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Series IntroductionThis post series is for anyone who has an interest or curiosity in building their own Bug Out Bag.
In my book I elaborate on each of these supply categories in great detail with 100s of detailed photos, instructions, practice exercises, recommended gear and specific supply check-lists.
Though Food and Food Preparation is the 2nd Bug Out Bag Supply Category detailed in my book, it certainly is not the 2nd most important. So far, this is pretty much common sense.However, when it comes to packing food in your Bug Out Bag, it is anything but common.
Food Preparation & Related ToolsIn my opinion, every Bug Out Bag should also include items for FOOD PREP and COOKING. A metal cook pot and cup are 2 other essential Bug Out Bag Food Prep items for a variety of reasons. AMERICA is 9 meals away from chaos.I don?t remember where I heard or read that phrase but it?s always stuck with me. Remember, while we are preparing for 72 Hours, this is certainly not a guarantee.The only guarantee we have is that an actual Bug Out will be much different than we can even imagine.
So as you begin your ?build?, don?t forget the importance of FOOD and FOOD PREP RELATED ITEMS.
Amnesty for 11 million will increase debt by $6.3 trillion And that doesn't count costs of 22 million additional legal immigrants in just 10 years!
As fun and cool as it looks, building a natural shelter should be your LAST option in the midst of a Bug Out Evacuation.
It’s so important, in fact, that I encourage redundancy when it comes to Bug Out Sheltering solutions. As with any critical Bug Out Supply category, what works for you may not be the best solution for the next guy and vice versa. Interview with FERFAL regarding advantages of YouTube prepper community versus documentaries like Doomsday Preppers.
Argentina, Northern Ireland, Prepper Mindset, Zombies, Looters, Genocide, Doomsday Preppers vs YouTube Preppers, Dave dsarti1 Sarti, Survival Mom, NRA, Gun Rights, Physical Fitness, Avoiding Conflict, Deadly Force, Property Crimes, WROL, UK Preppers, and Cultural Diversity. I only wish more women read your book, so they could take charge of their safety and be more self-reliant. I really enjoy most aspects of survival and preparedness, from defensive training to researching disasters or whats the latest gadget out there and how useful it is, but you know what really makes my day? Knowing that I helped someone in one way or another to see things from a different angle, not paranoid or scared but with a better understanding of how the world around us is both wonderful but also at times dangerous, and that the best way to live enjoyable lives is to be ready for both, that’s what gives me energy to continue working. A lot of people that are into survival and preparedness are well educated professionals, men and women that have traveled the world and have seen how wonderful but also how cruel it can be at times.
Eventually you may see the press starting to blame the victims, something too common in Argentina. The one thing we can do is try to learn from these tragic events, these brutal murders so as to not become victims ourselves.
5)Be more aware of your surroundings, especially during critical times such as entering or leaving your house or vehicle, and incorporate security habits to your daily life. Though I’m not sure all the plans would make a shelter that would actually save your life. I’m very excited to be back at the Vintage Street Market this Sunday in Grand Rapids!
Subscribe to the blog, then find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and, of course, Handmade Detroit. There are a few writers out there like Simon Black and Doug Casey who pass out advice to the well-to-do on how to prep for the collapse, buying foreign Doomsteads, loading them with possessible Gold in the Basement Safe, etc.
The first thing to remember is that NO PLACE is a guaranteed safe zone, so you should always have a Bug Out Package ready.
You may have loaded up the car with lots of stuff, but you are not going to be able to bring most of it into the shelter with you. 3-No Cook Food- This is stuff you can eat anytime, anywhere which keeps a long time with no refrigeration. 4-EZ Cook Food- Mostly Freeze Dried Camping Foods all you have to do is add water to and boil. 5-Tools & Utensils-Large Knife, Hand Axe, Bow Saw, Fishing Pole, Line and Hooks, Rope, Swiss Army Knife, Multi-Tool Pliers, adjustable wrench, “Hobo” Eating Tool, Compass, GPS, Sextant, Local Maps, Personal Water Bottle and 5 Gallon foldable Water Bag, cooking pot, folding cooking grate, nesting airtight containers. 6-Shelter-Personal Tent, a Tarp, Family Tent also if you are in a Family Unit seeking shelter Even inside a community shelter like a Mall if you have one of these if you set it up it affords you some additional privacy and security while sleeping.
