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Arcane Shot now deals 125% ranged weapon damage (up from 100%) and had its focus cost increased by 50%.
Hunter’s Mark now has a duration of 20 seconds while in PvP combat (down from 30 seconds). Explosive Trap no longer shares a cooldown with Black Arrow but can no longer activate Lock and Load. When Reforging your gear you need to look at your stat priority above and reforge accordingly. For truly elite performance when raiding, grouping and soloing as a Survival Hunter, consider using the Wow Edge Addon for talent builds, attack rotation and glyphs.
If you want the same in-game step by step leveling guide that we use to get to level 90 as fast as possible, take a look at our favorite in-game leveling guide.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera allows us to use two of our survivability tools more often. Intimidation allows the pet to stun a trash mob for three seconds, which will also interrupt casts. Focusing Shot – allows you to carefully line up your perfect shot for 100% wpn damage and generates 50 focus. Lone Wolf – All of your damage is increased by 30% when you don’t have a pet active and you can provide one of several benefits to your party or raid. Any pet can be either Tenacity, Ferocity, or cunning and you can switch their specs at any time. As Survival you don’t, of course, have access to the exotic pets (and their abilities,) but various other pets do bring useful abilities to the raid, beyond their damage. Cooldowns for pet abilities are longer than than they are in Beast Mastery and patch 5.3 doubled some pet cooldowns. Buffs do not stack with any similar buffs your team might provide, such as Cat Mastery & Shaman Mastery.
Wind Serpent – Increases magic damage taken by the target by 5%, which is great if a lot of magic damage is being tossed about.
Haste is a very strong stat when you hit certain breakpoints, such as getting in an extra shot or DoT tick.
Mastery adds to your magic damage, not to any physical damage you might do and nothing for your pet, so it’s not as strong as the others.
Readiness is an ability gained at 90 and will reduce the cooldowns on various other abilities. There are a bunch of changes coming in Warlords, but they won’t change your rotation much.
Serpent Sting has also been removed, but it’s effect is now backed into Multi-Shot and Arcane Shot.
Serpent Spread has been renamed Serpent Sting and remains as a passive ability for Survival Hunters. Your Lock and Load‘s effects have been incorporated into Black Arrow and have been redesigned.
Black Arrow deals 60% more damage, inflicts Shadow damage every 3 seconds, and triggers Lock and Load on Multistrike hits. Aspect of the Hawk (or the talent Aspect of the Iron Hawk)  should always active, save for when an encounter requires a great deal of movement in which case Aspect of the Cheetah may prove to be a superior choice. Use Explosive Shot on cooldown as well as whenever Lock and Load procs granting you two shots without focus cost or cooldown. Use Arcane Shot to expend excess focus, but never completely use up your focus as you’ll need it for the above abilities.
Explosive Trap instead of Black Arrow only if you can hit multiple targets at once with Explosive Trap.
Your DPS cooldowns Dire Beast, A Murder of Crows, Rapid Fire, Rabid and Stampede should be used on cooldown. In Mists of Pandaria Agility is definitely your best stat, but gems with secondary stats have twice the value of agility gems, 320 Haste Vs 160 Agility, for example. Note that if the socket bonus is something other than Ag or Crit you’re probably better off just dropping a Delicate Primordial Ruby into those yellow and blue sockets. Capacitive Primal Diamond: +324 Critical Strike, and chance on melee or ranged hit to gain Capacitance. Helm enchants are gone in Mists of Pandaria, shoulder enchants all come from the Inscription profession.
A cloak enchant will add Hit and the glove enchant will add Expertise, if you need to top those off. Hit and Expertise are gone, and so are any racials than have anything to do with those two stats.
If you’re looking towards the end game the Orcs and Trolls are arguably the best Hunter races, with  Worgen and Draenei on the Alliance side. Pandarens (Mists of Pandaria) can be either Alliance or Horde, they choose when they leave their starting area.
