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Fortunately, a little knowledge goes a long way because there are plenty of places to find food—especially protein, during a collapse of society. You’ll have to hit your local Publix pretty damn early if you hope to find anything, but even then your chances are pretty slim. You can find a lot of food in school cafeterias and since most of it will be either canned or dehydrated, or frozen in walk-in freezers powered by backup generators, it should be fresh for a long time to come.
Like grocery stores, expect restaurants to be picked over pretty quickly, but you might find something. Most people don’t give any thought to how the food gets to their grocery store so they aren’t even aware this exists, making it a step up from your local grocery store.
I would also recommend taking a few pairs of animals you can breed for a sustainable food source. You’ll probably have to harvest food from aquariums relatively quickly due to potential water contamination. You may be able to harvest some marine life relatively easily, but the larger tanks, like the one we have here at the Tampa Aquarium will require fishing gear—in some cases, heavy-duty fishing gear, to pull the fish out. Speaking of restaurants, there are dozens of them scattered throughout most amusement parks, making them a plentiful and reliable source of food that never crosses most people’s minds. I appreciate the beauty of the animals you find at a zoo as much as anyone, but I will happily slaughter a giraffe to feed my family.
Nearly every animal in the zoo is larger, stronger, faster, and much more dangerous than you. Nearly every animal in the zoo provides more meat than you can carry or consume before it spoils.
In the case of predatory animals like lions or tigers, it would be wise to drag it from the cage or pen before butchering so his buddies don’t attack you during the process. Also be sure to enter with caution and stay alert at all times because you don’t know if any animals have escaped their enclosures.
We may view dogs and cats as our cuddly little pals here in America, but they are a food source throughout the world.
Body armor can protect you against a multitude of threats preppers will face, and is well-known for its versatility. Anything with a sharp or spiked edge is potentially deadly, but specific weapons like knives and needles are important to consider. As an extension of spiked weapons, crossbows and bows & arrows are an exciting weapon that many may try to get their hands on. It may sound ridiculous, but these can certainly be used to great effect; consider David and Goliath!
It is hard to know exactly what threats you will be facing, and therefore what you need your body armor to protect you against. What do you get when you add together one of the strongest El Ninos ever recorded, the worst year for wildfires in U.S. As 2015 nears its end, 850 earthquakes of magnitude three or greater have stirred the state of Oklahoma.
More than 40 small earthquakes were recorded in east-central Idaho last week in what experts say is another earthquake swarm in the region. Officials in the Challis area on Friday reported no damage from the micro-quakes that started Tuesday and have mostly gone unnoticed or unreported in an area with residents accustomed to more vigorous shaking.
Meanwhile, we are currently on pace for the worst year for wildfires in the history of the United States. The nation is closing in on its worst wildfire season in recorded history, with nearly 9.8 million acres already burned — the equivalent of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and part of New Hampshire going up in flames. Two large fires and more than 160 smaller ones remain active, and more fires are expected to be reported before the month ends. On top of everything else, we have witnessed a series of horrifying floods all over the nation in recent months. And now, officials are telling us that one of the strongest El Ninos in history could bring record rainfall, flooding and mudslides to the west coast of the United States for months on end.
Powerful rains have struck Oregon hard over the past three days, according to the National Weather Service.
A photo published in the Tillamook County Pioneer showed the town of Nehalem covered in floodwaters. I can’t explain why, but for some reason I am able to clearly see many of the systemic risks within our modern way of life.
I’m sure that many of you too have the uncanny ability to recognize risk – especially those risks which could devolve and ‘domino’ into catastrophic life-altering results… even those which could potentially kill off many, many, millions of us.
Create an emergency food supply, with things you and your family love to eat, and you regularly check the expiration dates and replace foods as necessary.
My recent article, “The US National Grain Reserves Are Apparently Gone” got me to thinking (again) about our dependency upon readily (and affordable) food in the neighborhood grocery stores. If there were to be a major food disruption in the United States (for example), my instinct tells me that we would suffer worse than a poor ‘3rd-world’ country.
Here’s a challenge for you… Without defaulting to the thought process that ‘it could never happen’ or without attempting to rationalize that there are no possible circumstances that could add up to such a disruption, just imagine ‘what if’ the grocery store shelves became ‘thin’ or empty… How much food do you think most average Americans have in their homes? Based on what I’ve read (and my instincts) I suspect that most urbanites and suburbanites probably don’t have much more than one or maybe two weeks of substantial meals to feed their family.
