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24.01.2016 admin
Seeing as Eminem's single "Survival" was penned for the Call Of Duty: Ghosts video game, it's fitting that the lyrics are all about the winner taking all.
The music video for "Survival" is classic Eminem, featuring Slim Shady rocking his bleach blonde buzz cut and spewing out lyrics that are delivered in his angst-ridden vocals.
Watch the music video for Eminem's "Survival" on VEVO below and let us know what you think of the spooky vid: also, are you excited for his upcoming album?

It's also fitting that the song's new music video features scenes from the buzzed-about game, out November 5th. And, of course, Em's forthcoming record The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is out the same day, so if you're a fan of both the video game and the iconic rapper, that's an important date for you.

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