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It all sounds almost unbearably familiar, but after a slightly slow start, Alien Outpost turns from a collection of disparate parts into its own movie. The special effects are low-key (which makes sense given the faux-documentary format) but well-crafted, thanks to first-time director Jabbar Raisani’s extensive background in computer animation, and the action sequences are surprisingly impressive in the editorial department. Character action and dragons seems to be the name of the game in Scalebound, the next title (and upcoming Xbox One release) from PlatinumGames.
Seems that we were able to destroy the invaders’ resources, which caused them to turn tail and head back home, but not before leaving thousands of soldiers behind. The interview segments present an intriguing story about a failed alien invasion, while the bulk of the movie is an enjoyably unironic wartime action flick in which each soldier gets one noteworthy personality thread, a few clever quips, and (probably) a heroic demise at the hands of gun-wielding terrorists or (eventually) the armor-plated aliens themselves. Once Alien Outpost gets down to the action, there are some pretty cool visual tricks to appreciate. The problem is DISTANCE – like the population at large, they seem to believe the threat is over, because they are so far from it, that it seems neither real, nor important. Putting up a tarp or tent is quicker than building a weatherproof shelter from natural materials. The characters are all very solid, with all of the bravado, skill and fear of all soldiers fighting on front lines anywhere. Emptying a pack of pasta into boiling water is quicker than locating and digging up starch-filled roots.When we head out for the day, however, we often give much less consideration to our kit.
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The important point is that you think about it.So, what other items might you consider for your day pack?

In addition to writing this blog Paul owns and runs Frontier Bushcraft, a wilderness bushcraft school, offering bushcraft courses and wilderness expeditions.Latest posts by Paul Kirtley (see all) Do Tarps Keep You Dry In The Rain?
It’s useful during a day hike or whatever to sit on simply for a bit of comfort, to keep the seat of your trousers dry but also, importantly as insulation from the ground or whatever you are sitting on. Some specifics I take are my firelighting kit, which always includes dry birch bark (in the South Of England you can’t always find birch trees) and char cloth. It also has a useful integral LED torch which hardly consumes any power.If I need a stove, I choose the BioLite camp stove. Yes it weighs a full kilo, but I can get it lit with just whatever twigs I find wherever I am, and boil water very quickly indeed (under 5 minutes). Having had to spend the night out in the woods after a leg injury while shooting I know the importance of a few extra pieces of kit. I think for anyone not used to spending time in the outdoors this is a great set up and a good start point for everyone. Personally I carry much less bulk as space and weight is at a premium when out all day crawling and being quite. One thing I believe is very important that regularly is overlooked is the importance of a good set of gloves that protect your hands from cuts, grazes and some thorns. Protecting your hands in my opinion is quite important when in a situation where you’re relying on them to build a shelter, make fire, tie cordage etc. Below is the kit I carried in my pockets at the time Waterproof lighter with some rubber strip’s, if its dark and wet when it goes pear shaped I don’t want to messing around trying to prepare tinder.
What I would say, though, is that you’ll never get it back into the same size packet once opened.

One thing I approach a little differently is to keep my wallet and keys in my pocket so that I always have them even if I lose my pack due to river crossing gone awry, bear attack, or it rolling down a mountain due to poor placement on a lunch break. My wallet is in a zippered pocket, and my keys are attached with a lanyard cord to a belt loop.
Then, I have a plastic pealess whistle and coin cell light on the key ring along with a tiny Swiss Army knife.
I think I read somewhere that you had focused on ultralight backpacking for a while, and I wondered if you had maybe tried lighter options like trail runners with minimal soles? Wet feet are not too much of a problem with wool socks and a drying my feet out at night, but that combined with the bruising of rocks on my soles and abrasion due to sand and dirt combine to make me consider alternatives.
Contrary to common boot wisdom, I actually find it easier to avoid sprained ankles in the shoes because I can feel what’s underfoot and adjust quickly enough to avoid a sprain. Having had the skin come right off my heels after becoming softened by being wet for several days, this is a condition I seek to avoid at all costs. I understand the argument about lighter more nimble footwear not causing the same trouble to wet feet as heavier more rigid boots.
A couple of pieces have changed in the three years since I wrote the article but the rationale is still the same.I have various multi-day trip reports and kit-lists in the offing.

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