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TAUT-LINE HITCH - A fast & easy adjustable knot for use on things that need to be periodically loosened or tightened. FIGURE EIGHT KNOT - A fast & easy way of stopping the end of a rope or paracord from coming out or undone. SQUARE KNOT - A fast & easy way of tying two different lengths of rope or paracord securely together. CLOVE HITCH - A fast & easy way of tying something securely around or to a tree, pole or branch.
And for those of you who want to advance your knot tying skills a lot further, here are some more knots, so feel free to print off this page below.
I don’t know how many times I have read some stories of hunters getting lost or stranded in the woods and they either barely survived their ordeal or they died of exposure. Here, check out some of my brand new paracord survival products below, I now make'em and sell'em here on my website. What you see in the above photo is my braided & weaved (A) 3-In-1 Paracord Cross, (B) Paracord Pace Counter, (C) Paracord Keychain or Zipper Helper, (D) Multi-Purpose 12 Inch Paracord Strap, (E) Paracord Lanyard and my (F) Paracord Belt or Sling. Yep that's right, all these paracord items you see here is what I make and sell here on my website.
Do you have a friend, relative or family member in the Army or Marines and you don’t know what to get them? Well for starters there’s not enough parachute cord and inner nylon string inside of them to use in a survival situation to make a shelter, snare traps, a firebow or anything else. The lack of ambient light can actually surprise some people and this can be quite a spooky feeling when added to all the other unusual sounds and smells that drift about during a typical night in the wild. Although a camp fire will give a very pleasing glow and relaxing camp atmosphere, it should not be considered as your main or only source of light. Torches are to be found in millions of homes, cars and workplaces, owned by millions and used by grandma’s and right up to elite swat teams and the military.
The brightness is measured in Lumens and for survival you need in the region of at least 750 – 1,000 Lumens.
Just about all of the best  LED Flashlights are manufactured using an Aircraft Grade Aluminium – this choice of material makes them strong and lightweight.
There is also stainless steel and hard plastic available from several manufacturers as well However, the advantage of using aluminium means the threading can be extremely fine and precision engineered, which in turn makes any the threaded sections and sealing areas pretty much waterproof.
When manufacturing to the IPX-8 International Standards they are capable of being submerged in water to a depth of 2 metres and still work. Body sizes of the modern flashlight torches have reduced considerably without any compromise of the performance, modern manufacturing techniques now means the physical size LED Flashlights are now extremely compact.
You no longer have to carry a great big, bulky piece of metal that needs six or more big batteries in order to achieve good light quality.
Disposable Lithium Batteries such as the DL123A Duracell Ultra Lithium will greatly extend the runtime over the standard alkaline battery.
There is no doubt about it, Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries are essential, especially if you use the high power LED Torches. Modern materials, modern technology and modern manufacturing methods mean the prices of LED flashlights have never been cheaper. These are superb little flashlights both offering 300 lumens of bright white light, and the perfect little torch to carry on a key-chain or in your pocket.
Using the two flashlights as an example, when set on the lowest output, which is used as low level backlight, almost as a nightlight or camp light, you can expect in excess of 500 hours usage. Our week-long programme delivers the paddling and campcraft skills you need to get under way with canoe-camping trips. Combined with important safety, rescue and survival techniques, the Expedition Canoeing Skills Course provides an extensive range of know-how for travelling efficiently, safely and in comfort by open canoe. Their aim is for you to have, at the end of this course, the confidence and ability to make multi-day trips on open water, whether it be on lakes or lochs of Britain or wilderness areas further afield. You don’t need to spend lots of money on specialist clothing or equipment for this trip. Food for breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided but please do bring your own favourite snacks for during the day. If you have special dietary requirements there is the opportunity to tell us about this during the booking process. 100% Money-Back GuaranteeIf you are not completely satisfied with your trip, we’ll give you your money back. If there’s anyone out there trying to decide which company to choose, to either introduce them to, or to further their bushcraft knowledge, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Frontier Bushcraft. Paul’s ability to impart his knowledge, experience and practical skills in such a way so as to make it simple, easy and fun for all, is truly a gift.
I just wanted to let you know that we all had an amazing weekend, thanks to your amazing instructors! Being prepared for a survival situation implies more than thinking about food, water and shelter. Most of you may think “I have a knife, a machete and an axe, what other weapons do I need?” Yes, knives and axes make great weapons but they are also tools that you need for as long as possible. Now, that we’ve learned the purpose of a self defense weapon it’s time to discuss which ones to choose. Its versatility and diversity is actually what makes the assault rifle to be such a great weapon and, finding the one you need is a more a personal choice given the fact that each model has tactical aftermarket parts that can be added later. If you’re a beginner when it comes to guns, you’ll have a difficult time until you find the riffle that’s best for you. If you’ve just been introduced to shooting and you need something to learn with, look for a small caliber rifle. Take your budget into consideration – actually, this should be the second step after you establish your level of experience. Ammunition availability is an important factor to consider, especially when you’re facing an end of the world scenario.
