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Creating a survival preparation checklist and putting all the steps and supplies in place before a disaster strikes immediately sets you apart from the majority of people around you.
Creating a survival preparation checklist that is individual to your needs and family is the first step to increasing your chances of survival in an emergency situation and decreases the associated worries and stresses that will happen.
A deck of cards (waiting out a crisis situation is stressful and time will drag painfully slow.
When you make your checklist and start acquiring (and checking off) the needed supplies, plan for at least 3 days – but feel free to stockpile and make plans for a longer amount of time. The first 72 hours are critical, but historically, some disaster situations extend beyond 3 days and those who have prepared for at least 2 weeks without help or modern conveniences hold out much better than those who did nothing to prepare at all. You can prepare your home well ahead of any unpredictable crisis and you can also pack the trunk of your vehicle for any survival situations you could encounter when you are away from home. Prior Preparation Planner - $29.99Every day more and more responsibility is being placed on the individual for their own survival and well-being during an emergency situation. Prior Preparation Planner - $29.99Unfortunately there is little specific information available to assist in emergency planning and preparation. Prior Preparation Planner - $29.99Universal Survival Innovations designed this planner as a tool to help formulate your individual plan for surviving a life altering event regardless if that event is natural or man-made.
Prior Preparation Planner - $29.99Based on the knowledge and experience from experts in their fields, the USI Prior Preparation Planner is both current and applicable to todaya€™s global and local events. USI believes that Wilderness Survival is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the protection and well-being of individuals. From basic survival and urban evasion to communication disruptions and the human reactions to disasters, USI has developed this unique and easy to use reference manual to both prepare and protect yourself and your loved ones from what may come your way. Based on the knowledge and experience from experts in their fields, the USI Prior Preparation Planner is both current and applicable to today's global and local events. In today's fast paced mobile world, it is very difficult to dedicate the time necessary to attend a specific training program on location.
A program, in the USI vernacular, is the lesson, instruction and products which ensure the patron the best chance of returning from a survival situation.
Being properly trained is the key to success in any operation, from business to survival the training you receive is the basis for your success. I observe peoples equipment and preparation all the time and I read every magazine and article I run across on survival and prepping. An example of this is an article I read concerning fire construction where the a€?experta€? ended the article with the statement a€?be prepared to faila€?. So to compensate we begin to build redundancy in our equipment at the cost of weight and the possibility of physical fatigue. Ia€™m not saying that everyone, who wants to learn how to survive, needs to go through the painful and long training that I did but the type of training should be evaluated. All these come questions come into play when choosing the right training format or equipment. 1.In the US only the United States Air Force has a designated career field built around a€?Global Survivala€?.
5.Good Survival Instructors are very opinionated and grounded in what works and what doesna€™t. Once you have asked all the right questions and chosen your training facility or Instructor, go into the training with an open mind. Unless you enjoy looking for confrontation, which most do not, even if they have no problem defending their position, speaking out can be a task most avoid. The video on the next page covers that and other issues where a little realism would go a long way, ensuring you make it through a real survival situation. You saw heartbreak, devastation, confusion, panic, empty shelves in the stores and mile long (or more) lines of cars waiting (hoping) to buy vital supplies like food, water, gas, propane and more. The actual decisions an individual makes in regards to preparation or a real emergency is the sole responsibility of that person. Through years of training, research, and experience, USI designs courses around the needs of individuals, groups and organizations that may be in harm's way or need to better prepare for an uncertain future.
USI personnel understand that the complexities of a modern society and our dependency on its conveniences make all of us more susceptible to a life changing event. USI's answer to this issue is the Applied SERE Instruction and Security Training Video Series. The USI Team is particularly well equipped to develop these programs due to their history as technical experts and writers for the United States Air Force.

