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March 19, 2015 by Tiffany Davis Leave a Comment The Survival Savvy Family Book arrived in my mail box with much anticipation. First things first – the book is the perfect size to pop in my purse and cart around with me. The book completes with an awesome resource list with websites, gear, blogs and more that can help you continue your education. I have spent several years in and around the prepping community and I finished this book with new information.
Please know that any advice or information I share on this blog is purely informational and should be implemented at your own discretion. Imperfectly Happy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. These sponsor and affiliate links supplement our one-income household so I can continue to bring you this blog.
The book covers the various aspects of preparedness, such as creating a family emergency plan, getting ready for natural disasters, financial readiness, first aid, fire safety and much more.
The Survival Savvy Family is an ideal book for a Dad or Mom who wants to become more prepared for disasters, whether large or small. Disclosure: This is a professional review site that sometimes receives free merchandise from the companies whose products we review and recommend.
Homestead DreamerWorking toward a more self sufficient life and trying to be prepared for the unknown. With all the media attention to being prepared for emergencies: whether natural or man-made, many people are looking for ways they can survive large or small scale disasters. I personally cannot stand sites or literature that preys upon people’s fears and imagination. What would I have fed the kids if we wee stuck on the Atlanta interstate for ten hours like thousands were during a winter storm? All content on this site is subject to copyright law and cannot be reproduced in part or in its entirety without express permission from me. Each chapter has actionable items and clearly explains the reasoning behind her suggestions. What would I have fed the kids if we were stuck on the Atlanta interstate for ten hours like thousands were during a winter storm?
What you should prepare for and how to create your plan are the main topics in this chapter.
The end of the chapter has a template you can use to start formulating your own Family Emergency Plan.
Emergency Kits, Go-Bag, Bug-Out Bags, GOD Bags – there are all kinds of names for the same thing. This chapter in The Survival Savvy Family talks about how to build one for each member of your family. Have you thought about what your child’s bag should include and shouldn’t include?
The chapter concludes with a nifty checklist that you can use to begin building your own Emergency Kit. You are fairly well-versed on building a pantry if you’ve spent any time in prepping or suburban homesteading circles. There’s even a checklist of non-food essentials that you should make sure are in your pantry. One of my biggest fears as a parent is having a medical emergency involving one of my children and not being to act on it.
In addition to the skill sets, Julie provides a great checklist for building your Home First Aid Kit and a great template for adding medical history to your Family Emergency Plan. Other topics such as insurance, wills and creating a Grab-And-Go Binder are discussed in this chapter. What is the one situation that each of us is almost guaranteed to encounter in our lifetime – regardless of geographic location, age, economic status or social standing? In this chapter of The Survival Savvy Family, Julie does a good job of how to get prepared for a loss of power. As always, there’s a great checklist for making a Power Outage Kit at the end of the chapter. I’m embarrassed to admit that I got a song from the Clash (Should I Stay Or Should I Go?) stuck in my head when I started reading this chapter! Surviving and handling tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, floods, severe thunderstorms and snowstorms are all covered in this chapter of The Survival Savvy Family.
House fires are more common than you might realize and most people aren’t ready for them.
Julie spends a good amount of time talking about door locks, windows, garage doors and sliding glass doors in this chapter. Personal safety is always a tough topic to discuss because most people want to believe that they are aware of their surroundings. Situational awareness is a topic that is talked about a lot in this chapter as well as ways to defend yourself – both with a weapon and without.
The final chapter of The Survival Savvy Family is all about your most precious asset – your children. Abduction prevention, online safety, firearm safety and bullying are all topics Julie is not afraid to broach.
While it’s not a dyed-in-the-wool survival topic, this chapter may be the most important chapter for many of us.