They can put enemies to sleep with a touch of the paw, but youi don’t want to be in melee range. A DPS gain is their 1% increased chance to crit, which is a good stat for you, and …. Their increased skinning skill and speed is a nice convenience, but of no special value to Hunters. The stone form ability is rather nice, washing away bleeds and reducing damage taken by 10%, and the latter part of that will find occasional PvE use. Shadowmeld drops aggro in PvE encounters, but it’s redundant with your Feign Death ability. Night Elf hunters also gain the benefit of a 2% dodge chance increase, another bonus to stack with Aspect of the Monkey when forced into melee. They have nothing that’s specifically useful for DPS,  though their escape ability is quite nice for PvP and occasionally of use in PvE. Their diplomacy ability will  help with the rep gains with the many factions of Azeroth and beyond. A somewhat more situational ability is the reduced duration Trolls get from movement reducing effects. Rocket Jump has definite uses at times, especially as “gain range” ability when Disengage is on cooldown. An increase in Alchemy skill, along with a greater effect from your own healing potions, is also nice.
Tauren are another generally viable Hunter race, gaining a 5% bonus to health that is occasionally useful, though it doesn’t scale well at high levels. You’ll also gain the benefit of Warstomp, an AoE stun that may allow you to gain range from the opposition.
Herbalism provides a nice little heal and a Haste effect, both of which are nice for Hunters and the Tauren’s increased Herbalism skill will get you into that heal just that much faster. Haste to 16% for a couple of break points where you get additional ticks from certain spells.
Meta socket: Burning Primal Diamond is the basic choice, but you can go with the Tyrannical Primal Diamond, especially if you need the extra resilience.

Resilience is not something that you want to gem for, since the base value is so high (72%) and then there is the extra 10% from the PvP trinket pair. Resilience is now a base of 77% for all players, plus another 10% or so from the PvP trinket pair.
As for which order to get your gear, use the list below (for the conquest gear,) or grab the Helm, Robe, Legs, and Shoulders in order to get the set bonuses, then fill in the rest. Buy (or make, if you have Tailoring and the appropriate recipes) the Crafted Malevolent Gladiator’s set. You can also poke around the Timeless Isle and get the 496 PvE set, by opening lots of chests.
Simply because it will make your Arena and RBG a bit less frustrating.Gong into arena with a 522 set will be a lot less pain fun the the 476 craftet set or the 496 timeless gear or the 496 honor gear from season 14. If you already have the season 14 Conquest gear then skip the season 15 honor gear, it’s the same stuff. Reforge for more Spirit until your Mana is solid, then Haste (hit those breakpoints,) then crit.
Make sure your Prayer of mending is up on a target and you are positioned such that it can be bouncing among your team.
Circle of Healing, Prayer of Mending, Divine Star, and Chakra: Sanctuary should keep your team healthy. Protect your Psyfiend: Requires two clicks or keypresses (you DO have it bound to a key, right?) Summons the thing and then shields it. There’s an addon which you can grab which will help you with pro-macros and with keybinds.
It costs a bit to level up the crafting professions and you get about 320 Int worth of bonus from it. If you like effects that proc randomly then there are other professions you can use, such as Tailoring and its Lightweave Embroidery.
Resto shamans are also an incredibly viable healer right now and are arguably the best healer at this point in time. Resto shamans are so good right now because they have great synergy with casters and melee alike. Stone Bulwark Totem‘s shield can be dispelled, making it less useful for competitive games. Astral Shift comes with a long cooldown, but might be of use if you see that Rogue coming or can otherwise anticipate incoming burst. Totemic Persistence will allow you to have both Healing Stream and Healing Tide totems up simultaneously. Ancestral Swiftness provides a nice Haste boost in addition to allowing you to insta-cast one spell every 90 seconds.
Rushing Streams is just the thing for twos or threes, healing one additional target and doing extra healing. Unleashed Fury – Your Earthliving Weapon, when using Unleased Elements, causes your single target spells (incl.