9-Communications- Your Cell Phone, your Laptop, a Crank Up Emergency Radio, FRS Walkie Talkies, CB Walkie Talkie with SSB channels. 10-Light Sources and Small Portable Energy-Crank Up Diode Lights, Rechargeble batteries and a Plug In Charger. For the most part, the entire Basic Needs Bugout Package can be carried in 3 bags, a large suitcase wheely bag, a large backpack and an Airline Overhead size wheely bag. IMHO, there is NO EXCUSE for someone who has this much money in the bank right now not to put together such a Bug Out Package for each member of his family. The next installment of this series will go the next level up, prepping for mobile movement with some types of vehicles that can carry more than just what you can physically carry. Further suggestions on Basic Preps I might have overlooked in Final Stage Bugout Preps are welcome. The makers of the MediPen vaporiser are confident that by setting a precedent for testing cannabis products with this reputable body, it will.. 4 Peter Kirby Chemtrails Interviews - By Activist Post Activist Post’s chemtrail expert Peter A. Marion Christopher Barry Dies After Drug OverdoseMarion Christopher Barry, son of the late D.C. Where There’s Stress, There’s a Storyby David Cain at Raptitude I tried something new with my most recent vacation.
Make America Poopable Again: The Great Toilet Debate That Wasn'tPerhaps some well-composted piles could help Trump and Obama get their shit together?
In the next 3-4 months leading up to the release of my book Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit, my publisher has authorized me to write a series of 12 posts outlining the 12 Supply Categories needed to build the perfect Bug Out Bag and WHY they are important and necessary. The purpose of this 12 Step Series is to identify, define and explain why each of the 12 Supply Categories I outline in my book are critical elements of a well-thought out Bug Out Bag.
It has to be easy to prepare, light-weight, have a long shelf-life and be PACKED with calories. You?d be surprised how many items fit into the Bug Out Bag food requirements mentioned above. What this means is that your average American household has around 9 meals worth of food in their pantry. Natural improvised shelters are labor intensive, time consuming and calorie draining – all of which you want to avoid when getting to a safe destination is your # 1 Priority. A sudden and violent natural disaster (natural or man made) can force you and your family from your home with little to no warning.
Even if you pack a lightweight tent in your BOB, the knowledge and supplies to construct a quick tarp or poncho shelter as a wind or rain break can save your life. Conductive heat loss into the cold earth below can render even the best sleeping bag and shelter system virtually useless.

Selecting gear is only the first step and it is very personal – there are no RIGHT or WRONG answers. I feel so much more aware now after reading your book and your blog and can’t thank you enough. We can be the nicest guys (or gals) and still pack a gun and know how to use it, one doesn’t exclude the other by any means.
Even if from a purely technical aspect we can analyze the mistakes made in terms of security that lead to such tragic ends, not one of them is to blame for what happened to them. Without becoming paranoid there’s always things we can do to become self reliant safety wise. You don’t need the biggest, meanest animal, but make informed decisions when getting a new pet.
This can be as simple as taking a closer look before opening the garage door, not opening the door to strangers no matter how insistent they are and always remembering to lock your doors. The introduction starts with “This manual is for your use in the Civil Defense Adult Education course.
Something tells me some dressers and a kiddie pool isn’t up to the challenge of a nuclear blast. He also went to VBS, and Della loved having a little time with just me in the mornings that week. Most of us are not in the wealth bracket to be able to realistically engage in this form of self protection, but even if you are middle class in a Big Shitty, you still can plan here. As the Cyclone passes through, a Flash Flood hits the town, and your car with lots of good preps gets washed away to parts unknown. Beef or Salmon Jerky, Hard Salami, vacuum sealed Package Tuna (cans are a bit heavy and bulky) for protein and Nuts for calories. Also a few vacuum sealed bags of rice and dry legumes if you are going longer than a couple of months.
Unlike Simon Black, I do NOT recommend holding foreign bank accounts in other currency for the average person. A small cooking stove run on propane Coleman Cannisters and a few fuel canisters is a good idea.
Obviously, every member does not need a Laptop or a Gun or Generator or their own personal Tent if they are children.
It’s the one you need when there is a major event that forces you out of your home and on the Road, with no expectation you will be able to return to your home or job, or if you do it is no longer there. This is the level most people currently living in Big Shitties can reasonably Prep for at moderate prices.