If you’re facing a big, wild animal that feels threaten by your presence a rifle will prove its efficiency.
Regardless of the fact that you are in a survival situation or a self defense situation, the gun should be used (against another human being) only as a last resort. If you’re a beginner, you have to practice shooting a lot so, when the time comes, you can shoot directly at your target, without hurting anyone else around. Moving forward, it’s time to discuss a few popular assault rifles and see what makes them so wanted. This is one of the best assault rifles in America and its popularity is mainly due to the fact that the owner can customize it after his or her licking.
You need to be extremely careful and well informed when choosing an AR-15 rifle as there is a wide variety of models on the market with notable differences in quality and versatility.
Remember one rule of thumb: in guns (as anything that is of quality in life) quality doesn’t come cheap.
The AR-15 platform for military rifles has been in use for a long time and it was tested and improved during this period. One of the greatest strong points of the AR-15 is the possibility of rapid fire without compromising accuracy, which makes it so great in the battle field. Don’t expect to put a bear down with this rifle but you can inflict enough damage as to get out alive. We all have heard of the great AK47 and its unique shape makes it very easy to recognize wherever in the entire world. According to actual users you can drop this rifle in a well pit, hold it under water, drag it through mud and then drive it over with a tank and it will still work.
When it comes to accuracy, the rifle is not the first you’d think at but it compensates with a 30 round magazine.
If you’ve never seen an AK47 in real life you may be a bit disappointed by the simple, minimalistic design. The ammunition is very common and given the fact that these rifles are used all over the world it won’t be hard to find it in case of a survival situation. It’s true that the small caliber makes professional recommend this gun only for squirrel and rabbit hunting but it will keep you alive in a doomsday scenario.

If you need even more convincing you should know that the Ruger is light and very easy to carry in a survival scenario.
The first time the term “survival rifle” was ever used was to define a light, compact, reliable and accurate weapon that had the advantage of being collapsible. The ammunition is very common and light to carry which adds to the rifle’s value in a survival situation when you need as much ammunition as possible. Well, these are among the best civilian assault rifles you could use in case of a survival scenario. Now, we have to mention that we didn’t think of the “assault rifle” as in the strict military term, especially since we are recommending rifles that can be used by civilians in a survival situation.
The basic term of “assault rifle”, as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “a gun that can shoot many bullets quickly and that is designed for use by the military”. In the United States, all weapons capable to fire automatically (machine gun style) are regulated heavily since the National Firearms Act of 1934. No one buys a survival kit just because they plan on getting lost or stranded, you buy one just in case you are stranded or lost. And each of the 5 x beads on the other cord represents 1200 paces which equals (approx) 1000 meters or yards.
Well here ya go, this will make a great gift as they already know how to use a pace counter in the military and this will remind them to say their prayers eveyday. You either don't know a damn thing about snares or you have never purchased one of these [so call] paracord survival bracelets to see how much paracord comes with it.
Should you need to use any of that paracord you’ve been wearing around your wrist to make some snare traps, the chances are you are not going to catch a damn thing with it. As well as the Lumens it must be extra durable, strong and robust, and ideally, waterproof as well.. Always go for a battery that offers 2000 mAh as a minimum – this added power will work and last much better.
While on shore, each day we will share campcraft and cookery skills which can be applied directly. Even in the context of a few days on a course, to some extent we were able to get into the camp routines that would be a key aspect of a canoe journey. We will ask you for some measurements so that we can provide you with appropriately-sized equipment.
Not only were we able to consolidate and practise some existing skills we also felt we really built on our base skills and extended them to give a much greater foundation for future learning.
You will be very hard pushed to find a better practitioner or instructor in the UK." Mark Hotson.
The time spent with friends and children is really very special and the laughter and knowledge lasts a lifetime.
Any well prepared survivalist knows that self defense is a very important aspect of, well, staying alive and safe. A gun’s only purpose is self defense and you can intimidate and incapacitate an attacker from the distance without having to engage in a close body confrontation. You can always ask advice from a professional which is actually recommended, but you can also read more and educate yourself in the area. A rifle can be used for both hunting and self defense which in a survival situation makes it the perfect weapon. You can dream at a super rifle like the AR-15 but if your budget doesn’t allow it, you’ll have to make peace with this and choose the best one you can afford.
You need to have access to as much ammunition as possible because without it all you have is an expensive club. As a gun owner you have to understand that your responsibility towards others increases to a whole other level.
