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Last October American president Barack Obama announced he was sending troops to help the hunt for the LRA. Around 100 US soldiers have since been deployed in the region to help local officials trace the mass killer. Woodland Ways Blog - Bushcraft and Survival is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). With roughly three days to survive without water, it is your main priority to learn the multiple ways of finding water in your environment. Fire provides warmth, potable water, light, protection, a way to cook food, smoke for signaling and a psychological boost you never knew you needed. Water carries many problems you cannot see like protozoa, bacteria, intestinal parasites and viruses. They all seem to be so cookie cutter, saying all the same things or they don’t say anything at all! Fish are by far the easiest meat source to procure in most survival situations and a fishing kit is much lighter than most land trapping kits. Here is the most common description, “I grew up in the woods as a boy and learned to love the outdoors from an early age”, blah blah etc.
We will get in more depth with this category since it is a very difficult and essential skill to learn. This is why fire-making becomes so important being the most effective way to disinfect water. If given a good fishing kit you can almost be guaranteed to eat well in most environments around the world, even if there is no water around. Now, I am not going to knock that experience in life because that is what rooted me in this industry to begin with, but that doesn’t make you an expert survival instructor. We will discuss modern methods to disinfect water as well and look into the differences of how to approach certain scenarios.
Because unlike many land traps, there are numerous ways to use fishing kits to catch land mammals.This class will show either the novice or the master survivalist several unique methods for catching fish with a variety of lightweight tools, as well as demonstrating the primitive fishing methods. Other aspects of fire you will see here will include what wood to use, other uses of fire, type being built and even pit style. Students will learn basket traps, automatic fishing pole primitive trap, gorge hooks, and many more primitive methods for catching fish.
You will also learn several uses for Yo Yo traps, improvised fishing poles, how to use conibears to catch fish, etc.  Students will also learn how to put together a fishing kit for a bug out bag that will catch fish anywhere in the world.
Because there isn’t any regulating body or set of skill standards that instructors have to pass in order to be able to call themselves legit!

This is an awesome course and highly recommended for those interested in learning how to catch fish fast and efficiently! I would say as many as 80% of survival school founders are students that attended The Tracker School owned by Tom Brown, Jr. And you should plan on some good eating if you attend cause we know how to catch em and cook em!
But does taking a few of his thousand dollar survival courses that are half power point and half watching someone else demonstrate skills make you an expert. If they don’t truly love every aspect of survival then they will never truly be great at it. And I think you will quickly find that the best instructors in the industry are the ones that give their knowledge away for free through blogs, youtube videos, and other forms of social media.
According to Cody Lundin in a recent article, youtube videos don’t give a person any credibility whatsoever. But I would disagree and say that it is one of the only true ways to be able to really demonstrate what you are capable of doing to your customers to provide credibility for what you say your capable of.
My advice is simply this, “Don’t take their word for it, and make sure in your mind that they are proving their skills through demonstration”. Survival instructors should have something that proves they can do what they do well and know their stuff, since we have no regulating body for this sort of thing. There is no government body or private institution saying, “hey this guy’s a badass, he can survive anywhere”.
So here is some stuff you need to think about when picking a survival school for your personal preference because there is a ton of different styles of thought in this industry. Bush hippie and military mindsets pretty much dominate the industry so you will most likely have to pick between one of the two perspectives. If they only say a few words about their past, then I wouldn’t trust them with your future survival.Look for people who do it full time and don’t have a second job.
It should be there specialty!Do they own their own property or are they doing their courses in the national forest or somewhere else?
If they don’t own property for their school, then they’re probably a fly by night company and might even get you in trouble with the forestry department practicing these skills on public lands.
If they only list a short paragraph of un-verifiable accomplishments then I would be leary.
I can’t say it enough, compare resumes and look for legitimate survival experience.Do they have lower prices but expect you to bring tons of different survival equipment?
It’s a common hook in the industry to require students to purchase expensive gear for their courses.

Because most students don’t show up prepared for these courses (and they know it), they are happy to provide you with the required equipment for the course and make exorbitant amounts of money off equipment you may not need.
Have they ever actually been in a survival situation?Is the school local or would you have extensive travel costs in attending their courses?How long has the school been around and do they employ top instructors in their specialties? If they don’t then move on!Do they only teach primitive survival or do they teach a mix of things that will appeal to the average person? So unless you want to spend forever learning this stuff, you should pick a school that teaches a wide range of modern and primitive skill sets.Do they offer certifications for their courses?Do they have any medical training in case someone gets hurt? The military doesn’t emphasis high level survival training in almost any mainstream program they offer. And there is a huge difference between combat or tactical survival and true wilderness survival. Many guys in the construction industry use to say to me, “Bid all your jobs high, so that if you only get 1 in 10 jobs you make so much more off the one job, than you would off doing all ten jobs at marginal profits”. Compare our resumes to the competition and see if you’re getting more experience for the money!Do they incorporate religious beliefs into their teachings? Surprisingly some of the biggest schools in the country do this heavily without the student knowing it upfront. Whether it is Christian or more pagan centered beliefs, all kinds of schools exist and they do try to preach their beliefs. The Tracker School is probably the best example of this style of school and they have a heavy emphasis on spiritual things in their teachings. Every school is different and has a different philosophy, so it’s pivotal that you decide what skill sets primarily interest you.
I wrote this article not to promote our own business, but to bring up some important points about what you should look for in a legitimate survival school.
Thanks for your support and if you have any questions about us, other schools, or things relating to this article I would be happy to help. I’m not going to say bad things about my competitors but it is my business to know what they teach, how their courses run, and what they specialize in.
And you may or may not be able to attend our school because of travel issue or philosophy differences but either way I can point you in the direction of a good school. So if you want my two cents then, Just Contact Us! IF YOU SUPPORT THE SCHOOL PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE ON OTHER FORUMS AND SOCIAL MEDIA!Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

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