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Nobody really grows up saying, ‘I want to be a real estate agent,’” said Fanny Montalvo, managing director of sales at residential brokerage A.C. This, of course, has been one of the central narratives of the real estate boom-and-bust: the surge of inexperienced agents profiting off quick-selling properties, followed by a reorganization of the industry that flushed out newer and less-skilled agents.
This month, The Real Deal took a closer look at this oft-repeated truism, examining the state of New York City’s real estate labor force. Data shows that during the downturn, the number of agents (technically called salespeople, agents are the lowest rung on the real estate sales ladder) fell sharply.
Now, rookies have begun returning to real estate, but this time around, they are having a much harder time making money, while seasoned brokers continue to reap the biggest rewards. And while compensation is more volatile in the real estate business than it is in other industries, employment in the industry fell less during the recession than in New York City as a whole. Overall, the result of the recent boom-and-bust has been that “the rich got richer and the poor got poorer,” said Chris Peters, director of sales at Prudential Douglas Elliman. There are now some 25,673 licensed real estate professionals in New York City, according to figures from the New York State Department of State, which handles licensing.
To become a licensed real estate salesperson in New York State, individuals must take a 75-hour training course.
A broker’s license is required to open a brokerage, and it can also communicate prestige or knowledge, but it doesn’t entitle someone to a higher commission split or more earnings than a salesperson. In recent years, the number of agents has fluctuated far more wildly than the number of brokers, suggesting that brokers hung on to their positions in the real estate business, while agents fled the industry. During the financial crisis, the number of agents plummeted, falling nearly 30 percent from 16,928 in 2007 to 11,947 in 2009. In comparison, the number of brokers fell only 3.2 percent between 2007 and 2009, from 12,715 to 12,309, and has stayed in the same ballpark since. The number of agents has started climbing again, increasing 7.6 percent between 2010 and 2011, though there are still notably fewer than before the crash.
And, enrollment at the New York Real Estate Institute in early 2012 was up 12 percent over the same period the previous year, according to the real estate school’s marketing manager, Marina Tokar.
On the residential side, the number of licensed real estate agents and brokers dwarfs the number of transactions occurring. Not only did agents leave the industry, but the ones who stayed made significantly less money than their broker counterparts — and have not bounced back as readily, even in a recovering market. Between May 2007 and May 2010, the most recent figures available, average earnings for brokers in the New York City metropolitan area grew more than 9 percent, from $128,850 to $140,810, according to the U.S.
It’s counterintuitive that anyone’s earnings would increase with the market in a tailspin, but industry experts said because of the hurdles of selling a home during the downturn, clients placed a premium on brokers’ experience and their expertise.
Plus, with so many leaving the industry, the remaining brokers benefited from a relative lack of competition.
Cathy Taub, an executive vice president at Stribling & Associates, got her associate broker’s license in 2002. Meanwhile, the so-called armchair agents, who were used to selling homes with little effort, floundered in a tougher market, insiders said. The brokerages themselves may be partly to blame for the widening gulf in income between brokers and agents, sources said, as some firms focused on filling desks during the boom, without properly vetting newcomers’ abilities. On the residential rental side, veterans benefited from enduring relationships with building owners, which gave them the ability to “control the listings,” said Douglas Wagner, executive director of leasing at Bond New York. The real estate industry as a whole accounts for a relatively small slice of New York City’s labor pool, but it can be particularly susceptible to outside economic factors, economists said. As of this past December, 117,500 people worked in real estate in New York City, up from a six-year low of 114,600 in January 2011, according to the federal labor statistics, which count commercial and residential brokers, landlords and others in the tally. Home purchases can be deferred when economic times get tough, unlike grocery shopping or car repairs. But unlike other professions, a drop in sales doesn’t necessarily spell layoffs in real estate, because most brokers and agents are independent contractors, not employees.
New York City real estate has also fared better than real estate nationwide, in terms of sales, prices and its job market.
That is partly thanks to the high number of rental transactions in the city, compared to the rest of the country, experts said.
All rights reserved © 2016 The Real Deal is a registered Trademark of Korangy Publishing Inc. I do not insist that others accept my opinions about various concepts of biological evolution, before we can communicate about modern pterosaurs. A key concept in my EB mathematical simulation is that a clear understanding of the possibility (or impossibility) of molecules-to-man evolution can come from the careful use of math and the detailed examination of what must occur for macro-evolution to take place. Getting back to the three basic changes, #3 is far less likely to occur than either #1 or #2. Natural selection, applied to this, eventually results in extreme dominance of the #1 types in the overall population. Take another case: As planetary travelers, we find a planet that appears capable of supporting life, but none lives there. At about the time of Darwin, many scientists probably believed dinosaurs and pterosaurs were primitive creatures that became extinct long ago because they did not have the survival qualities needed to continue into the present.