Incidentally, there’s a new book out by Ted Koppel (I’m rather shocked that a mainstream media figure is talking about this) which apparently also sounds the alarm. Most people will scoff at the notion of a food supply collapse – because it has never happened in their lifetime and is unthinkable.

I’ve rambled on for a thousand words now, and my point is to simply (but horrifically) imagine life without plentifully filled grocery stores. If you think the last few days of record setting snow and cold in Parts of upstate New york is just a freak event, than your not going to like what I am about to tell you. If Casey Is right, than not only will a mass number of the worlds people die by freezing and starving to death due to the extreme cold killing 50 percent of the worlds food supply, but you can also expect Super earthquakes, and more powerful volcanic eruptions across the globe. In fact, Casey, a former space shuttle engineer and NASA consultant, is out with the provocative book Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell, which warns that a radical shift in global climate is underway, and that Al Gore and other environmentalists have it completely wrong.
And unless the scientific community and political leaders act soon, cold, dark days are ahead. Let’s take a look at the numbers from Denmark in 2001 and 2010 to see how much their efforts have helped.
To be clear, these increases are due to a combination of efforts to teach people CPR and also to increase the level of care that patients receive from both hospitals and emergency medical services.  The results, however, are testimony to the simple fact that learning CPR can make a difference.
Paul MartinI am the Director of Multimedia at ProTrainings, as well as the primary blogger here.
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Your wilderness survival knife is an invaluable asset in the wilderness so when choosing your knife remember these guidelines: . To know how to make a fire can make all the difference in a survival situation, learn various methods of fire building and maintenance. As a backcountry traveler, learn how to predict weather and to take appropriate action for not getting into trouble and risk your safety. My hope is that the "Wilderness Survival Skills" website will inspire people to get the necessary knowledge and skills to safely enjoy the wilderness? Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, better known as CPR is an emergency procedure consisting of mouth-to-mouth respiration and chest compressions. Elizabeth ShawElizabeth enjoys teaching and dancing as well as being a violinist in a local orchestra. Many of you have at least a small vegetable garden, and some of you even have livestock of some sort.
People will usually mob the store leading up to the event, whether it’s a hurricane, financial collapse, or something else, and following the event, it’s one of the first targets for the unprepared. When you take into account the fact that distribution centers are usually located outside of heavily populated areas, they become even more appealing during a collapse. They usually have robust backup generators to keep their filters running, but that is designed for natural disasters like hurricanes that may only last for several days. A semiautomatic rifle capable of efficiently killing the target is essential, along with enough people to quickly butcher that animal. Sure, you could shoot them too, but a pride of dead lions would spoil before you could eat the meat, and during a collapse you don’t want to waste anything. If society collapses and your survival is on the line, you better be ready to get over your emotions and make a meal of Fido. Vests are increasingly accessible, and their size and weight are being reduced all the time. Of course, bullets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and vests are available at different levels to correspond to this. These weapons are already very easy to access, and in an environment where a weapon is needed and guns are no longer a viable option, edged blades will become more and more popular. These have been made more popular thanks to post-apocalyptic media, but are far harder to use than many realize.
In all seriousness however, any projectiles can cause damage, and in a post-societal landscape any injury could prove to be a deadly one, even if it only slows you down and makes you less effective at defending yourself. Some of the above examples may seem ridiculous or far-fetched, but explaining them serves two purposes; firstly, it shows the versatility of body armor and just how useful it is to a Prepper. In the past, we would expect to see earthquake activity along the west coast, but not much elsewhere. Compared to 584 of the same magnitude in 2014 and 109 in 2013, the trend is clear: earthquakes are on the rise. Together, they’re likely to push the 2015 total past the record 9.87 million acres burned in 2006.
The storm that would later became known as Hurricane Joaquin formed into a tropical depression on September 28th, which also happened to be the date of the fourth blood moon. We saw flash floods produce “rivers of mud” that completely buried vehicles on highways in southern California, and there was freak flooding in the state of Texas that derailed a train and caused several deaths. Due to horrible flooding that is already ravaging the region, a state of emergency has now been declared in several counties in the Pacific Northwest, and the experts are telling us that this is just the beginning.
On Wednesday, one woman drowned when her car entered floodwaters, and another woman was killed after a falling tree crushed her Portland home, according to local news reports.
And if you think about it – as in, critical thinking, – you will (should) realize the utter devastation that will surely result when the unthinkable happens… a SHTF collapse of our food supply which will kill multi-millions of you.
