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There are many rifles chambered in the .308, so the choice of the rifle should be dictated by its intended use.
Whatever rifle you chose, make sure it is equipped with iron sights and practice using them. If you live in a rural or otherwise sparsely populated area where you can see and identify targets at more then 500 yards, a bolt action .308 rifle is recommended. Always remember to save 1 last round for every family member or other person that you care about. As a test, have a friend stand two football fields away and see if you could identify that person as friend or foe at 200 yards. Anyone who thinks they will be shooting people at ranges greater than 300 yards in a survival situation is a retard. The problem with your analysis is that when the end times comes America will be ruled by war lords.
This is great; or would have been great around, say, a year ago, when one could easily obtain M1As or Savage Scouts or M14-style magazines from retail or online gun stores in the US. This reads like someone at Exiled finally woke up and noticed the Great American Gun Rush of 2008-09, and decided to write up some five hundred words paraphrasing the terabytes’ worth of material that has been posted and published in the past decade on survival and firearms. The Mujahideen are also apparently fans of the design, and as known to (frequently) pass over AKs and SKSs in favour of a SMLE.
Of course if it is your family against the world you might as well just invest in some rope to hang yourselves.
As long as there is television and fast food to keep the mass populace off the streets, there will never be even a hint of a class war. I don’t see a Mad Max type future, though the it would be cool to watch fights in the Thunderdome. And yes, in a total collapse of society survival would depend more on which gang of thugs you join than what weapon you carry.
I’m going to assume that if the shit hits the fan ill get my hands on a government issued AK-47 clone. Or maybe some other survivalist shoots you in the back for wandering into *his* territory armed. This is one of those arguments (a long list) that can be argued all the way up to the limits of Godwin’s Law. Better still, being that most western Europe readers don’t have access to legal weapons. Actually, the best thing you can do to ensure your survival is anything in your power to help keep civilization from failing in the first place! I’d like to see the next article in this series be on forming and maintaining your own private militia.
When the shit hits the fan, the thing you MUST do IMMEDIATELY is to skip town and get into unpopulated area, far from cities and villages, probably in some forest. You’ll also have to build sort of a house in that forest once it all happens, so you need basic knowledge on how to do that. So all in all, you need to hide a huge amount of food, tools like an axe, some secondary stuff like toothbrush and cigarettes, seeds that you’ll plant, etc. You guys are completely overlooking one of the most useful survival calibers out there, the .22lr. Truth is, there isn’t any one caliber that will perform equally well in all scenarios. As sad as the article is, what I find even more so are the fantasy scenarios posed by the people here. Listen to the Radio War Nerd podcast [subscribe here] with guest Gunnar Hrafn Jonsson of Iceland Public Radio on the massacre in Orlando and how online Islamic State jihadis are dealing with battlefield defeats and the shrinking caliphate. Indonesia just executed two Australians by firing squad, putting a bit of a chill into bilateral relations. It may come tomorrow or 10 years from now, but its coming is as inevitable as your funeral. A lot has been written about earthquake survival kits, flood survival kits, tornado survival kits and the like.
The .308 is a very common round and will be available long after the factories that make it are reduced to smoldering, empty rubble.
It is accurate to 700 yards, has a fairly flat trajectory and has excellent stopping power. In most states, it’s not even legal to hunt deer with the .223, because too many deer are just wounded, rather than killed, by the small bullet.

