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On March 16, Colombo officially commenced construction on Brickell Flatiron, where residential units are being marketed for between $500,000 and $2 million. Already, a number of planned condo projects are disappearing from the South Florida landscape. What has made Miami’s ongoing condo spree all the more amazing is that it started during a time when banks were still reluctant to lend money following the fall of Lehman Brothers. In response, some condo developers lowered their deposit requirements from 50 percent to 30 percent. Anthony Graziano, a senior managing director at Integra Realty Resources, acknowledged that sales velocity in the condo arena has slowed, but insisted that the market is still strong — especially in Miami’s downtown area. But that may change after June, Zalewski predicted, when it’s wintertime in South America and South American investors head north to Miami for warmer weather. When the time comes, Zalewski said he’s “bullish” that some developers will do the right thing — “fall on their swords” and not build for three or four years until condo prices rise once again. Philip Spiegelman, co-founder of International Sales Group, insisted that the market would weed out projects unsuited to withstand any new economic realities.
In such an atmosphere, Spiegelman said, only seasoned developers with years of experience building in South Florida will be able to launch new condo projects. Additionally, two developments once associated with Colombo are in limbo: Collections Residences and the site of a to-be-announced tower around 1,000 feet from Colombo’s Brickell Flatiron. The 10-story, 270-unit Collection Residences in Coral Gables was suspended following a dispute between Colombo and his partner in the venture, Masoud Shojaee. He said that starting Collection Residences one or two years from now “will not make much of a difference” in the project’s success, due to the limited number of condo properties in Coral Gables. The site near Brickell Flatiron is now under the complete ownership of another former partner of Colombo: Russian billionaire Vlad Doronin.
Plans to build a 58-story Edge at Brickell died after Rafael Aragones sold his land by the Miami River to Brazilian businessman Leo Macedo. Angie Ki, chief business development officer for American Da Tang, said a future condo project would soon be marketed to potential buyers from China. Though Spiegelman doubted the time is right for Chinese investors to start buying condos in South Florida, given the recent devaluation of the yuan, Zalewski said foreign buyers with less cash on hand have more affordable alternatives for investment outside of Miami-Dade. All the while, South Florida’s multifamily and commercial markets are growing at a healthy pace. Rosendo Caveiro, a senior director at Cushman & Wakefield, said he expects to see the development of 14,000 new apartment units across South Florida in 2016.
Unlike the condo sector, there are no obvious signs of contraction for the majority of South Florida’s commercial sector and financial institutions are willing to help it grow. But Gerszberg of Marcus & Millichap said that while South Florida’s commercial sector remains “extremely strong,” it has dipped from market highs. That correction may be affecting plans for Miami Worldcenter, the massive mixed-use project within 27 acres in Park West. Nitin Motwani, a managing principal of Miami Worldcenter Associates and a partner in the retail venture, said the retail redesign was about switching from an enclosed mall to a “high-street” scheme similar to Lincoln Road.
On the condo side, Motwani said presales for the 55-story Paramount Miami Worldcenter, which he is co-developing with Daniel Kodsi, is doing well. In spite of the slowdown in the condo market, Motwani said he hasn’t had to offer discounts for the 470 future residences, which start at $700,000. All rights reserved © 2016 The Real Deal is a registered Trademark of Korangy Publishing Inc.
Get Off Your Knees, Stand Tall, Look Around and Demand Answers – Your Survival May Depend On It! The advent and now addiction to cell phones, computers and hand held gadgets of every shape and form have transformed us into a society of detached humans controlled by the gadgets that addict us and keep us lost to the real world around us.
As I watch this take place I can see a new way of life evolving where a sort of invisible bubble surrounds the people as they become locked in their little world of cell phones, twitter, texting, face book consuming attention sucking devices that divide them from the very people and real world that surround them. People do not look at each other, talk to each other face to face or look around them when they are out and about in the world. All of this frightens me as I feel that although the new world of technology is great when used as tools that when applied save us time and help advance our species. I understand that we tend to stay indoors during the cold winter months far more and do spend more time outside when the weather is nice however we all do still leave our homes and enter the world usually on a daily basis which is why I am so upset at our lack of interest in the world around and above us.
Thankfully there are people who do pay attention to what is happening on this earth and have been trying desperately to shake the rest of the population awake to what is taking place to them and above them constantly now for years. Look, I understand we all have our plates full with hard times, family obligations and pressures from work or the difficulties of routine life that seems to become more stressful by the day.
I did a bit of research on this issue and became so upset and disgusted that I just do not know what to do or what to say to get the humans around me to question and fear what I consider a huge strange dangerous on going attack on mankind. I have found information in my research that was overwhelming for me to discover however all I can do is provide it for you to decide if it is worth your time and effort to start to get off your knees, look around and start to do something about it. I will include the articles I found as well as my latest radio show where my co-host Randy Maugans and I discuss in detail the seriousness of this issue. I have added a great deal more material on this issue that I feel may be extremely important to not only your well being but your survival including my recent radio show concerning this topic with Randy Maugans, articles by other experts warning you about the seriousness of this issue, tips on how to survive as well as other videos on the issue . Please make the effort to listen and explore for your own safety the material I have gathered on this subject.