Glyph of Totemic Encirclement drops fake totems which, hopefully, will be targeted by your enemies before the real totems. Int & Spirit are getting so high that you probably do not need the Regen (Spirit) or Spell Power (Int,) so will gem for the other stats.
Tyrannical Primal Diamond: +665 PVP Power and +775 Resilience, requires 27k earned conquest points and iLevel 476, cost 1k conquest points. Helm enchants are gone in Mists of Pandaria, shoulder enchants are handled by the Inscription profession. At 90 either buy the Crafted Malevolent gear from a Leatherworker or off the Auction House. Honor Gear: Some prefer to get the honor set before grinding the conquest gear, because it makes getting that gear a it less painful. Always use Unleash Elements before any Ancestral Swiftness or Ascendance to get the max healing possible. Take less falling damage, which makes jumping off cliffs (or getting thrown off) a bit easier.
Self-Heal: You have plenty of heals, but this one is free and there are times when that’s a nice thing to have. Resistance to Stuns has PvP value and is occasionally useful in PvE, but will only reduce a 6 second stun by about 1 second.
War Stomp is strictly melee range and has definite use in PvP when melee types get in your face. Well, thanks for the nice words even though we both know it’s a pretty poor guide right now.
Currently in Patch 5.4, the Survival spec generally do slightly more DPS over the other Hunter builds. Proportionately, more damage has been removed from the initial damage than the periodic effect. Almost everyone that start using the addon can easily see a clear difference in DPS and overall skill and performance.
Every second counts, so using the WoW Edge Addon is an even bigger advantage to PvP players as it really optimizes your spec, glyph and attack rotation. These addons really transformed my game for all my toons and all players who use them certainly have a huge advantage over others as they really push your DPS to the max. If you have any questions or suggestions about our Patch 5.4 Survival Hunter, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you! Makes sure you have a stack of Tome of the Clear Mind in your bags and then tweak talents and glyphs to suit particular encounters. Ferocity is generally the best choice as it provides the greatest DPS gain, but there may be situations where Tenacity or Cunning might have use. It causes Multi-Shot and Arcane Shot to also apply the Serpent Sting poison, which does instant and periodic damage.
Lock and Load now causes the next Explosive Shot to not trigger its cooldown, but no longer causes it to be free or reset the ability’s current cooldown.
Serpent Sting should be refreshed by your Cobra Shot making it unnecessary for you to re-apply it directly the majority of the time. There seems to be very little difference in priority between them, so use them as they pop up. This means that socket matching will be worthwhile in some cases, particularly if the slot has a big agility bonus, say 60+ agility per slot. It will factor in race, all your gear, various other stuff, and help min-max for your particular situation. Most of the enchants below have similar enchants available, of lesser value, for less cash. Even the gathering professions have some value, though you might be better served by using those to build a larger gold stash. Since gems with secondary stats are twice the value of those with primary stats (320 Haste Vs 160 Agility, for example) Blacksmithing might be the most valuable profession if you’re just looking for the buffs or gemming versatility since you can add the 640 in stats vs 320 Agility. Since gems with secondary stats have twice the value of gems with primary stats Blacksmithing might be a very valuable profession.

Goblins get a Haste effect and Rocket Jump (a useful escape ability.) Undead drain life and heal.
If Ag turns out to be as valuable in WoD as it is in Mists then this might turn out to be the best racial. Now you have a guide like Dugi’s which sits in-game, in a small window, and shows you step-by-step where to go, what to do, and a number of details to make it even easier.
You have lots of survivability, especially with the new resilience changes (now 77%, plus the trinket bonus) and some pretty serious healing ability. If you’re using Mindbender then you might not need any more Spirit and can reforge to Haste. It’s good enough that you might be able to reforge out of Spirit and into Haste, instead. If you use Renew and follow it with Serenity then it resets Renew to the full 13 second duration, with the glyph bonus.
