisdom so you know you can rely on him for advice. The guy's been trained by top officers from different countries, participated and survived different wars, fought off terrorists while living in a submarine, and even survived multiple beatings from a tsundere.

Ueki, in addition to being a rather mild mannered type who I’d imagine would have little to no friction with on a personality level, has some very effectual abilities that would be extremely useful in this situation. However she still keeps all the benefits of being an android as she has a super smart computer system and is physically stronger than the average human. She is also capable of using her computer intellect to find weakpoints in trees in order to cut them properly without breaking them and get the most out of them. She is capable of hunting for you and creating meals out of whatever is available in the island. So he could use this to give an extra person to assist in whatever needed done should something be needed and his magic was too low at the time to use his telekinesis. We've rounded up the most seaworthy pirate party decorations and pirate party ideas to ensure that your voyage into the party life is a successful one.Did you know you can rate and comment on ANY of these great pirate party supplies?
You can use whatever you have around the house to make the signs - old pieces of wood with hand-painted letters or brown poster board decorated to look like wood planks. Just a splash here and there so no one forgets it's a pirate birthday party theme going on here. Lay a strong piece of wood on these supports and challenge the pirates to walk over the pool without falling in. Each team will hide their treasure - it can be anything (a towel, a ball, a toy) as long as the other team can recognize what they are looking for. Though you are free to ask one question to each coach in a match for more information if you need it to make your decision on who to vote for. If you need more clarification on a RFV or if you feel there is not enough information, as mentioned feel free to ask questions about the character so that the coach may attempt to earn your vote. Based on all this I can think of no one better to be trapped with on a island then Deedlit. It would be a time- and energy-saver to apply alchemy here, since it essentially eliminates the chance of developing dysentery or any other waterborne disease. It wouldn’t necessarily be stuck on the island in so much as we’d be hanging out in relative comfort until we were rescued, if that even happened at all. A chef needs his hands in optimal condition to precisely and delicately create hearty, healthy and delicious meals.
With her in your side, you won’t ever be hungry, bored, and always entertained even when reality is harsh. On a small space like an island it can be hard to find uncontaminated water sources and contaminated water can sicken and even kill you. Also, the sheer quantity of fresh water Grey could produce would allow you to very reliably pursue, in the majority of conditions, the most effective means of creating food: cultivating edible plants.
Also, for the ladies, I can think of a few other reasons it might be nice to get marooned on an island with Gray. In a situation where it would be so simple to fall into a depression of hopelessness, his perpetual smile and lighthearted attitude would be certain to always lighten the mood. She's capable of destroying entire countires, which would probably not be needed on this island, but I'm sure she can kill any mean animals trying to attack you, too! No problem, time will just fly by learning about Alchemy, all the achievements to earn and skills to learn, being trapped on a deserted island with Van can be quite an enriching experience! No problem, just fetch some sea water and Van should be able to separate the salts and other containments from the water leaving only the most pure water to consume, you’ll never go thirsty.
He failed, but was taken in by the target he was assigned to kill and became a guerrilla fighter, further increasing his repertoire of survival skills. She is strong to keep any beast at bay and fully capable of protecting you from harm’s way. Which allow him to move objects with his mind, and talk to others without speaking out loud. She possesses the ability to turn back time on any organic or inorganic non-sentient object.
Try these decorating ideas: Hang pirate signs with typical pirate lingo throughout the party area.
Use two cherry tomatoes as eyes and an olive as a nose.Surround the monkey's head with carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, green pepper slices and the bread for dipping into the brains!Set Adrift Survival RaftsSo you've angered the pirate captain and he has set you adrift in the middle of the ocean. Since you can't throw them to the sharks my advice is to get them involved with our pirate sibling ideas. The Player who wins the theme will win a unlimited word limit RFV for that week to make their case. Kakashi is a strong willed and good hearted man and that's how he goes about his business.
Beyond being extremely personable, Luffy has also shown on multiple occasions in One Piece that hes an excellent forager, able to hunt any animal he pleases with relative ease. Jellal's abilities would be very useful for work to be done on the island as he could assemble shelter without physically exerting himself or you by using his mind to put the materials together. So that means we could easily restore any broken down huts, boats, planes, radio stations, abandoned German WW2 bases, whatever to perfect working order. Here you'll find the best party ideas for pirate party invitations, pirate party games, pirate party food and much more. You can also share your own discoveries by submitting to our Birthday Supplies Reviews page.
What are you going to do now?A clever pirate can fashion a raft out of anything on hand to make it back to civilization. This will form either one or two slanted sides.If you were building a real shelter you'd now layer pine boughs, leaves and moss over the slanted branches.
So with all her knowledge and expertise Deedlit would know what fruits on the island were eatable.
And she'd probably be able to look for food easily, since she can fly and get a good view of the island from above.
No problem, Van may have or could learn skills from the souls within him and pass whatever you want to learn on to you.
Place a chest of gold plastic coins and jewelry beside a plastic skeleton dressed like a pirate (eye patch, bandana and sword). In this craft activity each child designs their own pirate chest to take home as a gift from your pirate birthday party.
It is super easy to serve and clean up, allowing more time for party fun.To make a cupcake cake, simply make cupcakes and place tightly together on your serving platter.
Try Something like "ten paces from the swing-set go left 4 front tumbles then hop like a bunny six times and dig".When the maps are done and the pirate birthday party treasure is hidden the teams switch maps and race to find the other team's treasure. As a pirate who's used to living in the most uninhabitable of locations, his experience would be invaluable. She can also stand tons of pressure so with her powers she could probably go into the ocean and find some big ol' fish to make. Break thin crisp cookies into small pieces to lay over openings then frost as you would any other cake.
First team to find the treasure wins.Keep in mind that a team will forfeit the win if the map they drew doesn't really lead to their own treasure. For storms, Ueki and I could find a cave to hide in and he could use his defensive shield to keep us protected.
The kids will have fun walking on it and you'll be using it later for a Walk the Plank activity.Balloons.
For health-conscious pirate mommies who shudder at the thought of little pirates hyped up on soda, substitute this idea with club soda and a natural fruit juice, like pomegranate or cherry. If using a box either paint it black or drape black fabric over the box before your fill it.
Use a small dab of frosting to keep them in place and let each child take a scull along with their cupcake.
Any natural predators on the island can also be dealt with using offensive capabilities including giant blades and the like if necessary. You'll even find some large pirate themed choices at your party supply store.Use pirate theme or red & black plates, napkins, utensils, table covers - available at party supply stores. If something ridiculous like a volcano on the island erupts, Ueki can speed us away before flying us above the danger until it passes. There are plenty of reasons Ueki would make a great person to be trapped on a deserted island with…though Rushuna would admittedly be more fun .

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