I will not get into recommended gear, survival instruction or specific check-lists ? I have to save something for the book! Some food products make better candidates than others and these must be carefully and strategically selected ? every OUNCE of WEIGHT and every CALORIE counts. I don?t have more than $12 worth of food in my personal Bug Out Bag and it all easily fits into a 1-gallon resealable bag with room to spare. However, I also stress the importance of including some items that can be instrumental in getting you through a longer period if necessary. In this particular chapter in the book, I discuss many of the items that help you prepare for the unexpected. I will not get into recommended gear, survival instruction or specific check-lists – I have to save something for the book! When the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami struck Japan in March of 2011 it forced TENS OF THOUSANDS of people from their homes with as little as 30 minutes warning. No shelter system is complete without bedding that can keep you warm in the worst of climates.
Understanding HOW the body loses heat in a wilderness environment is critical to selecting Bug Out Bag Shelter and Sleeping Gear.
I used to be entirely against guns, as I liked to think of myself as a progressive, civilized, professional and peaceful gal. I do believe also that if you do good it does come back at you, just like if you do evil instead.
We must see these moves for what they are, and usually they are techniques used by the establishment to somehow justify what’s unjustifiable.
I am going to go over a few of the things I have done to try to be ready that middle class people with some savings here in the FSofA can do, long as they still have some income or some savings. No matter how well prepped you are, you can always be divested of all your preps by natural causes like this or theft. Even IF the Euro held value after a dollar collapse (EXTREMELY unlikely), the chances you would be able to access those accounts are slim and none. One small Solar Panel (I have a 5 Watt one about the size of my Laptop, I can recharge the laptop battery slowly from it on sunny days. It could happen resulting from Natural causes like Earthquakes and Hurricanes, OR it could happen resulting from War (Civil or International) OR it could happen simply from Economic disturbance making it impossible to stay where you currently ARE. It allows you to stay in the Big Shitty, keep your Job but still be prepared for the Fast Collapse scenario.
This blog series isn?t as much about pitching my book as it is about selling the idea of building a bug out bag. With that said, this isn?t 5-Star dining ? it?s survival food to get you through an uncertain time and place.
My Bug Out Bag food items are all OPEN AND EAT ? meaning I do not need a stove or fire to prepare them.
This blog series isn’t as much about pitching my book as it is about selling the idea of building a bug out bag.
Besides FIRE (which I will discuss in a later post) BEDDING is a key component to keeping your core temp in check during frigid night-time sleeping conditions.
The reality and society that surrounds us, though, is anything but civilized and peace-loving.
In my opinion its not about karma but almost like a physics principle in which the reaction is similar to the action but in opposite direction, meaning towards you. Your knowledge, interest and actions can help your family and your community meet emergencies, whether they result from an enemy attack or natural disaster.” How on earth could I not pick this gem up? Or you live in a well equipped Doomstead in Idaho, but Wildfires are raging and threatening your Doomstead. Only the stuff you personally hold with you that you can you defend do you “own”, and then you always will have the possibility that you may have to give that up just to save your LIFE.
I have both, but I think the closed cell foam is the better choice, I think it is more robust.
Add in the rice and beans in another bag, you can carry about 3-4 months worth of food long as you have a wheeled bag to put it in.
At the moment, you probably would have some problems bringing a whole lot of arms into a public shelter, but eventually it might be common. Minimum 3 month’s worth local currency at the current prices in your neighborhood if you can sequester that much. It doesn’t produce enough power to run the laptop in real time, but it can recharge the battery) My crank up light can also recharge my cell phone, about 1 min of talking for 5 min of cranking.

There are so many possibilities nowadays on the horizon for such a dislocation to occur that you have to view it as within reasonable likelihood and prepare for such an eventuality. For the most part, this level parallels the “Golden Corral” paradigm I wrote about a while back, more or less the life of an OTR trucker when pursued on land. In the past 10 years, more than 250 million people worldwide have been struck by some kind of natural disaster.A tsunami caused by an underwater earthquake in 2004 was the deadliest in history. I truly believe that every person should have their own 72 hour disaster survival kit ? especially in the uncertain times we live in today. When it comes to a 72-Hour Survival Bug Out situation, FOOD and FOOD PREP would be fairly close to the bottom when it comes to survival necessities.