For dense urban environments, a semi-automatic rifle with 16-18 inch barrel length is preferable.
A close-quarter battle optic like an Eotech maybe added, but keep in mind that it will require batteries, which do not last forever! This rifle should have an 18-20 inch barrel to assure accurate hits up to 800 yards away and a robust scope system. If you want real gun shopping advice there are millions of eschaton obsessed meat hunters whose opinions are based on experience killing animals with firearms rather than Russian gun porn and wikipedia. Of course, with a .308, you will need to save fewer if you can get them to line up in a straight line. A shotgun is an excellent weapon for home defense, and a machete is both intimidating and useful especially since it requires no ammunition. If there is a dystopic future depicted in cinema that seems like a possibility it is that of Children of Men. With the stuff that’s coming down the pipeline such as directed-energy weaponry, you can pack a shotgun that spits out chainsaws for all that matters. Otherwise, you probably want to hide … because flashing your rifle about around town will just result in some armed gang shooting you with *their* scoped rifles in order to steal it.
Some sort of authority is bound to assert itself rather quickly, so you should know how to recognize it and buddy up to it.
Beat up and kill people NOW, because when shit gets wild you will not have a chance to live the fantasy.
I’m getting me a mohawk, a pair of assless leather chaps and painting a skull on the hood of my Hummer. If you get caught, you must lead them into the trap instead of leading them to where your wife and children are. A broken car and a sexy chick who asks for help – get away from there as fast as you can. Silent enough to not give your position away when gathering meat for the table and also deadly accurate. In North America at least they are easy to get your hands on and there is a huge supply of ammo available. If anything like a nuke or bio warfare goes down were all fucked anyway, especially those in cities. This Liberal owns many guns and wouldn’t hesitate to shoot the brainwashed sheep that havent read a book in twenty years. The way you act and handle it is what makes it a weapon – even if it has no real bullets. Modern, Insane Cyberpunk Hair, futuristic fashion, cyber fashion, futuristic look, Shoes, Night, Day, Girl, Teen, woman, Man Fashion. The TV will go silent, the Internet will cease with a shudder, the police and army will vanish.
Those articles contain great information on how much and what kind of provisions and tools to store, but none of them cover the tools and supplies that will really matter: firepower. A sidearm can prove very valuable, as it can be easily concealed and operated one handed, but a sidearm is inferior to the rifle in most other scenarios.
Any local Walmart or Sportmart is likely to have crates of the .308 – just make sure getting additional ammo is on the top of your “shopping” list when the big day comes.
Some of you who know a thing or two about weapons may have read that the .223 is the best round for a modern rifle.
If you can’t reliably kill a deer, what chance do you have against a pack of desperate people? This will assure the rifle is easy to handle in confined spaces and still maintains a 300-500 yard effective range.
Besides,  over-equipping a rifle makes it heavy and without transportation you will have to move around on foot. Bolt action rifles are lighter then carbines, which is advantageous as there are greater distances to cover. Which is BS, because plenty of criminals stick up banks and commit other crimes with real guns. Any ideal defense plan would include making alliances with neighbors and having a wide assortment of weapons and ammunition available. And they hold all these revenge fantasies about guns and compounds and essentially rising to be overlord of some desert tribe.
By that I mean the depiction of a highly militarized police state with many parts of the wold descending into violence not the infertile women part.

It doesn’t matter much what weapon you have, just your willingness to use it and run with the pack. But to pretend these f*cking awesome guns are some sort of substitute for you being a citizen in a complex society made up of various types of govt and laws, however imperfect they may be, is stupid. You gotta buy it now, dig a hole somewhere in the forest, remember the exact spot and hide your junk in there. Everyone say’s buy gold but I can hand over a once of gold if I just want to buy water of food.
Lets face it, you’re not going to be doing a lot of hunting for four legged animals with it. Get a set of spare parts for the AR and at least a dozen good quality mags along with web gear. Hat, Cuff, Bracelet, Nail, futuristic boy, cyberpunk, cyber punk, cyber hair, future fashion. Whatever the reason, our civilization as we know it will cease to exist and will be replaced by a makeshift barter economy filled with lawlessness, disease and ravenous humanity. Yes, the most important tool you can have in this type of situation is an appropriate firearm and a big supply of ammo. You must imagine what will happen when the television tells you not to panic and then goes silent. There’s also a whole fuckload of them around that can be used for spare parts (since there was pretty much one built for every service-age man in the British Empire during WWII).
My grandfather still uses the same 308 rifle for moose hunting that he bought for $8 over fifty years ago. For all of the talk about stopping power, simply putting a hole in most people will persuade them to go seek medical attention asap.
Then at least a thousand rounds of good ammo like Black Hills or Hornaday 75 to 77 grain ammo. Steam, carapace, future, sexy, make up, futuristic, futurism, sci-fi, scifi, futuristic girl, futuristic style, futuristic fashion. Steam, carapace, future, sexy, futuristic, futurism, sci-fi, scifi, futuristic girl, futuristic style, futuristic fashion. If you chose wisely, and your luck holds, you will live, perhaps long enough to see order restored. The Springfield M1A is probably the best compromise between accuracy and reliability, but it is expensive, at over $1000. Its main distinction is a forward mounted scope, which allows the operator a wide field of view when not using the scope, and a quick transition to the scope when needed. As somebody else said, the most successful groups would probably be a blend of ex-military and police. Nothing against the 223 but people with little firearms experience will find it harder to make a clean kill with the 223 as opposed to the more powerful 308.
I live in a VERY rural area (on an island) and when the apocalypse comes goods will soon be cut off and we’ll be on our own, which is fine because we have a small population and enough resources to keep us fed. In a time of crisis, you have to be sure you rifle will protect you with any ammo you can get your hands on. The AR-10 is highly accurate but requires a lot of maintenance, making it suspect as a survival rifle operated without access to gun-smiths. Due to the forward placed scope, it can be used adequately in close-quarters, and also functions amazingly at long distances. The 223 is a great caliber but it requires more precision shooting (unless you have a fully auto model with a ton of ammo). I fear many people are in the same boat and when something happens we will be struggling to get our shit together. My simple plan is to slowly stockpile essentials at my rural cabin and try to get my family there as quick as i can. If it happens before 2012 i will not have much there but being a creature of the wilderness i know that we will survive as long as i have an axe.

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