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You can therefore spiflicate somebody by dumbfounding or confounding them: by, for example, using the word spiflicate. Right, the Inky Fool is now on Facebook, and socially networking and all that sort of electronically-amicable jazz. Just go to the book of faces and search for Inky Fool, or follow this link (which may work).
In the meantime, I shall tell you that the side of a book directly opposite the spine is called, by bookbinders, the face; and that face comes from the same Latin source as superficial. The one fault that I would find with the article is that it repeats the old canard that e-mail and the Internet are killing prose, that constant reading and writing have debased the art of writing by rendering it common and workaday.
The last ten years have been a decade of prose: the first really prosaic decade since the manufacture of the radio.
As Stephen Jay Gould once remarked, it doesn't matter how wonderfully developed a fish is, if all the oceans dry up it will die. He's addled, in his airs, affected, casting up his accounts, biggy, bewitched, black and black, bowzed, boozy, been at Barbadoes, been watering the brook, drunk as a wheelbarrow, bothered, burdocked, bosky, busky, buzzy, has sold a march in the brewer, has a head full of bees, has been in the bibing plot, has drunk more than he has bled, is bungy, has been playing beggar-my-neighbour*, drunk as a beggar, sees the beams, has kissed black Betty**, has had a thump over the head with Samson's jaw-bone, has been at war with his brains, is bridgy, has been catching the cat, is cogniaid, capable, cramped, cherubimical, cherry merry, wamble croft, cracked, half way to Concord, canonized, has taken a chirping glass, got corns in his head, got a cup too much, coguay, cupsy, has heated his copper, is in crocus, catched, cuts capers, has been in the cellar, been in the sun, is in his cups, above the clouds, is non compos, cocked, curved, cut, chippered, chickenny, has loaded his cart, been too free with the creature. That last phrase can't have anything to do with being on the wagon, which only popped up in the twentieth century. Have a look at this paragraph from the opening chapter of the 1939 novel Gadsby by Ernest Vincent Wright, and see if you can tell what's odd about it.
I was having a drink the other night with a girl who used to work for Bloomberg, the famous mayor manufacturer.
And if you, mocking reader, cannot work ludibrious into a sentence over the next week you are not having Nearly Enough Fun. Pubs used to be full of pictures like this one, which I found in The Plough on Little Russell Street. It's so damned handy that I've installed it as a permanent widget on the right of the blog. Syscap chief executive, Philip White, said: "HMRC has been gradually making it harder to access its Time to Pay scheme, which has been a lifeline for cash-strapped businesses over the past two years.
Being strapped for cash does not, dear mucky-minded reader, mean that you are selling your body in some dingy S&M club.
Scientists may disagree about the mechanism of evolution, but all agree evolution is a fact. Oscillating universe: our current universe is the latest in an infinite series of oscillating universes. The multiverse: we exist because our universe was naturally selected from an infinite number of unobservable universes.
Publishing radioactive dates without the error bars, and with anomalous results thrown out. Welcome to the new world of Magic: The Gathering!Elves live in a world of unforgiving perfection. This puzzle was designed to be fun, but make no mistake, for some it will prove to be challenging.
I dont know I dont know what to do i read the directions over and over.I am better at math. Cryptograms are a type of puzzle where letters in a sentence or paragraph are represented by other letters. For any mathmos out there, the paradox on the top right only works for shapes made out of Fibonacci numbers.

If I've got this right (and the good Lord knows that I may not) you can now like the Inky Fool, and then all the latest arcana and erudition will show up in your news feed, which must be lovely. When I was a child, back in the 1980s, communication was by telephone and entertainment was obtained from the goggle-box. The crappiest lounge-bar pianist will have more appreciation of a virtuoso than somebody who has never touched a piano. People spend all day every day sending e-mails and each e-mail has a purpose: deal-clinching, informing, party-organising, raise-demanding, joke-telling, introduction and seduction. When we think of the adjective fit we are inclined to think of someone in jogging shorts and other such hideousness. Similarly, Darwin couldn't have cared less whether a Galapagos turtle could run fast, only that it was well suited to its environment.
Nobody is quite sure why fiddles are fit, although it is certain that the older sense was being used. Not only did he write a learned tract called Fart Proudly, he also produced, in his memoirs, a Drinker's Dictionary which contains over two hundred synonyms for being drunk.
Sir Richard has taken off his considering cap, he's chopfallen, candid, disguised, got a dish, has killed a dog, has taken his drops. The OED seems to think that the word can mean mocking as well as mockable, but their citations are not very convincing, in fact I think they're ludibrious.
It's terribly good fun so far but I have been troubled, dear reader, sorely troubled by prices. It's only thirty-five years since Wilt was published, but inflation is such that I can make neither tail nor head of these (terribly important) details. People are always described as having an income of so many hundred or thousand a year, and the girls go wild (or don't); but the modern reader is left scratching his head and furrowing his brow and wondering whether to go down to the library with a slide-rule and work everything out in compound inflation.
I'm afraid that I couldn't find one that would go straight to dollars and all those other funny foreign currencies that don't have a picture of the Queen on them and are therefore worthless. The general point is that Mr Darcy is even richer than I am, and it's no surprise that Miss Bennett fell in love with him. Strapping young men is a different proposition, and you should probably stop before you are caught. Bruce Lee is widely considered to be one of the most influential martial artists of the last century. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. It is survival of the fittest—and none but the most beautiful and deadly are allowed to survive. They have been used to encrypt data, write codes, and have had many other uses throughout history. The steps I describe can be used to help prevent any future engineering failures that may worry you.
