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Plentiful case studies, in boxed text, sourced globally in the UK, US, Europe, Australia, Asia, etc. Wide range of challenges, including supply chain disruptions, media and brand attack, product contamination and product recall, bomb threats, chemical and biological threats, etc. Discuss the relationship between risk management and business continuity management as part of a risk and governance framework.
Recognize the range of stakeholders in the organization, their importance, roles and needs. Consider business continuity from the internal and external context with a focus on the cultural dimension. Examine the role and value of Business Impact Analysis and the associated practical considerations. Investigate the issues associated with production-line management techniques, dependency, supplier management, outsourcing and business support. Use business continuity tools and techniques for other risk-related applications across the organization.
Demonstrate an appreciation of the issues associated with people in the context of business continuity management. Information about risk and consequence aiding informed, and therefore better, decision making about the protection and duplication of crucial assets and resources. Crucial assets and resources include people, information, other intellectual assets and supply chains as well as the more obvious buildings, technology and machinery.

The information developed can help decide urgencies and maximum time out tolerances and thus ensure a clear focus in the recovery plan to be developed. It is vital that the BIA report has credibility amongst senior managers who will need to make decisions around the risks and consequences reported. Whilst the risk manager or continuity manager will develop the work, the ownership of risk and its decisions lies with the most senior authority in the organization. Consistency in defining risk and consequences throughout the whole organization is crucial in assessing relativity and priorities. Therefore the objectives and scope must be clearly defined beforehand, as also the definitions of terms to be used. These definitions will include the consequence levels of incidents such as Negligible, Marginal, Critical and Catastrophic.
There are special needs when considering potentially catastrophic risk; including the lesser weight given to frequency over impact. There is crucial need for a clear reporting structure and process to ensure risks are understood clearly and that informed decisions are made at the right level within the organization. Knowledge of risks brings a responsibility to do something about them; both from a regulatory point of view and also as a management responsibility to stakeholders. Choices can be to accept the risk, reduce the likelihood, reduce the impact, transfer the risk or prepare continuity plans to manage the incident without destructive damage. Discuss the special needs in managing continuity risks around intellectual assets, computer databases, paper files, skills and information within human beings, information within the supply chain, and physical damage to workstations and production lines. The BIA also enables continuity planners to have a clear idea of the dependencies, resources and requirements that are necessary if the organization is to survive. The BIA will also establish the urgencies, in other words the maximum amount of time that they can cease delivery before damage becomes destructive. Plans can then evolve, and be kept up to date around these precise and understood criticalities and urgencies. Let’s take a look on the simple the major reason for the reasons for your morale and perform or volunteer for emergency situations.
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