I had the opportunity to watch the two-hour scripted fictional feature The Cannibal in the Jungle on Animal Planet this past Sunday.
I received this interesting photo from a reader: Hi Lon- My family and I recently went on a trip to Olympia, WA.
Explaining about this first fully magnetically-levitated left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implant, Dr. A left ventricular assist device (LVAD) is a battery-operated, mechanical pump, which helps the left ventricle – the main pumping chamber of the heart – to pump blood to the rest of the body. HeartMate 3™ also comes with a smaller sized pump to increase surgical ease to implant and enhances patient’s life expectancy significantly.
Zenify eases home rental woes of Job Aspirants in BengaluruMeru Cabs now available on Facebook Messenger! The Italian developer, who has been involved in South Florida real estate since 1983, intends to not only sell all 548 residences in his forthcoming 64-story luxury condominium tower, but to sell them without compromise. Sales activity stopped at the 35-story Krystal Tower in Miami, the 27-story Gulfstream Park Tower in Hallandale Beach, and the 17-story Oceanbleau in Hollywood, according to recent reports from the real estate consulting firm and brokerage International Sales Group.
In the last four years, millions of square feet of condos, apartments, hotels, retail and offices have popped up in the tri-county region. Greater Downtown Miami — which includes the neighborhoods Brickell, the Central Business District, Omni, Park West, Overtown, Edgewater and Wynwood — represents 45.5 percent of South Florida’s condo projects. By comparison, a new condo in Palm Beach County averages $808 a square foot, while a new condo in Broward County averages $468 a square foot, Zalewski said. During that time, some condo owners will seek to cash out and sell their units, driving prices down further. If they don’t, “there will be too much inventory” and the pain of a condo dip will be protracted, he argued. The local developer, who is building the 53-story Aria on the Bay in Edgewater, is postponing plans to build another condo tower on Miami’s waterfront until there’s more “equilibrium” between supply and demand, he told TRD. Under a recent land swap deal, Colombo gave Doronin complete ownership of 0.8 acres of land at 830 Southeast First Avenue. A 60-story, $200-million condo hotel will be built at that site instead, Macedo told TRD last July. Donahue Peebles sold his 1-acre oceanfront parcel in Miami Beach to the Chinese Construction Company and American Da Tang Group for $38.5 million in October. Ki said she is bullish on building in Miami-Dade as long as the project is funded by Chinese money. Driving that development are young professionals who either don’t want to be tied down with homeownership or simply can’t afford it, he said. Luxury boutique stores continue to get built in the Miami Design District, while Brickell City Centre’s 500,000-square-foot-shopping center is nearing completion.
In an effort to obtain financing more quickly, MDM Development Group, the developer of a future $525-million Marriott Marquis Miami Worldcenter Hotel & Expo, is building the project in two phases — a 1,100-room hotel and a 600-room hotel.
PMW broke ground on the project on March 3 and the condo tower is roughly 50 percent sold with buyers from 30 different countries signing “hard contracts” totaling $250 million so far, he told TRD. Just as Colombo remains certain he won’t have to compromise on pricing for Brickell Flatiron, which averages around $750 a square foot. My words were received with yawns and boredom by a public living in denial and delusion which keeps them deaf dumb and blind to the harsh facts of life that are the realty of living on this planet at this point in time. I watch as the people in my community walk through their day’s heads down absorbed in their cell phones or hand held (whatever it is) that consume their attention and time.
I am amazed there are not far more accidents or incidents occurring routinely due to this technology bubble of this new distracted society. I do however fear it when it is used in place of human contact and as a method to control and brainwash us in to controllable robotic like slaves addicted to our gadgets.
This article is my plea to all who may read it to please pull your heads out of your gadgets and bubble of oblivion and give your head a good shake and start to pay attention to the real world that you may be on the brink of losing. Or have you become so use to massive spraying of chemicals over your head that they are now normal to you? Do you simply yawn and not give them a thought until it is you who is dealing with some type of massive storm or huge amounts of snow or flooding rain?
I get it that you have your job to contend with while trying to keep tabs on your kids while figuring out how to stretch your paycheck to feed your family and pay the bills. Look up and tell me what the hell is it that they have been spraying all over us for the past decade without any of us demanding to know why and what is going on. Some feel it is an attempt to kill off part of the population as a form of population control. The spraying of the chem-trails is being done all over the world in a massive organized effort by what appears to be every country in the world. I also have posted other videos and images to help you decide what you want to do about this awful issue.