What would we expect if all of the countless forms of pterosaurs lived on this earth many millions of years ago? Some skeptics of living-pterosaur investigations (including searches for the ropen), well quite a few of the skeptics, have dismissed our work because they assume that our religious bias makes us incapable of objective scientific investigation. The third edition of the nonfiction book  “Live Pterosaurs in America” proves this is  not a mystery confined to remote tropical  rain forests in Papua New Guinea.
Lucy Evelyn CheesmanCheesman observed strange flying lights on the mainland of New Guinea, probably related to the ropen lights of Umboi Island. Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea (ebook)This digital pdf-book, about living pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea, is now absolutely FREE---Get the astonishing news here, the big picture, far better than getting bits and pieces from searching hundreds of internet sites. Finschhafen Harbor PNGA few miles inland from this harbor, in 1944 Duane Hodgkinson observed a huge "pterodactyl" with a tail "at least" ten or fifteen feet long.
Hodgkinson-HennessyCompare the head silhouettes chosen by Hennessy (top) and Hodgkinson (bottom), for the flying creatures that the two eyewitnesses independently observed in New Guinea.
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Quake Champions is set to be a Windows PC exclusive and is slated to go into closed beta sometime in 2017. Category: Gaming, NewsSquare Enix Confirms November Release for FFXVBy Sam Hawes on 15 Aug 2016After a weekend of speculation the publisher has confirmed a two month delay on Final Fantasy 15. Controversial Hearthstone Card Removed Before Official Release Players have already taken a disliking to the new upcoming cards. Valve Reveal Monkey King at TI6 The first official hero to be added to Dota 2 will be coming in the Fall Update. New advances in IVF technology are promising hopeful mothers a chance of pregnancy without the risk of multiple births and health defects.
At the Reproductive Science Center in the San Francisco Bay area, the percentage of elective single-embryo transfers has doubled from 2009 to 2010, to 30.5per cent of 593 cycles - about double the national average for single-embryo transfers.
Industry guidelines recommend either way that no more than two to five be put in per IVF cycle, depending on the recipients age and condition.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. During the same time period, however, the number of brokers — who have more experience and training than agents — held steady and, in some years, increased.
Licensed brokers must have two years of experience as a salesperson or three years of experience in the industry, and take an additional 45 hours of training.
Top residential producers John Burger of Brown Harris Stevens, Carrie Chiang of Corcoran and Raphael De Niro of Prudential Douglas Elliman, for example, are all associate brokers; that means they have the extra training but are not the sponsoring brokers, or brokers of record, for their firms. That’s partially because, as The Real Deal has reported, the industry is now seeing an influx of people who have been laid off from other jobs. In the last year, employment in the New York City commercial and residential real estate industries has been growing at a modest 1 percent, said Jason Bram, a Manhattan-based senior economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, citing state labor department figures. There were 13,815 licensed brokers and agents in Manhattan in 2011, but only 10,161 sales of co-ops and condos in the borough, according to appraisal firm Miller Samuel.
Real estate professionals are “not like auto mechanics, where the demand for their services is much more inelastic,” said James Brown, a labor market analyst with the state Department of Labor. Instead, “what happens is real estate brokers get paid less,” the New York Fed’s Bram said.
Not only has the rental market taken off, but rental transactions lend themselves to newbie agents, while experts can fall back on them if they need to, sources said.
Clear thinking we need, without fear, allowing us to discover both truth and error in whatever camp we find ourselves, entrenched or visiting, at the moment. The book does not dig deeply into the conflict between literal interpretations of Genesis and strict naturalism philosophy; in fact it says little about evolution.
Indeed, such a course is far more likely to reveal the truth about life origins than a vague imagining of countless changes in vast periods of time before humans existed on this planet. Survival of the fittest (natural selection) and macro-evolutionary potential (or lack thereof) can be seen in more than just this simulation.
We sprinkle the planet with countless trillions of microscopic organisms, then return after many millions of years of absence.
