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This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Quincee ShelterWhen leaves fall from trees, temperatures drop below freezing and snow covers all your surroundings, natural materials for 3 season emergency shelters become scarce. It requires a lot of work to get the right amount of snow for your Quincee Shelter.After your pack is placed in the center of the paced out outer dimensions, you must start shoveling snow on top of everything. After your mound of snow has been piled high and repeatedly compressed, you must wait at least an hour before hollowing it out. A quincee is a shelter that can be constructed for an extended stay in the wilderness or just for fun with your kids in the backyard. Kevin Estela has extensive outdoors experience serving both as a whitewater guide, and as a survival instructor for the Wilderness Learning Center in Chateaugay, New York.
If thrust into an emergency bivouac with minimal gear, you may need to construct a shelter capable of keeping you warm, dry and out of the elements until day break. On average, the snow will insulate you and bring the temperature on the inside of the shelter up considerably. They are fun to build and are easy to practice, just find your nearest snow bank if you don’t want to shovel! You may be comfortable in the woods most of the year but now winter is bearing down and you have limited time to save yourself. You must consider this next step will require many calories and calories out must be replaced with calories in. This may seem counter productive but loose snow will collapse and it is very disheartening to work hard piling up snow for it to fall apart towards the end of the construction.

When Mother Nature brings its worst winter weather, you can rest assured you have the skills to survive it.
Unlike most 3 season shelters where the door is created first, the quince’s door is dug out towards the end of construction.
Once a large armful has been collected and an hour or so has passed, start making a pin cushion out of your mound of snow. It has been said the act of building a winter shelter is what keeps you alive, not the shelter itself. Adding the knowledge of quincee construction to your wilderness skills repertoire will certainly make you a more capable WOODS MONKEY!
Winter cold can cause stress, anxiety and fear but it doesn’t have to if you can construct a quincee. Luckily, the quincee’s dome shape effectively dissipates powerful winds and the snow construction muffles the sound.
If you can imagine the perfect snow for making a snowball, you can envision the snow I love using to make this type of shelter. A couple years ago, my platform was tilted a bit and my left side of my body slipped into the side of the shelter the entire night. Sure, the snow trench and thermal A-frame are quicker but I believe the quince to be one of the most durable, strongest (in some respects) and long lasting shelters you can make.
This write up will help you learn how to provide shelter for yourself and others in the most extreme situations than can cause even the most experienced outdoors people suffer exposure-related injuries, and even death. Simply place them all around the mound and make sure they go straight in towards the center. In fact, a water bottle can be stuck inside a pile of snow, buried overnight and in the morning it will not be frozen.

If you don’t have a shovel, you can use the frame sheet from a backpack, a large cooking pot, a doubled over closed foam sleeping pad or your gloved hands.
Despite my experience, the process can be long and difficult and you must have the wherewithal to judge if you can and should build one.
When you are digging it out, make sure to avoid digging past your 12” index sticks as it may cause your shelter to collapse.
As previously stated, the quincee is a long-lasting shelter capable of staying upright for days, weeks and even months. Also, what works best for me is shaving the inside of the shelter when I’m not directly under it. If you have a trash bag or .99 cent disposable poncho, you have a great barrier from the wet snow. As a general rule, I always make my door somewhat porous by using my pack, a large chunk of snow or evergreen boughs. I will eventually hollow out the quincee and the pack will create a space that will limit the amount of hollowing out I have to do. You probably won’t have a fire to dry your clothes and you need them to keep you warm throughout the night.
In the past, I’ve built quincees by digging a trench out of my mound of snow, laying boughs over the trench and covering it with more snow.

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