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As parents, it is critical to teach your kids important skills because their lives could depend on it. Stay Put a€“ If your child becomes lost and cannot find a parent nearby, their first instinct will be to go looking for them.
Finding or Building Shelter a€“ Finding or building a shelter is critical for kids to know in order to survive by themselves.
How to Start a Fire a€“ We normally discourage our children from playing with fire but in a survival situation, having a fire is key to staying warm and keeping hypothermia at bay. Signaling for Help a€“ If a child becomes lost in the woods or is cut off in a natural disaster, he or she needs to know how to signal for help. Situational Awareness a€“ For all age groups, it is important to be aware of what is happening around you but it is even more essential for children. Many of these skills can be learned by taking part in survival workshops or even family survival courses. Frosting a freshly baked solar oven chocolate cake.What if you could increase your family's confidence and safety in seven days?
You will live what you learn during the Symposium course as the skills covered will be incorporated as part of your daily experience throughout the week. Home made solar oven.Testing a freshly made solar oven.Explore the fundamentals of passive solar design and photovoltaic power, how to safely compost human waste, xeriscape gardening for arid lands, hydroponic gardening to grow food using less water, emergency food types and their proper storage for maximal shelf life, alternative cooking methods and fire lighting techniques, emergency sanitation, defining your urban survival priorities, what and how much to buy for supplies, survival psychology and fear control, alternative shelter, heating, and cooling techniques, water harvesting, storage, and disinfection methods, alternative lighting and communication options, home and office survival kits and much more! Anyone can suddenly find themselves in an emergency survival situation, or have a disaster land in their lap without any warning. I think it is far better to invest some time and effort in making survival preparations as well as spending time honing your survival skills, don’t you agree?
Survival preparedness does not mean to be in constant fear of impending doom or disaster waiting around every corner, or to stockpile huge amounts of food, water, lead, and gold and then waiting to bug out with your supplies to some remote location. In a more realistic point of view, survival preparation is about gathering knowledge of and practicing the most basic survival skills, obtaining survival gear, food and water together into emergency survival kits, or bug out bags.
You should always be thinking ahead to anticipate what sort of scenario could arise and what particular survival skills, gear, or supplies would be needed to survive through to the end such a scenario.
Do yourself a huge favor and make the effort for your survival preparations toward your own survival and that of your loved ones.
Lough Allen Adventure is an award-winning adventure centre offering Outdoor Recreation in Leitrim with a decidedly chilled atmosphere, which allows you the luxury of soaking up a relaxed “outback, outdoors” Leitrim experience.
When it comes to a stay away from your normal routine, whether you fancy adventurous wilderness therapy or more luxurious Glamping, we can help you relax and recharge the batteries. We are an award-winning eco facility with outstanding commitment to protecting the environment. Shannon Francis, founder of Resiliency Training, will lead outdoor survival skills training for women from 9 a.m. These hands-on skill development workshops teach short-term wilderness survival and the psychology of survival, as well as how to prioritize needs, build a shelter, stay warm during cold weather, start a fire without a match, purify water, create cordage from plant material, and identify and use a variety of survival plants.
Unity Church in Milwaukee is now offering a weekly health and well-being series, Wellness Wednesdays.
The Unity Church in Milwaukee has set up a labyrinth on its Wauwatosa campus and has made it available to the community on a donation basis. The Midwest Women’s Herbal is celebrating 5 years with a special Herbal Traditions Retreat with Rosemary Gladstar & Friends, and is hosting a retreat for women on Oct. To raise awareness and help veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, A Better Me float spa, in Menomonee Falls, is offering 30 percent off all float sessions for veterans.