Still, you need to be able to keep your calm and wait until you can take the decisive shot that will save your life. It’s great for hunting in order to keep you and your family fed and it’s really good to have around for self defense but you also need to know when to use it. Owning and using a gun will make you a better person who’s more in control of their actions and thoughts but only if used properly and with training. As we discussed earlier, after you know your experience level, you need to know how much you want to invest in a rifle.
The base platform is a combination between the military M16 and MA14 platforms and it’s widely used by law enforcement organs and US soldier in combat situations. If you don’t know enough to make the difference between models and understand why one is cheaper than the other then you should better ask advice from a specialist.
Before striking a deal on a cheap AR think if you really want a cheap rifle in your hands when facing a life or death situation. The ammunition used for this rifle is the 5.56 NATO caliber but the gun is capable of firing other calibers if the upper receiver is changed.
Anyways, this is an investment that will be with you for life if you take care of it so maybe you consider saving some more before doing the purchase.
The story may seem a little bit stretched here, given the fact that this model was built 60 years ago and technology evolved a lot since then. You can buy a basic AK47 for about $500 which makes it pretty affordable in comparison with the AR-15. The .22 caliber ammunition makes this the best civilian assault rifle for learning to shoot because it doesn’t provide any recoil and you can hit the target from a distance of 100 yards with 100% precision. The accuracy compensates a lot for the small caliber and there are a lot of possibilities to customize it. This type of rifle was destined to protect the life of pilots that had the bad luck of crashing on enemy territory – from here the survival term. Also, due to the small caliber, this is not a gun for hunting bears, but in apocalyptical times we don’t really recommend going bear hunting. Of course that if you’re not a big fan of guns you can use other means to protect yourself and your family but a rifle will save you a lot of trouble. Choose wisely the weapon that is going to protect you and your family in the wilderness, when there’s no one else to protect you.
Their comments are much appreciated and, at their recommendation, we felt it’s important to clarify an information in this article. So, the rifles you are going to see are civilian rifles that can be used as an assault rifle, which is why we also called them civilian assault rifles. According to this, such a weapon is capable of automatic and semiautomatic fire, it has a large capacity magazine, and is designed to be used only by the military.
It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. We not only had to master all these different types of knots but how to repel, belay, put in anchor points, rope management and learn the fundamentals of climbing and rappelling up & down mountains and cliffs. Most hunters I've known don't think twice about spending a whole bunch of money on a good pair of hunting boots, clothes, knives nor spending thousands of dollars on a good hunting rifle. If you're an avid outdoorsman or woman, how much of an inconvenience or hassel could it be to pack & carry a lightweight pocket survival kit, especially one like mine.
And because all hunters are known to carry big ol'knives, you only need a few items like a fire starter, signal mirror, small compass, small LED flashlite, some good ol' 550 parachute cord and you got yourself a fairly decent survival kit. Though the width of my paracord survival slings & belts are standard 1 inch (3 cms) wide, I can make them as long as you want'em, it's up to you. It contains approximately 12 feet of braided 550 parachute cord with 7 x nylon inner strings (7 x 12 = 84 ft.) that can be used as fishing line, for making snare traps, a fire bow and other useful fieldcraft things. And so for every Hail Mary prayer you say you just move one of the 10 beads down to the bottom of the cord. And because my paracross comes only in one color, tactical olive drab (OD) they should be able to wear it around their neck, attached to their combat gear or hang it in their military vehicle without violating any regulations. You just don’t take them to some laundromat, throw them in a washing machine and then dump a bunch of soap detergent inside of it. But should you someday need to use it to make some snare traps… at least try to cover up some of your human scent by smearing some dirt on your hands first before handling it.
And so if you're interested in my parcord products, log onto my Store & Stuff or my Order Form page.

This is ideal for serious survival, search and rescue, hunting, fishing and all of the serious outdoor survival tasks. I gained confidence on flat water – being in control of the boat, not the other way round.
Learning what things to do, without having to think too much about priorities, means more time to sit back and enjoy the place you’re in. I have spoken to the other guys since the weekend, they all really enjoyed themselves and importantly felt that they got value for money." Barry S. That’s why today we’re going to discuss why you need to learn self defense techniques and why it’s very important to choose your self defense weapon really carefully. History showed that the best self defense weapon in case of a survival situation is the assault rifle. You need to be in control of your emotions and capable to understand that a gun doesn’t give you power over other beings.