Our experts initiate and develop a relationship with your people so as to instruct them in the use of the equipment and the skills necessary for surviving in their operational environment. USI also designs and produces specialized survival kits for our clients based on our combined experience.
Video Series, all participants from single individuals to global corporations can be educated with convenience and continuity. Not really, as a Navy SEAL and friend once pointed out to me a€?Perfect Practice makes Perfecta€?. Unfortunately, in the survival world training can be the difference between life and death. I also watch different episodes on television and listen to the a€?expertsa€? who profess to have all the answers on what to do if you are isolated and living off the land. In both instances people tend to take short cuts, employ bad habits or listen to people who frankly are clueless. So there are many questions you should be asking before you get involved with buying equipment or attending training and the first one should be to yourself a€?why am I doing this.a€? Is it because of natural disasters and Ia€™m waiting for help? It may be that you only need some medical training from the local Red Cross or it could be that you need advanced survival training under tactical conditions.
All other courses and documents are based on information complied and researched by this SERE career field.
If thata€™s what you are looking for, a course which teaches you all the new toys or a course which trains you to live like a native then good. All of us have our built in paradigms on how something is to be done, but in this case try to put them aside and learn from scratch. It is for this reason that all individuals should have survival tips in readiness for a disaster. Together with home based supplies, come up with “bug-out” kit for should contain all you need in case of an emergency, have supplies you can use if disaster forces you to evacuate. After you are fully prepared, rotate some of the survival kit items, things like food and medics which expire should be rotated to avoid them going bad before the disaster time comes. In Iron Grip: Warlord, the nomadic civilization of Atelia is being swallowed by the massive Confederation.
To varying degrees, everyone involved is heavily invested, but many have an utterly unrealistic approach to what an actual survival situation will entail.
Although, on top of my being way more self sufficient than him, I’m still buying guns. Whether it is the Arctic, Open Ocean, Urban, Desert, Mountain or Forest the USI team can develop a program for you.
For someone like me with 33 years of experience in the field of isolated personnel recovery and survival this statement prophetic. We talk about the 5 a€?Psa€?; prior preparation prevents poor performance but maybe we should focus on 6 a€?Psa€? Prior proper preparation prevents poor performance. Whether it is an urban environment or field they all have one thing in common, they eventually give out information which will not work or will flat get you killed.
You just told the audience in a national survival magazine that they could fail to save their own lives? As a professional SERE Instructor we spend years researching and perfecting methods of self-preservation.
For six months of training in the art of survival myself and my team mates lit our cigarettes with a ferrocerium rod (then known as a metal match), lived out of a poncho or natural shelter, used only a canteen cup to collect and prepare food and had two knives; one straight and one folding. Is it because Ia€™m waiting for National upheaval or a meteor strike or am I just wanting to take care of myself if I fall down and get injured on a weeklong hike?
But regardless of the type of training you require you need to ask the facility you are training under what their credentials are. The only information which doesna€™t come from here is based on Native Americans, aboriginals and Mountain Men.
The best advertised knife in the world may fail and the most popular pack on the market may rip so you may NOT see your Instructor with the latest and greatest gear. Yes one must be scared during a survival scenario, but being prepared before the emergency helps you perform better. You should have contacts of security officials or lines you can contact in case the disaster happens. Ensure to live your life and avoid preparedness that trigger fear or teach paranoid measures.

It's a hopeless and tiresome battle; for every enemy Confederate that falls, five more takes their place. Specialists at USI may have written more a€?survivala€? programs than any group other than the Department of Defense. USI is unique in the fact that we do not borrow othera€™s information and then teach from it; we develop it. Whether it is caving, hiking through a jungle, or relaxing in your home in a€?tornado alleya€?, you can be confident that you are as prepared as anyone on the planet with a survival system designed for you specific needs. I had never thought about there being a€?Bada€? practices but there are and it answered a lot of questions which often haunted me. But if youa€™re looking to save your life remember that Natives dona€™t build a friction fire in the rain and batteries die in the heat and freeze in the cold. I understand the need for advertising, but ita€™s only designed to do one thinga€¦.sell something. For example, the instructor may have a giant Bowie for the entire world to see but it never comes out of its sheath, ask yourself why? Also remember that survival is just that SURVIVAL and skills which are not proven under adverse conditions are no skills at all, so everything you learn has to have gone through a litmus test not just created as a€?woodsy goods to knowa€?. Learn how far you stretch and create a survival plan specifically made for you and your family. Such experience will be obtained from camping outdoors during weekends and holidays more than what you will get from written materials. Your mobile phone will be of great help at this time, emergency alert systems also broadcast over the television. Outnumbered and forced to retreat into the heart of cities, a full-out urban warfare has begun that the Atelians will surely lose.
This has become very popular with USI clients due to the ever growing need for specific programs that target large organizations with travel limitations. USI cadre has written survival related programs for the DOD, Government Agencies, Private Companies, Public Schools and more. I cannot think of a situation, outside of not having any equipment or nothing to burn, where a fire cana€™t be built. So if you ask them their opinion on what the best piece of equipment is you may not get the answer you are expecting! Preparing for things that cannot happen in your area will only leave you confused when you faced with real happenings. The social media can also be another place of help but do not rely so much on it in time of emergency. As the vestiges of your world crumble and your morale sinks, the only hope for the future is you and your fellow warlords. Sleet, snow, horizontal rain, high winds, one hand, hypothermic these are all the times you need a fire. Whether it is urban survival, Surveillance detection, camouflage or trapping game it the principles are not followed then failure does. If you want to survive you have to use technology where it is best suited and primitive means where they are best suited.
A good instructor should never ask a student to do something he has not demonstrated with GREAT proficiency and with the same type of tools. Remember there are no special tactics, just perfected principles practiced over and over again. If your situation isna€™t life threatening then youa€™re building a camp fire, not an emergency fire. Someone who takes the protection of life seriously is not going to handle substandard equipment regardless of the profit margin. And, he's been around the block more than once literally having traveled the world by land - once on a motorcycle and again in a special SUV.

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