There might come a time, however, when your child will need to survive on his or her own before help arrives.
However, this makes the child harder to find so they need to know that they need to stay put. Parents can teach kids how to make basic shelters including lean-tos or huts out of leaves. With supervision, older children can learn how to start a fire using matches, fire starting tools, or just rubbing two pieces of wood together. Discover select aspects of primitive living, modern outdoor survival, disaster preparedness, urban preparedness and survival, and homesteading skills designed for your loved ones safety and independence before, during, and after troubled times. These kits can then be placed at easily accessible places such as, the home, car, office, etc., or on your person.
I recommend you take a look at this list of basic survival skills and make an effort to learn and practice them, your life may depend on it! Enjoy the thrill of our amazing adventure program and reduce your carbon footprint, all at the same time. This could happen if they get separated from the group they are with while hiking or camping. Although children have a natural tendency to wonder off, begin instilling in them the principle of sitting and waiting when lost while they are at an early age. Teach your children to use whistles, a bright bandanna, or markings on buildings and trees to signal rescuers.
Playing different games with children can be a great way to increase their situational awareness.
Disasters, Physical Attacks and Serious Events in Life is a subject like taxes or death, no one wants to talk or think about it. We have an exciting adventure program with activities ranging from fun & adrenaline fuelled watersports such as windsurfing and kayaking to reaching the summits of North-West Ireland’s fabulous mountains. Children can also stay warm by making sure they are packing additional layers of clothing on outdoor excursions. Items to include in pack for children might be a safety whistle, a bandanna, a light stick, zip-loc bags, a small first aid kit, a water bottle, and energy bars. The MAK7 Personal Protection & Life Survival Skills Program is NOT about and totally DIFFERENT from alarmism or paranoia.
Is your home prepared to suddenly be a€?off-grida€? if the conventional power grid crashes? Natural disasters, financial meltdowns, epidemics, power failures, civil unrest and disruptions in transportation can all bring normal life to a standstill. Too many people mistakenly believe there are no preparation training and life survival skills for disasters, physical attacks and serious situations.
Reclaim your sense of preparedness and confidence by spending seven days learning time-honored skills to increase your familya€™s self-reliance and peace-of-mind during emergencies. Others mistakenly believe all they have to do is wait for help after a dire situation or a serious event. Still others believe nothing bad will ever happen to them personally, and we hope they are right.
But when a disaster, a violent assault or a deadly event does occur, will a person be a survivor, a winner or a victim. What will they name the "It Event or It Situation" when it strikes your city, your family, your loved one or you personally?It's your personal right to turn your fears, uncertainty, anxiety, or helplessness into "Survival Mindset and Self Confidence." Each person has the power to learn life survival mindset and skills, personal defenses and prepare themselves and family for all types of possible disasters, assaults and serious events.

Disaster Preparedness, Assault Defenses and Life Survival Mindset and Skills is Risk Management for your Life. A few simple tools, knowledge, techniques, know how, plans, and life survival mindset and skills can save your Life. The MAK7 Personal Protection & Life Survival Skills Program will cover different types of emergency, assault defenses and disaster events as a new form of self-development. Life Survival Mindset and Skills is of primary importance to all human beings, only second to breathing. However, none are so strong as to be beyond the panic and fear of a fierce disaster, a violent assault or a violent and painful situation, which justifies Life Survival Mindset and Skills as the Highest Necessity. Like professional sports, rescue teams and anti-terrorism entry teams training, you’re given a primary skill set and you will easily adapt to the worst possible scenarios. From your first lesson you will see and learn how to become realistic in defending Your Life (The Only One You Got). No matter what you have heard about life survival skills or what your super-being instructor tells you. The WORLD we live in is NOT nice and NOT smooth, foam padded with mats or make believe.
That means we have been evaluated, screened and approved to instruct US Military Forces, Specialized Combat Units, Secret Intelligence Operatives, Sensitive Operations Personnel, Extreme Risk Close Protection Personnel, Diplomats and Dignitaries Problem Resolve, Embassies, Consulates and Government Agencies Worldwide. Firstly, the mentality of most arts is skewed towards what we like to call "sport self-defense or sport combat". That is they train within parameters designed by the art or their instructors which both usually have a moral code of ethics and a finite socially acceptable level of "defense".The problem with this is that the criminals, terrorists and offenders also train.
They work with elements such as real weapons and surprise, and their intent is to get what they came for. Extreme Violence is their work, their expertise, their game, and is king for them.Violent offenders don't care if you are a world champion boxer or an MMA champion or you have a black belt, a gun or a knife, they are counting on the fact that your experience in real street combat and violence is limited to what you practice or train which is not normally near as intense and realistic as what they do every day. They know that despite the hundreds or thousands of hours you spent training in boxing, MMA, martial arts or at the shooting range, they can intimidate and pulverize you, cause you to falter under street violence stress and even fear them--which is exactly what they expect.Why?
Because you will not rise to the threat when that time comes, but merely default to your own level of training and mindset. So what is the solution?Gear your training and survival mindset for the streets and extreme situations!
You must be able to meet violence with violence and the only way to do this is to alter your training methods and survival mindset. For example our training centers and our organization, the Eagle Group International trains people to deal with real world threats by re-organizing their thinking and survival mindset. Giving them the "tools" to mentally and physically engage all manner of threat including lethal force threats.We focus on progressive reality based defensive training that does not stop at a single attacker. More than twice as many untrained as trained individuals experience PTSD following exposure to trauma or threat. During these first few seconds you will likely not react to the threat as the body and mind go thru a sort of temporary freeze while you process what is happening.

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