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Pancreatic cancer is often detected in the later stages, which delays treatment and may increase the risk of adverse outcomes and mortality. Given the poor prognosis rates of pancreatic cancer, which is linked to a measly 5% survival rate after diagnosis, there was a need for an early detection tool for the cancer.
Pancreatic cysts, that are as common as one in every ten people above the age of 70, and among  younger people, can be identified with computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  The new method can detect the presence of mucus protein, mucins, in the cystic fluid, helping diagnosis in 77 of 79 cysts that were examined. CHICAGO- A combination of two chemotherapy drugs has shown promising results in fighting pancreatic cancer, significantly improving five-year survival rates, according to a European study presented Friday. The median overall survival rate was 28 months with the combination of drugs, compared to 25.5 months with gemcitabine alone. The study’s determination that the gemcitabine-capecitabine treatment is safe allows researchers to consider what other treatments could be added effectively. According to the World Health Organization, 338,000 people in the world were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2012, with the highest number of cases in North America and Europe.
Pancreatic cancer is the fourth-leading cause of cancer death in the United States, with 41,780 deaths expected in 2016. It is very important for you to understand ways in which pancreatic cancer is grouped to help you know about the treatment options available.

During your physical examination and testing, your doctor will be able to confirm the existence of pancreatic cancer and use the TNM (tumor, node, and metastasis) staging methods to determine the size of the tumor and the extent of the spread. After this discovery the doctor will now commence the appropriate treatment that will suit the stage of the cancer.
Surgery: At the advance stage, the surgery procedure done will include the complete removal of the pancreas, part of the small intestine, bile duct and gall bladder.
Radiotherapy: Is done using a radiation device that destroys the cancer cells, during the advance stages it is usually combined with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy: Your doctor will use medication to help fight the cancer cells and prevent them from growing. Moreover, the method requires minimal biomaterial, in this case 25 times less cyst fluid than conventional tumor marker analyses.
The trial showed that patients who take the oral drug capecitabine in addition to treatment with the commonly-used intravenous drug gemcitabine after surgical removal of pancreatic cancer survived longer without significant increase in negative side effects. Pancreas is an organ that is located at the abdomen and its main function is to assist in the digestion of fats.
The cancer has increased in growth and spread to the blood vessels surrounding the pancreas.

At this stage the cancer has metastasized, meaning it has spread so deeper into other vessels such as the lungs and liver and according to the American Cancer Society, the survival rate is 1percent.
In treating metastatic pancreatic cancer it is combined with drug therapy which is the administration of certain drugs which will target the cancer cells and destroy them. I am certain that within five years the mass spectrometers will have moved into the hospital corridors,” Professor Gunnar C. It was one of the largest trials ever conducted in pancreatic cancer, involving 732 patients. The survival rates has reduced to 2 percent showing that of all the patients diagnosed with this disease at this stage only 2 percent will be alive after 5 years from the time of diagnosis.

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