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This may be the ultimate emergency kit on the market today.  We like to think that if you are prepared for zombies, that you are prepared for anything. I get pitched a lot of preparedness items here at AllOutdoor, but one of the best to come across my desk recently is an item called the Trucker’s Friend. I lived in San Francisco for five years, right in the middle of town, and one of the big things that everyone does there is earthquake preparedness. I had a decent collection of small to medium-sized demolition tools, like the Stanley Fatmax (solid), Dead On Annihilator (avoid!), and various prybars, tucked under beds and in closets. I pulled a few nails with the nail puller, and while serviceable, I’d rather have my hammer. I also did a bit of hammering, both hammering nails and just beating on concrete to test the shock absorbing handle. The bushcraft hatchet, like the Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet in the picture below, has a much less curved edge than a demolition tool axe, so that more of the edge makes contact with the wood at any given moment. Now, this is obviously a deeply unfair comparison because I’m comparing a $30 demolition tool to a $120 hand-crafted Swedish hatchet.
As everyone gets ready for a family and fun packed Memorial Day Weekend so is mother nature! If you have ever been in a power outage or black out for even a short time, you already know what works and what does NOT.  If this outage lasts for days, weeks, months or forever can you survive during a heat wave? Limit physical activities to early morning or late evening, the more you move the hotter you will get, open all the windows, doors, etc. Read a book, it takes the least amount of energy, distracts you from the heat, makes time pass and might teach you something! Stay in the shade or shady part of the house, if it gets real hot, get into the bathtub or shower, where it will be cooler than the rest of the house. Any place that you feel hot air (except windows, doors) coming in, check to see where it is coming from.  You want AIR circulation, not a heat source. If you have to be in the sun, wrap a wet towel around your neck, cover your head with it also or wear a hat that allows air through..

One must remember that air conditioning is not a new concept but has been advanced greatly by our technological achievements.
The concept of air conditioning is known to have been applied in Ancient Rome where aqueduct water was circulated through the walls of certain houses to cool them down. Here is an excellent article how Ancient “air-conditioning’ cools buildings today in a sustainable way!
Great article as of today people up and down the east coast are suffering thru these conditions.
If you have a chest freezer that is not full invest, in 5 or 6 gallon food grade plastic buckets. Whether you are concerned with the coming zombie apocalypse, nuclear winter, meteor strike, or just a really bad storm, this is the kit for you.
I also took it on a week-long road trip, although I thankfully didn’t have occasion to do more than pack and unpack it.
You don’t want to be caught barefoot in that, so you want to have a pair of shoes that you can quickly get to from anywhere in the house.
My favorite demolition tool, though, was my US Tape Truckman’s Axe with the fiberglass handle.
With my safety glasses on, I wedged the TF into a fork in a large oak tree so that it the handle would stick straight out, and I proceeded to hang from it and yank on it. Again, an actual hammer is better, but this thing works well enough that I’d be comfortable using it in a pinch.
Now, having chopped a bit with the Truckman’s Axe, I basically knew how this was going to go.
This is because a bushcraft hatchet is for processing wood, and a demolition axe is for taking things apart. It also works great as an emergency road trip tool that can be tossed in the spare tire well of a car, just in case disaster strikes while you’re on the road and you need to do some impromptu camping (or zombie killing). There is a major heat wave forecasted from the Midwest to the Eastern United States this holiday weekend.

I would take bath towels, soak them in water (preferably not what you plan to drink) water from a refrigerator, freezer, toilet tank on back of toilet or a  non potable source works. Other techniques in medieval Persia involved the use of cisterns and wind towers to cool buildings during the hot season.
The Derecho weather patterns that knocked out a lot of the electricity on the East coast and some of the midwestern areas of the country left hundreds of thousands of families without electricity in 100* + temperatures. I mainly just went through the basics mentioned above: prying, chopping, nail pulling, and overall toughness. For our advanced civilization we tend not to think of a heat wave as a big threat but what happens when your recently invented air conditioning unit breaks down, or there is a power outage?
Keep moving as the shade moves.  If you have a web type chair or lounger use it, but not solid plastic or other type material, it will only make you hot and sticky. Modern air conditioning emerged from advances in chemistry during the 19th century, and the first large-scale electrical air conditioning was invented and used in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier.
It’s nighttime now but power won’t return for another 16 to 24 hours due to a bad storm! There are major veins in your writsts, and this will cool the blood flowing through you quickly and efficiently. It also exceeds the recommended standard for hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and just about every other emergency. People keep food, water, and other items in an earthquake kit, and if you’re really smart you keep demolition tools and slip-on shoes scattered throughout the house in various rooms.

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