You can burn through a few meals in your BOB pretty quick ? especially if you don?t ration them properly. While I?ve never personally been through a Full-Scale Bug Out, I?ve experienced several small scale emergencies such as 2-3 day power outages, ice storms, flooding, severe winter storms and the like. I truly believe that every person should have their own 72 hour disaster survival kit – especially in the uncertain times we live in today. Besides your clothing, the shelter and bedding you HAVE WITH YOU is your best defense against fighting the battle against exposure. Back-up solutions to critical supply categories are important because NOTHING is guaranteed. Always trying to be as good as possible I’ve had more good returning my way than evil.
Thai boxing and jujitsu combined with defensive fighting training which includes firearms and knives. Or try to keep the stuff, getting in a gun battle with Zombies or trying to hold onto your backpack and swim at the same time in a Flash Flood or Tsunami.
If you are a real Food Prepper, also buy Heirloom Seeds to plant wherever you finally end up. They make no noise, and can knock down a Zombie at quite some distance, depending on how much you practice.
If you do not have a basic personal Bugout Package and you have this much money available right now for each member of your family, you are NEGLIGENT IMHO.
It has happened to many people in history, and it is happening RIGHT NOW to many people also around the Globe. Packing some key FOOD PREP ITEMS and TOOLS gives you the option to gather, scavenge, hunt and prepare food along your journey if necessary.
The survival gain from a light-weight backpacking tarp is well worth any space and weight sacrifices you might make to include one in your BOB.
However, before you run into such extreme problems, lets just look at what you bring with you into the Shelter if you are well prepped.
You can always leave them in the trunk of the car and hope it doesn’t get washed away in a Flash Flood or stolen by Zombies.
Do YOU want to be the Aussie who left his home with NOTHING when Yazi hit and came back to find it ALL GONE? It is my hope that this series motivates people to begin building their own kit that may very well serves as their survival life-line one day. Have you ever tried to go to the grocery store to get a few last minute items right as the 5 o-clock news announces the eminent arrival of a huge winter storm? Shelter and Bedding is a critical supply category that should be carefully considered in EVERY Bug Out Bag.
It’s important that now, during moments of peace and normality, that you invest the necessary time into selecting gear that will withstand the conditions that only a Bug Out situation can present.
An inflatable pillow is a good helper, you wrap your clothes around the pillow and it is a big step up.
I buy Carrot Seeds and Red Potato seeds every year from a local farmer up here who does real well with his produce at the Alaska State Fair. Be VERY sensitive to when you think the paper will go entirely WORTHLESS, and at that time divest of all of it as fast as you can to buy whatever hard goods are available.
You CAN survive but it would get progressively more and more uncomfortable and difficult as your body slowly suffers the debilitating consequences of starvation. A sleeping bag liner is good to have if you are stuck with extended time living this kind of existence.
Peanuts are cheap, I have lots of other nuts though that are more expensive like shelled walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios and macadamia nuts. The more different weapons you hold, the more different ammo you need, and this can quickly exceed your ability to carry with you.
They should also know that the safest place to find shelter during a tornado is in a building without windows and doors. They will clear the shelves over a few inches of snow ? imagine what they will do in the wake of a large scale disaster. Silk ones are good because they are super comfortable and can be quickly washed and dried in a sink. Minimal cost, $50 will get you started and then you just have to collect seeds each year after you get the stuff growing. Some good barterable items like pint bottles of vodka, cigarettes, condoms, tampons and diapers also are worth carrying.
Long term, too much fat in the diet though, and insufficient roughage to cleanse the bowels. Even in the middle of Indiana where there were no attacks, I could not get gas and the grocery stores were insane. It could buy you passage on a freighter outta town, even more than a Gold coin would, combinations are the best. People who have been through large scale disasters such as Katrina will attest to the fact that immediate supplies are quickly depleted and people get down right dangerous when it comes to finding more. So I will do better with this trade than somebody who offers 2 ounces of Gold, even at old values being worth more. Safes are fireproof and waterproof, and usually heavy enough to stand their ground during the event of a tornado. Keeping your important personal items with you in your home is sometimes better than storing them at the bank, where they may not always be insured.Separating your items in multiple safes can be a clever way of securing your valuables in the event one is stolen. I can only hope that other families learn from this horrible crime and become better prepared. I’ll put up 1 bottle of Glenlivet against 1 Kruggerand in my neighborhood when TSHTF as being worth more in Barter. As of the two scum bags convicted of their murder, I hope they live in misery until executed.
Not that it would bring back the precious lives of those murdered and that’s the true tragedy of it all.

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