Hopefully ‘you’ reading this are already prepared to some extent, whereas those who are not – will be facing near certain death. Perhaps it’s simply because I am not a major sufferer of ‘normalcy bias’ and do not accept that any or all of these systems will remain functional forever. People assume that there will always be electricity (and most people have no idea the horrible ramifications of life without electricity).
A more important question is, how long can a person adequately ‘function’ without food – before becoming too weak to really help themselves?

Unless you have a vivid imagination, it might be difficult to imagine the potential horror of a city (all the cities) and suburbia without food (or very little food). My response would be that although it would take a seemingly unimaginable set of circumstances to affect the general food supply and distribution system in such a way, the fact is that we as a people LITERALLY rely on a stocked neighborhood grocery store to keep us alive. Casey says the evidence is clear that the earth is rapidly growing colder because of diminished solar activity.
This is because rescue breaths fill the victim’s lungs with oxygen, and compressions provide the victim with oxygen-rich blood until a heartbeat and normal breathing are once again present.
She loves reading and writing materials that range everywhere from short stories and poetry to medical dictionaries and encyclopedias. You’ll have a tough time getting all the essential amino acids your body needs from plant-based protein sources alone. Once you start stretching into weeks or months, algae, bacteria, and other pathogens can quickly overtake even the largest aquariums, killing of the marine life. Since most people would be busy fighting over the last pack of Oreos at Walmart, kennels would become a great place to find plenty of fresh meat with little or no competition.
This means that protection can be worn comfortably in a variety of situations for extended periods. This is something that all Preppers need to consider, as firearms are so easily accessible and so deadly. Bullet proof vests cannot protect you against these weapons; while the materials used are very strong, they will be cut by an edged blade, potentially injuring you. Nevertheless, it is important to consider a spike proof vest if only for these weapons, which can otherwise cause a great deal of damage. Fortunately, a bullet proof vest is capable of stopping large amounts of blunt force, keeping you safe against the vast majority of impacts. As resources and weapons dwindle, attacks may not decrease, and desperate survivors may attack you with the only thing they have left- their bare hands. Secondly, it outlines just how many dangers there are out there, even before you factor in the end of the world. Since the end of the summer, America has been hit with a truly unusual series of natural disasters. But in 2015 we have seen an extremely strange confluence of disasters that is unlike anything that we have ever seen before. While people still had their strength, many would become so desperate to feed themselves and their family that they would turn to doing things that were unthinkable before. That in and of itself is motivation enough for me to supplement that with a more self-reliant source (or sources).
He says trends indicate we could be headed for colder temperatures similar to those seen in the late 1700s and early 1800s when the sun went into a “solar minimum” – a phenomenon with significantly reduced solar activity, including solar flares and sunspots. The dogs and cats are even tucked into convenient cages, making you job of harvesting them simple. However, after civilization has broken down, firearms will become less and less of a threat as ammunition gets scarcer and the parts begin to deteriorate. This means that whether you’re hit by a rock or a car, a bullet proof vest can save your life.
Traditional body armor would not serve you well in this situation, as its bulk and weight would make you slow and vulnerable. Being prepared against a wide range of threats is a little easier with body armor, and is something all Preppers should consider.. The state of Oklahoma has already set an all-time record for the number of earthquakes that it has experienced in a year, more acres have been burned by wildfires in the U.S.
In fact, at one point South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley came out and publicly said that it was the most rain that some areas of her state had seen “in a thousand years”. And in particular, this series of natural disasters seems to have intensified greatly since the end of the summer.
Particular in today’s modern era where most people literally depend on many various external systems to keep them alive. Can you imagine today’s modern ‘facebook’ generation (for example) having to figure out where to get their next meal? Since I have not described a scenario of the ’cause’ of food supply collapse, it’s impossible to adequately surmise any possible aid.
It is all very well to explain the different levels of protection and the sizes of bullets, but what does this all actually mean? While it is important for the short-term to be protected against guns, there are other weapons that you should consider for the long-term. However, modern bullet proof vests can absorb the energy from impacts, and are light, thin, and flexible enough to keep you on your feet and fighting back. CPR started by a bystander doubles the likelihood of survival for victims of cardiac arrest, which can occur after electric shock, drowning, or heart attack. Those are just a few examples of what we have been seeing, and many believe that this is just the beginning. Now we’re talking about some serious hunger – which is something that most of us have not experienced before.

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