What she does in this book is provide rock-solid suggestion in a progressive, mature manner. Progression: While she never stated it, I feel like Julie presented the chapters in a natural progression which allows the reader to us this book as a guide to preparedness.
I mentioned that The Survival Savvy Family is not Earth-shattering but it is chock-full of knowledge. Overall, I think The Survival Savvy Family: How To Be Your Best During The Absolute Worst by Julie Sczerbinski is a must have for your long-term survival library. I am 100% certain we all have had similar thoughts at one time or another but then, upon reflection, saw the light. That is because being prepared means that we will survive should a disaster come knocking on our doorstep. With that introduction, I would like to present this week’s entry in the Backdoor Survival Prepper Book Festival is The Survival Savvy Family: How to Be Your Best During the Absolute Worst by Julie Sczerbinski. What would I have fed the kids if we were stuck on the Atlanta interstate for 10 hours like thousands were during a winter storm? Right from the get-go she poses family discussion questions that once answered, will formulate the basis for that plan. There are tons of worksheets, checklists, what Julie calls “Be Ready Quick Tips” that contain useful information on all sorts of topics you may not thought of. Julie has set aside a copy of her book for one lucky reader but first, enjoy the interview and learn a bit more about Julie, the person, and of course, her book.
In it, you’ll find information on topics such as, food and water storage, medical and financial readiness, how to be ready away from home, natural disasters, house fires, home invasions, and even how to keep your children safe in the neighborhood, at school and online. There are templates and checklists throughout the book to make the planning process less overwhelming. I believe it’s a perfect book for new families, families who are just getting started on their emergency plans or for someone who resists becoming prepared because they have the image of a “doomsday prepper” in mind. Everything from interviewing suburban moms about their concerns to consulting government and national organizations, like the National Fire Prevention Association, to drawing from my own personal experiences.
Living ready for an emergencies, big or small, is a wise idea and there is a way to plan for them without feeling overwhelmed. I’ve been described as “mainstream” by other preparedness bloggers and I think that’s because I fit in to the mold of average suburban mom. I’m a Super Target-shopping, Starbucks-drinking, Coach purse-carrying mom of two kids who attend public school. My family lives in the suburbs of Charlotte, NC and our weekends are usually spent at various soccer fields around the city.
After our “awakening” and our decision to live more self-sufficiently, we purchased a small cabin on 13 acres in Virginia mountains.
It’s a great place to learn back-to-basics skills and we are slowly turning it into a permaculture homestead.
I think the world is changing and the future holds real challenges like reduced resources, increased natural disasters, failing economies, etc. I believe the best strategy for facing these challenges is becoming as self-sufficient, or self-reliant, as possible. By doing so, I hope give my family with the best chance for a safe, healthy and prosperous future. Just like I begin in the book, I would start with the actual tangible family emergency plan. Discuss the different emergencies and write down what actions you need to take, what supplies you need and what skills you need to deal with them. What book or movie, fiction or non-fiction, do you think gives the best portrayal of what could happen?
I’d just like to encourage anyone who is thinking about getting started creating a family emergency plan to get started. Yes, most of the disasters are low probability events, but all of them are high impact events. Taking the steps to plan ahead and be ready is the responsible thing to do—especially when you have little ones depending on you. Here is the part you have been waiting for because I know you are going to want to have a copy of the print version of Julie’s book. The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific next Tuesday with the winner notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.
Please note that the winner must claim their book within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected. The Survival Savvy Family is a book about family preparedness with a heavy emphasis on families with children. There is no doomsday and no fear-mongering; just common sense information that is presented in a conversational manner. Whether you are just starting to prepare or an old pro, you will find little gems in this book that will help you along the way. You can rest assured that this transaction is secured by the same 256 bit encrypted methods that big sites like Amazon, E-bay and the major banks use. Survival –  continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstance.
Survival Savvy Family – Parents and children, knowledgeable about the realities of life, and thriving despite difficult circumstances  – Your family after reading this book! I had the opportunity to read a new book this week, The Survival Savvy Family, by my friend Julie Sczerbinski.

Smart, upbeat and direct, Survival Savvy Family helps you to be your best during the absolute worst.
I like that the author also goes a step further by discussing issues that concern many families such as cyber-bullying, keeping kids safe from online predators, dealing with emergencies during vacations etc. It will get you started in an organized fashion, offering lots of checklists and quick tips. Even something as simple as losing a job or unexpected medical situation can be considered a disaster!
I know when we started our journey to being more self-reliant and sustainable, it was extremely overwhelming and I found myself frustrated more often than not. Having to try and figure out game plans for all of the levels of preparedness on my own, I couldn’t believe how thorough Julie had gotten. Especially those that get you all worked up with the intent of selling you something you don’t need.
This chapter in The Survival Savvy Family has helped alleviate some of those fears by showing me ways to prevent it. All areas are covered including lighting, cooking, temperature management and choosing a backup power source. She also describes how to fight them if they pop up and how to escape from them if they get out of control. The pros and cons of each are discussed and ideas on burglar-proofing them are also presented. The straightforward approach and progressive chapters build quite the family plan for preparedness. The winners will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is drawn. In the Survival Savvy Family, Julie writes about family preparedness with a heavy emphasis on the family emergency plan.
Do you want to be caught in a crisis situation with your children, thinking “if only I had planned for this.” ? This completes the security of your payment information from A to Z keeping your private information secured and private all the way through the transaction. Julie is the creator of the blog Home Ready Home and she writes about preparedness, food storage and gardening.
At no additional charge to you, I receive a small commission whenever a product is purchased through these links. In short, the book covers topics that are not normally discussed in a typical survival book, but can help families avoid everyday disasters. Almost everyone thinks about the financial and food aspect of being prepared and surviving a disaster but unless you are mired into the lifestyle of prepping, survivalism, or homesteading, there are many things the average person would miss out. Not with this book! Instead, it covers fires, home invasions, storms, and the decision to stay in place or get out to a safer location. This is different than curating an article which is welcome so long as no more than 30% of the original article is quoted and a link back to the original article included. I, however, enjoy survival based books which present clear, concise information without fear mongering. She then goes into ways to build your medical skill set – including how to teach your kids to handle medical emergencies. For instance, the Home Invasion and Personal Safety chapters are both kind of weak on what to do if something happens. Following her suggestions and plans will result in a family that is ready to weather any storm. You can confirm this by looking at the top left of your browser in the menu bar – where you will see the GREEN lock.
Just think, in 13 weeks your family will be prepared to meet any accident, ordeal or difficult circumstance and be savvy about it. You don’t have to be a doomsday prepper or a hardcore survivalist to appreciate the information and know that it is viable skills that we can and should obtain. It conveys its message about the need to be prepared without being overwhelming, and without spreading any doomsday apocalypse fears. I had to make my own path and struggle through many trials and errors but thanks to this book, YOU don’t have to!
Residents of other countries may enter but will be responsible for paying the shipping cost. You will like reading The Survival Savvy Family: it is written in a conversational tone, has an attractive cover and is well organized. Even for someone who thought she had a pretty good grasp on preparedness, I learned where I needed to improve and which areas I could leave on maintenance mode.
The book is already over 200 pages (remember, it is a physically smaller book than normal), so perhaps Julie was limited in her ability to add more depth while still covering the topics she wanted to cover.
They will get your over the hump and moving towards preparedness much faster than the information alone. It has all the worksheets, checklists and detailed directions that your family needs during an emergency. Also, there are check lists and step by step instructions on how to handle different situations you may find yourself in.

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