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An essential item for ANY outdoor outing and certainly in every Survival Kit and Bug Out Bag is a good quality Poncho.
I like for items in my pack to be multi-use items – meaning they can be used for more than 1 purpose. If you are using any of these shelters and are expecting rain you will want to tie a knot with paracord around the hood to prevent water from leaking inside.

Having used the GI poncho quite a bit when I was a cav scout and had to pack light I have an idea of the good and bad of that gear. The liner isn't perfect, but with modifications for a head hole one can set-up the liner so that you can wear the poncho with the liner inside, works as an extra layer in cold weather, works well during a halt while on a road march when your body temperature starts to drop, just as one example.
I recently bought a mililtary poncho and was wondering about the best way to use it as a shelter.

These are typically constructed of a nice quality rip-stop nylon material that not only makes them water proof but very durable.

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