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After the big announcement of a new album, Slim Shady is back with the first single "Berzerk" off his forthcoming eighth studio album, MMLPII, the sequel to his critically-acclaimed 2000 classic, The Marshall Mathers LP.
This shit reaches levels of wackness that even the most corniest of white people have trouble meeting. Every Em CD has a corny single and they have been worse every time out since the first one "My name is" (Fav of the corny singles). The old Eminem would make fun and put the new Eminem on blast for putting this weak watered down corny shit excuse of a song out. How bout all you punks have a fuckin seat and watch a real terror rip the stage to pieces!!!! He wanted to kill his wife, his mother was sueing him, in trouble with the law, numerous beefs with pop artists and etc. That said his album is always better than 90% of the crap released and if he is throwing the title MMLP2 on it I am sure he is coming with some amazing tracks. Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you.

DJ Skizz)Danny Brown Teases New Track With ScHoolboy Q Called "Pneumonia"Alchemist - "All For It" f. His "yes" men need to grow some nuts and tell him this yelling on every song shit is real annoying. It's ironic how you attack people for "whining" and then proceed to whine about the visitors. You don't have to like his content but he is called king of hip hop by Rolling Stone bc no one comes close to his talents in writing and delivery. Dre and Rick Rubon, arrives in stores on November 5 with "Berzerk" available now on iTunes. Back in the day he would do occasionally in a song, but every goddam song he drops now he's yelling. I'm more than confident it will be much more enjoyable than Yeezus (Which has grown on me) and Holy Grail (Filler city). Do some cool commercials with M&Ms candy and make some money-but don't try and come back to prove you're the best.

Any person who says they can put new Em in their headphones and vibe to his shit is full of shit.
The only reason you were amazing was because you we're high as fuck and didnt care what anyone thought.
When he made his flow normal here and there it was ok, but his delivery isn't nothing to brag about. If your copyrighted material has been indexed by our site and you want this material to be removed, contact us immediately.

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