All of the high level shoulder enchants are done by the Inscription profession and should be available from a friendly scribe or on the Auction House.
An option is the 200 resilience enchant, Enchant Chest – Super Resilience, if you need a bit more defense. If you need a bit of Haste to hit that breakpoint, then Enchant Boots – Greater Haste is the better choice.
You can get some PvP gear before 60, an arena set at 70, Cataclysm greens starting at 77, and Mist of Pandaria blues starting at 81 or so.
You will be down on PvP Power Vs people with PvP gear, but you will be way ahead of those quest greens that you might have been using to level 90. If you don’t and you have a weak piece (a green item, for example) then upgrade that first. This makes it harder for attackers to predict your location, giving youi a chance to get to cover. Otherwise you might have a cooldown if you only just switched into one of the healing chakras. None of the professions listed below have procs, which means that their bonus is always on and reliable. You can also load 640 Spirit or Haste into those sockets, so Blacksmithing does offer more fexibility than the others. Herbalism: has a 2880 Haste cooldown, lifeblood, which is awesome if it helps you to hit a Haste breakpoint, not so hot otherwise. Resto shamans can run anything from Mage, Warlock, Shaman to a melee cleave such as Feral Druid, Death Knight, Shaman. Use it to move your Capacitor Totem next to an enemy and you can use this talent as a sort of area stun. With lots of Crit you will be getting the large heals and regenerating mana at the same time. You also get 10% from the PvP trinket pair (a set bonus) so you won’t need additional Resilience. It might be worthwhile to put the purple (Mysterious) gems in your red slots and the green (Vivid) gems in the yellow and blue slots. There is a Conquest points weapon enchant if you prefer the steady PvP Power bonus and disarm reduction to the Int procs of Jade Spirit.
Either way it’s expensive (need gold?) You can also get gear by looting chests on the Timeless Isle.
This should pretty much get your team to a good place and you can top them off by spammng Healing Surges.
If being big and furry or short and annoying is more important than every last iota of healing power then go for it. In addition, a waypoint arrow is set automatically, so you never have to wonder where the goal of your quest is located. If you’re looking for advice on leveling your Hunter, check out our Hunter Leveling Guide. For example, you’ll be able to socket the two gems for 640 PvP Power instead of 320 Ag.
Some of the trash mobs found in PvE content count as beasts, so this will be occasionally useful.
Dugi’s will remember where you left off and then it will figure out where you should be at your new level and pick up from there. Heals allies and damages enemies on a fairly short cooldown without needing to be a certain range from your target. If you have 7,500 total and 3,500 saved up, for the current season,  then you can get your staff immediately. Assuming you don’t need to update some weak piece first, this is the most efficient order in which to get your gear. Being able to work with all of these classes is what makes a Resto shaman such a force to be reckoned with. You lose all the added health when the effect fades, but you’ve probably healed yourself by then, right? It more effectively gives you the important stats and gets you into the set bonuses are quickly as possible.
So if in the next patch or hot fix Int becomes better, or Mastery or whatever, then you drop in the new gems. All of the important quest info is included in the guide so you never have to wonder what to do.
I would like to know the name of the one where the cast bar of the set focus comes up when (mage) is casting frost bolt. Curse has a lot of Shaman addons, so I’d suggest experimenting until you find one you like. No problem, Dugi has your back all the way from level 1 to the level cap, or whichever level you start from.
If adding more Haste does not get you to a breakpoint then spend those extra points in Crit. Just keep a staock of Tome of the Clear Miind handy (from your reagents or Inscription vendors) and swap as required. The other two talents will have use if you and your team don’t have to worry about movement restricting effects or really need more control.
The guide knows what level you are and will correctly suggest where to go next and will let you dump all of your obsolete quests. I have ignored all socket bonuses on gear and stacked +320 crit on all sockets, it is amazing and i have no problems with mana.
You can earn gold with professions if you work them and learn your server’s market, otherwise you will be spending plenty.

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