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About Latest Posts Keith KittoePresident at Gas TrailerI enjoy being involved with all aspects of Gas Trailer operations. Check them out on their website, YouTube, as well as check their event schedule for upcoming classes. PrepperFest Expo is currently establishing its lineup of presenters for the Fall 2014 PrepperFest Expo. PrepperFest Expo is committed to expanding A your self-reliance knowledge by offering youA an all-star cadre of Self-Reliance, Constitution Rights, and Healthy Living speakers for your enjoyment. David is a residency-trained board certified Emergency Physician practicing in the Pacific Northwest. David Blume, author of Alcohol Can Be A Gas, is the nationa€™s foremost authority on fuel alcohol distillation, and he wrote the definitive bible on the subject. Rachel Linden, Founder of GMO Free AZ, is an energetic advocate for exposing the dangers of Monsantoa€™s Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOa€™s) which have been linked to dozens of rapidly growing healthcare concerns.
Alan Korwin, internationally recognized author of over a dozen books on gun rights and gun ownership. Living in an apartment in northern NJ, you might think I am a little wacky, and honestly I currently have nowhere to park it. I need to preface, that if I were to look into purchasing one of these units that I certainly would use it for both a Bug Out Vehicle and for the camping experience that it might be able to provide.
The pros to this are that camping and boondocking do not have to always happen at a campground only.
Another reason, or so I thought, for looking at a small trailer option for camping and bugging out is cost. There are a few companies to look at if you are looking at if you want to look at any of these trailers. Wells Cargo:  Wells Cargo is a trailer manufacturer that I found online that seems to make a good trailer if all you are looking to do is haul your gear. The most interesting thing I found, however, was a website by a gentleman named Scott Chaney. For the record, the drawings are very detailed and augmented with clear black and white images. The plans I purchased for this trailer are $29.99, and were delivered to my home in two or three days tops.
My brothers both have trailers for their SUV’s and they can go almost anywhere with them. In hind sight (five years ago) if I had given it more thought a four door pick up truck with a bed and cap might have been the better choice, both for utility and fir the concept of bugging out. I built an off-road trailer topped by a 3-person roof top tent and a lightweight 950 lbs capacity sailboat.

There’ll be professionals you can speak with regarding obtaining your Conceal and Carry License. Visit the 2014 Wisconsin Prepper & Survival Expo web page listed above for all the updated show details. From Marketing, eCommerce, and Business Development to Product Design, Manufacturing, and Inventory Management, the diversity of my daily tasks keeps me sharp and focused on driving things forward. Bones and Nurse Amy run Doom and Bloom- a website dedicated to medical information for those not sporting M.D. You will be issued a instrument kit (in which you get to keep), suture (you also receive a suture set to take home and practice with), and a pig's foot. Prior to civilian practice, he spent 11 years as an Emergency Physician on active duty in the Navy.
David will be enrolling attendees in LEGALLY distilling ethanol for fuel, a very popular class for those seeking energy independence and self-reliance. Jacob Mittleider and his gardening system in 1978.A  After 20 years of studying with and assisting Dr.
Rachel will peel back the veil on how EX Monsanto execs including Clarence Thomas are planted in every major judicial and governmental agency; working tirelessly to thwart all attempts to label GMO foods in America. They work hard to make sure the products you want are available when you want or need them for your preps.
The entire rig weighs less than 1000 lbs and is low enough to store in an underground parking garage.
Join the 100’s of other nerve-wrecked, hungry, impatient, out-of-sorts people in the super long lines waiting for a gas pump to open at the station you had to drive through wreckage to get to? It is not only a 110 gallon aluminum fuel tank sitting on a convenient portable platform, it also contains a 10,000 watt professional grade generator. Admission is free so you and your family won’t want to miss this immensely beneficial event. Mittleider on several projects, Jacob turned all of his materials over to Jim in 1998 with the challenge to advance the knowledge of family self-reliance through vegetable gardening.
Gets your floor above grade to minimize dirt and rain intrusion, and gives you an area where you can set up poles at corners for a bug net if you camp in mosquito country. Learn how to put your kits together and plan ahead for little emergencies like cuts, bruising, muscle cramps, poison ivy, rashes, and more. Or do you take a deep breath and let out a huge sigh of relief because you already have your portable fuel trailer ready to power your generator, fuel your vehicles, or do both?
With these components, you will not only be able to store and transfer gasoline, but be able to pump fuel into your vehicles while powering your home. Gas Trailer will be there to answer any fuel related questions you may have and to help you choose the fuel trailer that best suites your needs.

During the time leading up to the event, NPS would send out emails detailing updates with the expo. They also have a book called The Survival Medicine Handbook that has a plethora of information that could come in quite handy if things do take a turn for the worse. Rachel will explain how they are harming us and share how to avoid GMOa€™s and eat healthy. The SUV and Trailer is WAY more convenient, since you don’t have to haul the trailer unless you need it. Since I’m by the coast, I carry a hand-operated water desalinator, fishing poles, as well as sleeping bags, rain gear, first aid gear, woodgas cooking stove, rechargeable lanterns, solar charger etc. When plugged in, the generator can power your house for a week on the gas trailer’s fuel supply. I encourage you guys to take some time and visit their YouTube channel where you can find some very informative videos and their online store where they offer some customized preparedness medical kits. Would you and your family be able to survive for lengths of time with what you might have in your cupboard? If it comes to literally fighting for your life, would you know how to apply deadly force, let alone, physically defend yourself and protect what’s yours? Opt for the split tank model and be able to fill each 55 gallon tank with two different types of fuel, such as gasoline and diesel. To be able to provide a peace of mind, not only for yourself, but also your loved ones and possibly the close friends and family that may need the help these fuel trailers could provide, you could be the solution. Bones and Nurse Amy make sure each student gets some one-on-one time to ensure they learn the proper technique.
How about eating plants since you didn’t store enough food, or your food source has completely run out?
There surely would be medical emergencies that would require transportation and electricity to maintain stability.
Bones and Nurse Amy would be doing a Suturing and Stapling class and I decided to sign up for it.
Another topic is wound cleansing and the importance of not leaving dead space in a sutured wound.
An exhibitor will be there teaching you what plants are edible and what will kill you – a slight bit of importance when it comes to surviving.

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