Imagine, if you will, that I am there in the room with you, brandishing a harpoon and with your loved ones trussed up in a corner telling you to click on the link.
There also used to be a phrase as fine as a farthing fiddle, which makes more sense and is more fun to pronounce.
Gadsby is 50,000 words long and the fifth letter of the alphabet makes not a single, solitary appearance. Pictures like these are being ripped down and replaced with chrome radiators and funky Ecuadorian carvings and ironic bits from converted churches, so this minor and meagre art-form will be lost forever unless Something is Done.

That loan is a metaphorical strap onto which you can hang above the oceans of insolvency.
Up to this day he is considered as a legend and his philosophy continues to live through the martial art that he created Jeet Kune Do and through his writing. So when an elf warrior's horns are shattered and his flawless features lost, he knows it is a death sentence. He's a dead man, has dipped his bill, sees double, is disfigured, has seen the devil, is prince Eugene, has entered, buttered both eyes, is cock-eyed, has got the pole evil, has got a brass eye, has made an example, has ate a toad and a half for breakfast, is in his element, is fishy, foxed, fuddled, soon fuddled, frozen, will have frogs for supper, is well in front, is getting forward in the world, owes no man money, fears no man, is crump fooled, has been to France, is flushed, has frozen his mouth, is fettered, has been to a funeral, has his flag out, is fuzzled, has spoken with his friend, been at an Indian feast, is glad, grabable, great-headed, glazed, generous, has boozed the gage, is as dizzy as a goose, has been before George, got the gout, got a kick in the guts, been at Geneva, is globular, has got the glanders, is on the go, a gone man, has been to see Robin Goodfellow, is half and half, half seas over, hardy, top heavy, has got by the head, makes head way, is hiddey, has got on his little hat, is hammerish, loose in the hilt, knows not the way home, is haunted by evil spirits, has taken Hippocrates grand Elixir, is intoxicated, jolly, jagged, jambled, jocular, juicy, going to Jericho, an indirect man, going to Jamaica, going to Jerusalem, is a king, clips the King's English, has seen the French king. The usual Latin phrase is Mors janua vitae, meaning Death is the gate to [everlasting] life. Each fact is an island, and they must remain in Gradgrindian lines and not use connectors to cancel each other out.
The strap in cash-strapped is a strap, but it is being used for safety reasons, not sensual ones.
Henry Wilt himself earns £3,500 a year and his wife secretly spends seventy pounds on clothes and the starter in a restaurant costs 95p. Powerful and ancient magic is at work, and the elf will need to find friends fast before his fellow elves quiet him—permanently. A fixation on the difference between apposite and relative clauses suddenly became a social advantage; an apt colon was no longer the preserve of sodomites. He'll soon keel upward, he's in his liquor, lordly, light, lappy, limber, lopsided, makes indentures with his legs, is well to live, sees two moons, is merry, middling, muddled, moon-eyed, maudlin, mountainous, muddy, mellow, has seen a flock of moons, has raised his monuments, has eaten cacao nuts, is nimtopsical, has got the night mare, has been nonsuited, is super nonsensical, in a state of nature, nonplussed, oiled, has ate opium, has smelt an onion, is an oxycrocum***, is overset, overcome, out of sorts, on the paymaster's books, drank his last halfpenny, is as good conditioned as a puppy, is pigeon eyed, pungy, priddy, pushing on, has salt in his headban, has been among the Philistines, is in prosperity, is friends with Philip, contending with Pharaoh, has painted his nose, wasted his punch, learned politeness, eat the pudding-bag, eat too much pumpkin, is full of piety, is rocky, raddled, rich, religious, ragged, raised, has lost his rudder, has been to far with Sir Richard, is like a rat in trouble, is stitched, seafaring, in the suds, strong, as drunk as David's sow, swamped, his skin is full, steady, stiff, burnt his shoulder, has got out his top-gallant sails, seen the dog-star, is stiff as a ringbolt. He studied writing at Johns Hopkins and the University of Washington, and has since written ten Magic: The Gathering novels (eight on his own, two with help) and a bunch of short stories.
Van Gogh, who was a big Dickens fan and moved to London a few years after the novelist's death, loved the picture. A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.#3.
That's why Van Gogh did all those paintings of empty chairs and empty beds, because the furniture implies the absent person. He carries too much sail, will soon out studding sails, is stewed, stubbed, soaked, soft, has made too free with Sir John Strawberry, right before the wind, all sails out, has pawned his senses, plays parrot, has made shift of his shirt, shines like a blanket, has been paying for a sign, is toped, tongue-tied, tanned, tipsicum grave, double tongued, tospey turvey, tipsy, thawed, trammulled, transported, has swallowed a tavern token, makes Virginia fame, has got the Indian vapours, is pot valiant, in love with varany, wise, has a wet soul, has been to the salt water, in search of eye water, is in the way to be weaned, out of the way, water soaked, wise or otherwise, can walk the line, The wind is west with him. If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. Learning is never cumulative, it is a movement of knowing which has no beginning and no end.#11.
I like to share valuable insights, tips and tricks that teach people how to be more successful. My brother who’s hands are registered swore by Bruce lee watch every film practice between training both physically and mentally. I am a great Bruce Lee fan as well.Is it properly to ask you if in case I decide to write an article with quotes from famous people as Bruce Lee, do I need a permission? The images are subject to copyright though.ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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