If you’re not able to correctly assess the situation and start shooting at random, you’ll only anger your opponent which can never end well. Also the 5.56 is lighter than bigger caliber bullets so it’s easier to carry in larger quantities which makes it the ideal ammunition in a survival situation. Remember that you have endless upgrading possibilities so, in time, you can actually own a pretty bad ass rifle. This gun will withstand years of use and abuse and still work under any conditions and combat scenario. If we think about it, no modern weapon can withstand the same abuse and still be OK with it. You have to keep in mind that the gun was not made to look cool but to function under the most difficult conditions; job that it does successfully. Still, you need to be more careful when purchasing this rifle because there are many low quality models on the market. Professional shooters may dismiss the Ruger as they consider it to be a gun for kids but if you’re a beginner, don’t be so hasty to move forward. A simple online search will show you that there are many tactical aftermarket parts so you can transform your Ruger in the coolest rifle ever.
Another important aspect that makes this the perfect rifle to have in a zombie apocalypse is the fact that it’s really quiet (compared to other firearms). Meanwhile, the survivalists showed up and the term survival rifle was extended over other types of rifles like the ones we already discussed. Sure you’ll have to put it together when you want to use it which it doesn’t make it a good self defense weapon in case of a surprise attack but it’s great to have as a back-up weapon. Smaller animals like rabbits and squirrels are more appropriate for a protein packed dinner and the AR-7 will definitely provide in this case. First of all you can shoot from distance which eliminates the close body confrontation.  Even if you’re a big, well fitted guy, a direct confrontation can be pretty damaging and when the world is easily slipping to Stone Age you don’t want to be hurt and in need of medical attention. Of course, the FBI will take all your 10 fingerprints and they will keep a close watch on you.
David's responsibility was to protect people in case of any disaster or cataclysm that might occur. Hell, they weigh almost nothing and could save your life should you find yourself someday in an unexpected life or death survival situation.
Check it out, doesn't my braided & weaved paracord sling & belt look like some snake skin?
And the fifteen (15) attached beads that come with it can be used as both, a pace and prayer (rosary bead) counter. When you have said 10 Hail Mary prayers is when you must say one Our Father prayer and move one of the 5 x beads down to the bottom of this other cord. And should they someday find themselves in a life or death combat situation they can use it to pray for help, guidance and or use the paracord for whatever they need it for. Because it will be drenched and soaked with so much human scent it will scare animals away, that's why. And then wipe the paracord down with some green vegetation and some dirt too, to try to cover up whatever human scent it picked up from your clothes. The other benefits of attending this course were the bushcraft skills, open fire cooking & meeting likeminded people. It’s an all-purpose firearm that proved to be perfect for various combat and self defense situations. You also need to know how to calmly assess a violent situation and when to introduce the gun in the equation.
Actually, it’s because of the simple design the AK47 works so well under difficult conditions. With this rifle you’ll be able to make your way through the enemy camp without waking up too many people (or zombies).
Basically, today, a survival rifle is the rifle you put in your go bag to use when the world goes crazy and the apocalypse starts. Owning a gun and not practicing shooting with it is just like having a brain and not using it to think and function.
Now he keeps on doing it through teaching others about how to prepare and survive flood, earthquake or even war. And so out of all the knots that I learned in Ranger School there have only been about five knots that I have repeatedly used throughout my entire military career and even today too. Uh-uh, no way, besides, life & death survival situations only happen to other hunters and will never happen to them.
But if you're a big fella or gal and or you wear a thick heavy winter jacket when you go hunting, then it's best you tell me the length you want and I'll make it to your specifications.
And then repeat your prayers until you have said five sets (50) of Hail Mary’s and five (5) Our Father prayers. Sorry, but they do not come with any snaps, links or buckles, you will have to add them yourself, and only one color -OD green.
I would say that if anyone is thinking of taking up canoeing or a new activity then this would be a perfect course.
The only problem is that there are almost endless options and you need to choose the best assault rifle for your needs. Back then, they actually needed a gun that won’t fall apart under bad terrain conditions and the AK47 was the end result. It doesn’t have intricate parts that need intensive maintenance like the AR-15 we discussed earlier.
So, if you found and purchased the best assault rifle for you, it’s time to go to the shooting range and start your training!
So unless you're a sailor, yachtsman or a mountain climber, to me these five knots below are the most important ones you will use in a survival situation.
Hell, if you don't believe me just ask any experienced trapper and he’ll tell you the same thing.
The quality of the training and instruction was excellent and taught in line with the speed of the group. Although the focus of the course is not on kit it was a useful opportunity to see what kit people carry on a canoe journey, to learn what is really necessary and what is not. But the smallest I can make'em is 2 x 3 inches, same price but for larger paracrosses it will cost you more. You could tell it was born of experience and communicated really well, so was easily understood. When you want to figure out how far you have traveled, first count your stones in your pocket then your beads. There was enough ‘down time’ to allow us to appreciate our surroundings, share stories and experiences and just relax and have some fun with like-minded people. We also ate well (in fact we put on weight!) and Sally was very happy with the vegetarian meal options.

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