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4th “International Search and Rescue” Conference (ISAR 2014) with the theme “Transforming Search And Rescue Performance” was hosted at Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 17th, 18th and 19th June 2014.
Tribal Skills Yet Technological Driven SAR Operation – Yolanda Experience: by Major (Retd) Dr Ted Esguerra, Philippines Coast Guard. Medical Humanitarian Mission for Community: by Datuk Dr Mohamed Alwi Abdul Rahman, Selangor, Malaysia. Empowering SAR Resources to Support a SAR Mission in Indonesia: by Colonel Agus, BASARNAS, Indonesia. On November 8, Typhoon Haiyan—known as Yolanda in the Philippines—made landfall in the central Philippines, bringing strong winds and heavy rains that have resulted in flooding, landslides, and widespread damage.
All hands response post landfall: Government units, Military Units, NGO’s, Volunteers, and international teams (23 countries).
Philippines is disaster prone (top 3 in the whole world; top 9 as most vulnerable to climate change). Multi-role, all-terrain, all-weather RDANA (Rapid Disaster Assistance [RRT] & Needs Assessment [RAT]) Type of team. First Aid Kit (with betadine), med kit (paracetamol, for cough, colds, LBM, gastritis, allergy, etc.,). Toiletry kit (toothbrush, paste, antifungal shampoo, Perla soap, Off lotion, wet wipes, tissue, earbuds, sunscreen).
Ziploc kit (Rubber band, Cash, ID’s, passport, List of Family Contact info, duct tape, garbage plastic bag).
Emergency Relief Logistics: Emergency relief logistics is the processes and systems involved in mobilizing people, resources, skills and knowledge, to help vulnerable people affected by disaster. Health risks in the evacuation of patients, loss of Health workers and infrastructure including drugs and supplies. In the medium-term, infected wounds, complications of injury, poisoning, poor mental health, communicable diseases, and starvation. Prevent from working in dirty and contaminated environment for too long especially muddy areas. Paradigm change in approaches in Natural Disaster Contingency Plan both short term and long term approach. New Innovations in Technology, Infrastructure and Response to global disaster response, more on SAR operation. More budget, Policy Research and Development in responds to Natural Disaster, Mass Casualty Management and Humanitarian Missions. SAR: The efforts to do searching and rescuing a life in distress in the most rapid, precise and safe manners.
The method to transport in accordance with survivor’s condition: Inland vehicles, Medevac by ship or chopper.
Improve and maintain internal capabilities regularly and continuously – SAR course, training and exercise, SOPs.
Apply a community-based SAR concept – by involving the elements of community with SAR capabilities in SAR activities, in particular, in a SAR operation. Establish a local SAR Forum in cooperation with local government: invite all elements of community with SAR capabilities to join a forum.
Provide SAR training and exercise to the volunteers, mainly, in the disaster prone area to enhance preparedness. External Rescuer: Volunteers (Basarnas train and certify volunteers for assisting a SAR operation). As the member of international community, Indonesia is bound to provide SAR services in its SAR Region that belongs to the National SAR Agency’s responsibility (BASARNAS).
To make SAR operation effective, BASARNAS applies a community-based SAR strategy, a strategy that involves all the elements of community with SAR capabilities to be a volunteer in a SAR operation. A community-based SAR strategy can be an alternate solution for anticipating lack of SAR resources.
Skill Specific Training – On scene Coordinator’s Course at IMRF’s Asia Pacific Regional Centre (APRC). Globally there are enormous differences in needs, politics, conditions, issues, people, culture, structure, organizations.
World Health Organization’s global statistics show that approximately 380,000 people die through drowning each year, with almost half of these occurring within the Asia-Pacific Region.
Incidents of massive casualties at sea took place quite frequently in Asia Pacific region in the past decades, thousands of lives lost on commercial vessels every year. The first IMRF Regional Office (APRC) at Shanghai was launched in 2012 and registered in May 2014.
Regional Development meetings are held to facilitate the transfer of knowledge across borders without politics to reduce the loss of life in the world’s waters. Training has paid attention to maritime SAR Emergency Management and Research on maritime rescue skills. The attendees could obtain the maritime SAR theoretical knowledge and On-Scene Co-coordinator skills, involving the on-site command and disposal of the emergency from the analysis of typical cases and maritime distress communication.

Being Together To Be Stronger: IMRF Asia-Pacific Regional Centre will greatly enhance IMRF capability to communicate with and to assist maritime rescue organizations throughout this busy region. National Executive Committee: comprises of Secretaries of 14 Ministries and Chief of Integrated Defence staff. Web portal for knowledge collaboration, maps, networking, emergency contact networking system. Goal – easy to use unified point of access to disaster management, mitigation and response.
Group 1 – International Collaboration: Air Commodore Sonny Owemu, Nigerian Air Force, Nigeria.
Group 2 – Policies, Procedures, Practices: Dr David Brewster, Australian National University, Australia. A multinational team of 12 participants discussed and deliberated on the technological aspects of the case study presented with all pertinent facts and has reached the consensus that there is more information missing or purposefully not divulged then the facts given to the team for discussion and deliberation. This is based on the fact that the missing flight in question is the presidential aircraft, a high value target – for which customarily all redundant measures vis-a-vis the security and technical failures, would be automatically ensured. Nevertheless, the deliberations focused on the various critical areas and reached the following consensus which is summarized under the five categories as desired by the conveners of the colloquium.