They were put here, and preserved, by God, with all the care necessary for their continuation. We now agree that great destructive forces caused many living things to die long ago, although a variety or origin philosophies and belief systems cause divergent opinions about when and why destruction occurred. What would we expect if all pterosaurs were put here by God, just a few thousand years ago? Look at textbooks of Western biology and paleontology: Universal extinction of all their species is taken for granted.
Ropens  continue to shock eyewitnesses around the  world, including many common persons in  the United States of America.

She was a British biologist (esp entomologist) who explored New Guinea in the early-to-mid twentieth century. Brian HennessyBrian Hennessy, now a professional psychologist, probably observed a ropen (1971) when he was on Bougainville Island, New Guinea.
Duane HodgkinsonDuane Hodgkinson and his army buddy, in 1944, saw a huge flying creature in New Guinea. There’s also no loadouts, and no limit to the amount of guns you can carry, so players must rely simply on their speed and skill in order to best their opponents. A  Previously IVF success rates were based on a game of numbers with chances of pregnancy increased by the number of embryos implanted. That suggests that the industry did indeed see a survival-of-the-fittest purge of less-experienced professionals.
While the state does not break down which side of the industry those brokers and agents are on, the vast majority are assumed to be residential. I don’t have to get hired by another employer,’” said Karin Posvar Picket, a senior vice president at the Corcoran Group and 18-year real estate veteran. While those figures don’t include rentals or townhouse sales, it’s clear that many of these new agents cannot be making a living in the business. Average earnings for agents, however, dropped 6 percent during that time, from $84,450 to $79,300. Economic fluctuations have far more “dramatic” impact for real estate than other industries, he said.
I emphasized our need to think clearly regarding labels, for the book mainly deals with eyewitness evidence for living pterosaurs, with little room for any deep exploration of biological evolution. Because of high numbers of organisms of #1 types, they are the ones that survive the threats: They can avoid extinction much better. I know that does not sound scientific, but it explains how such indescribable diversity of life exists on the earth. The Flood of Noah could have destroyed particular types, but the two basic general types could have been preserved when Noah’s family was saved with all the life that they had on the Ark.
If one species survived in a remote little-explored tropical wilderness, that would be expected to be of only one type, most likely Pterodactyloid. There was no sign of any feathers on the long-tailed flying creature that had a "horn"-like structure on the back of its head. Whitcomb near Gomlongon Village, Umboi Island, PNGJonathan Whitcomb explored a small part of Umboi Island in 2004, searching for the ropen and eyewitnesses of that elusive flying creature. But now more and more women are opting to transfer one embryo at a time as doctors claim they can identify the healthiest and give it the best chances of survival in the womb.
Plus, data shows that during the downturn, the earnings gap between agents and brokers widened.
It may not seem obvious in the first generation, but each reproductive cycle increases the disparity: Why is #3 (on the right) shown to have so few descendants, compared with the other two? Take a theoretical case: This planet is hit with a disaster so overwhelming that all human life is destroyed. What paleontologist would dream that both Rhamphorhynchoid and Pterodactyloid pterosaurs still live on most continents in the twenty-first century? Suddenly as I looked up at the night sky, the farm animals started up again and then I saw it.
In addition, Peter Beach, a biology professor, has searched for bioluminescent pterosaurs that may be flying regularly over a river in Washington state. For an organism to undergo both a change which makes it survive better in the present and a change which makes it more likely to develop what will become a useful biological structure in a future generation—that is the least likely thing to happen, of those three basic types of changes. It is actually representing sub-populations, not an individual organism, in the three larger knights at the top of this image, and #3 has only a small fraction of parents, compared with the others. In other words, the large knight on the upper right represents a small population, compared with the other two large knights; the smaller images of the first-generation descendants represent crude approximations of actual number of descendants. Strange to tell, but both Pterodactyloid and Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs appear to live in various areas, although evidence points to many (if not all) of them being nocturnal. How different from what most Western paleontologists would guess could be possible! Over a period of time, organisms of a particular type develop sub-populations of various degrees of immediate survivability (IS). In other words, Darwin was completely wrong about small simple life gradually evolving into large complex life. Sub-populations with higher IS increase in numbers, compared with the sub-populations having lower IS, by definition.
But within minutes higher up in the sky I saw it again and appeared soaring above us and then vanished again. Those with both a better chance for a new structure (#2) and higher IS, in other words #3—those sub-populations must be fewer in number than organisms having only a higher IS. In other words, organisms that survive better but have NO potential for changing into a more complex organism—they out-compete the ones that might otherwise have produced more descendants that would be more complex.

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