Kewal Krishan, Program Head – Heart transplant and Ventricular assist devices and senior consultant cardiac surgeon at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket, performed India’s first successful implant of HeartMate 3™, which offers physicians the world’s most advanced ventricular assist technology available to support the management of patients with advanced stage heart failure.
Santoshkiran Kardiawar (name changed), a 69 year old gentleman from New Delhi, who had earlier undergone stenting twice in 2005 and 2009 and had been put on medical management for a triple vessel coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus and end stage cardiomyopathy with EF 15%.
Kewal Krishan is one of the handful surgeons in India that are formally trained in all aspects of heart transplantation.

Kewal Krishan says, “Unlike artificial hearts, LVADs don’t replace the heart, but supplement the pumping function in patients whose hearts are too weak to pump blood adequately on their own. It allows the patient to have an active life with limited caution, with immediate symptomatic relief and improvement in the left heart function. So if a buyer wants one of Brickell Flatiron’s future residences, Colombo told The Real Deal that he or she will pay full price.
However, he began selling residences at Brickell Flatiron two years ago, when the South Florida real estate market was still riding high. A 68-unit mixed-use project in Miami’s Upper Eastside proposed by Vitrium Capital, 01 MiMo, is suspended as well, said Cyril Bijaoui of Westside Estate Agency. Of those projects, 59 towers, totaling 4,355 units, have been completed in the last five years. In contrast, about 18 percent of new or proposed condos are in Broward County and 8 percent are in Palm Beach County. The Related Group, for example, is accepting reservations for Auberge Residences & Spa, a proposed 60-story, 290-unit condo in Miami’s Omni neighborhood for $575 a square foot.
Peebles sold the land, which he bought for $4.6 million in 2010, as part of a general withdraw from Miami-Dade.
Wealthy Chinese investors nervous about the slowing pace of China’s economy are eager to invest in South Florida property, she added.
The owners of Aventura Mall, Bal Harbour Shops and Sawgrass Mills intend to expand their shopping centers significantly and several mega-developments, including the proposed $4-billion SoleMia in North Miami, envision significant retail components. Rarely do they look up or at one another which I might add is developing a new rude behavior by mankind as well.
The proof of this can be found in our nonchalant avoidance and denial of the massive changes and manipulation of what goes on constantly above our heads. I also know what it is like to be young and want to be connected to your pals and girl or boy friend. Others think it is a form of cloaking so we here on earth cannot see what is going on out in space and on the moon that would be visible without this dimming of the atmosphere.
An Advanced Clinical Fellow at the world’s top hospitals including Mayo Clinic and Mount Sinai Medical Center, USA, Dr. LVADs can be used in patients who are awaiting heart transplant, as well as patients who cannot undergo transplantation for any reason. The latest HeartMate 3™ system is a highly advanced fully magnetically levitated LVAD which reduces friction and provides blood-friendly wide pump gaps to reduce issues such as blood stagnation and thrombus formation or clotting.
It was these investors who were able to pay the 50 percent deposits developers began to demand — or even the entire cost of a unit outright. Representatives for Doronin’s Moscow-based company, Capital Group, did not return a request for comment by email. In addition to the former Bath Club Estates, Da Tang now owns 2.4 acres of property in Brickell and is looking to invest in the Northwest Seventh Avenue corridor in North Miami. I feel we have been pushed purposely to these new addictions as an easy form of society control. I watch as the world around me runs about like rats on a wheel chasing after one of these scenarios as we all try to live life in a busy difficult world.
Still other people believe it is a reflection event saving earth from what the sun is throwing at our planet. That fact tells me something very big and very serious is taking place and with that said I think we deserve to know what is going on. I can only hope this will one day be found to be part of a world wide massive effort for the welfare of mankind and planet earth.
Kewal Krishan is credited with the distinction of performing the maximum number of LVADs in one year in India. The one year FDA data has shown zero-rate of pump thrombosis and excellent patient outcomes.
It is clear that we have given up smelling the roses along the way, in fact we rarely notice if there are roses unless it is a screen saver image!
Other people think it is a defense against either other earth powers attacking us or aliens from another place in the cosmos.
HeartMate 3™ LVAD implant was advised as destination therapy for symptomatic end stage heart disease since medical management was found to be insufficient for the patient’s condition. He along with other team members performed the maximum number of ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) in the country, in patients with severe lung or heart condition.
The Full MagLev™ system enables an artificial pulse every 2 seconds by rapidly changing rotor speeds while maintaining pump gaps, thereby ensuring washing of the impeller. The HeartMate 3™ system received CE Mark approval in October, 2015, based on data from the clinical trial, which demonstrated a 92 percent six month survival rate; the best six month survival rate to date to be documented in an LVAD CE Mark clinical study. The list goes on and on including the spraying is part of the use of the HAARP machines that are being used to manipulate the worlds weather. Santoshkiran’s heart condition and quality of life have improved considerably and with immediate effect.

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