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Doug Ritter is available to make a presentation to your group or organization on a variety of survival related topics. When your day's gone about as bad as it possibly could, your survival may well depend upon what you have on your person; what you've got stored in your pockets. New technology is substantially improving the odds that survivors will be found and rescued in a timely manner. However you got yourself into the predicament, this will provide you the fundamental skills set needed to survive and be rescued in most wilderness situations. Signaling for help can be a lot more complicated that it seems and screwing up can have fatal consequences. All presentations except those conducted outside for equipment demonstrations require a PC-compatible LCD projector and projection screen.

For larger groups, generally more than 20 people, a microphone and PA system is required and a wireless lapel microphone is much preferred. Availability of life rafts and live pyrotechnics for demonstrations subject to cooperation from manufacturers, distributors, or a local service facility and generally must be arranged well in advance. For presentations where equipment is demonstrated, an assistant to help pack up afterwards is required, three assistants for the in-water demos.
For more information on booking Doug Ritter for your group or organization, please contact Doug Ritter directly. Doug covers 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs), Satellite Phones, improved capability Handheld Radios and high-tech visual signaling devices including Laser Flares and LED "strobes." Both the advantages and limitations of these new devices are reviewed and demonstration samples of most are provided for participants to gain hands-on experience with this latest lifesaving technology. Doug gives a quick overview of the various traditional signaling means as well as electronic signaling devices.

Demonstrations of pyrotechnic devices requires coordination with appropriate law enforcement and SAR organizations.
With prior arrangement and proper accommodations, actual live demonstrations can be conducted, in which case the Powerpoint portion of this presentation is optional.

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