Given the fact that the flight in question is a President’s aircraft (it is presumed that the flight should be having the latest technologies), it is concluded that the current knowledge on the subject is quite adequate and sufficiently failsafe. There are a number of more sophisticated and effective technologies Surveillance Technologies which are currently available with various agencies, especially the defence technologies – which can be effectively integrated with the current technologies available with civilian aircrafts for enhancing the security and effectiveness from a SAR prevention perspective. Surveillance Technologies – Imaging using different sensors (CCD, Thermal, Radiometer & SAR sensors) which can be used for localization of targets, even in adverse conditions needs to be inducted into the civilian aircrafts. Need for communication of attitude information, and CCD video imagery along with audio recording from cabin to be transmitted automatically with a good sampling frequency (say at a burst rate of 1 Hz after data compression) to the ground station and archived therein.
Need for increasing the storage capacities of archival information at ground control stations and on board aircrafts. Transfer of technical information – there is an imperative need for awareness level enhancement vis-a-vis the various coordinating agencies and stake holders.
Need to immediately launch the standard operating procedure for search and ask for information from ships of opportunity, public at large, earth stations of various forms, ham operators, air traffic controllers etc.
Ensure more longevity of satellite archived information by satellite sensors of opportunity. Lessons Learnt: Although technology is adequate, implementation of new procedures and practices is required. Sharing of technology information related to surveillance and communication across different stake holders.
Need to increase the power of signal transmission of emergency transponders so that the range of detection is enhanced. The Valedictory session was chaired by Mr Brooke Archbold, Chairman, New Zealand Coast Guard, and Trustee, International Maritime Rescue Federation.
The findings of the various groups at the SAR Colloquium were presented at the Valedictory session.
ISAR 2014 Best Speaker Award: The award for the “Best speaker of ISAR 2014”was given to Major Ted Esquerra, Philippines Coast Guard.
It was unanimously agreed that the next edition of the conference, ISAR 2015, will be held at Chennai, India. Accordingly the ISAR 2015 Banner was handed over ceremoniously to Dr V Jayaraman, IAS, Additional Commissioner, Department of Disaster Management and Mitigation, Government of Tamil Nadu, India. ISAR 2014, was formally brought to a close by Major Murali Bhaskaran, who proposed a vote of thanks to all those who had contributed to the unparalleled success of this conference. During the two days of intense deliberations by more than 125 delegates from 12 countries, the accent, in accordance with the theme of ISAR 2014, was on “Transforming Search and Rescue performance”. The MH 370 incident had indeed brought together numerous nations deploying the latest technological assets, but it was evident that this had materialized as a reactive measure to a perceived international tragedy.
While bilateral and multi lateral agreements and arrangements existed for joint SAR exercises, many lacunae understandably existed while working together on an actual SAR operation following a disaster of this magnitude. Even as early as in 2011, during the inaugural ISAR conference, SAR being multi disciplinary, Human skills such as competence, communication, commitment, leadership, teamwork etc play a crucial role, and constant training is required to provide and update these skills.
And as brought out by Tan Sri Thanabalasingham in his inaugural address, while for long Search and Rescue has been considered the “tail” of the Disaster Management “dog”, the time has come for the “tail” to start wagging independently.
Serious consideration therefore needs to be given to the establishment of an International Institute of Search And Rescue Studies, which will offer structured programs, both academic as well as vocational in various disciplines of the Search and Rescue domain. Their predatory skill fascinates and frightens humans, even though their survival is threatened by human-related activities.
A 33-ton shark tank in a Shanghai mall exploded, injuring up to 16 people and leaving three sharks and dozens of turtles and fish dead.
It is a truthful moving image not only because it is real (in contrast to the Spielberg and Hirst works that are framed as fiction or art, or the variety of viral hoaxes) but because it delivers on the dystopia of a false ambient environment. You wanted a giant decorative aquarium? Both humans and sharks are apex predators, but the Shanghai mall disaster footage upends that equalizing categorization in a way nothing else has.

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Priority 1 Air Rescue’s Advanced Helicopter SAR syllabus is performance oriented training conducted for high risk environments.
The Advanced Mission Training Course involves practising and developing highly specialized technical skill sets that culminate into extensive and realistic SAR flight proficiency training scenarios. Our Training Department Team is multi-disciplined and can facilitate classes in English, French, Mandarin, German, Italian and Spanish. Even otherwise the state of art technologies which are currently in vogue for even commercial aircrafts are also adequate and effective. The continuous thread which ran through all plenary sessions was that the key to transforming SAR performance was the availability of a competent, committed and qualified human resource who could implement existing policies and procedures, in a spirit of international collaboration, using the numerous technologies available. N?u b?n t?ng doc truyen tranh cung ten thi s? ch?ng xa l? gi v?i cac Heroes nhu ngu?i nh?n, ngu?i doi,… Trong game, b?n s? l?a ch?n cho minh 3 trong s? hang tram sieu anh hung d? t?o thanh d?i hinh chi?n d?u ch?ng l?i th? l?c Ultron hung m?nh. Theo do, game th? ch? d?ng di?u khi?n nhan v?t c?a minh thong qua thao tac ch?m r?t d? lam quen.
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