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Explain how Earth has a hydrosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere and that they all interact with each other. All of these different spheres depend on each other in order to maintain the equilibrium of Earth. Just like a living thing, Earth transports nutrients, gets rid of wastes, moves energy around and maintains homeostasis. Global warming is the name for this increase in carbon dioxide, methane and other gases that cause Earth’s temperature to rise.
Fill in the chart below by giving an example of how the sphere on the top affects the sphere along the left-hand side. Once you are finished with twelve of the sixteen squares, put a star in the remaining four. For each of the four starred examples, make a sketch and write a fictional sentence about that interaction. Tape small cardboard pieces over the thermometers’ bulbs so that it is not exposed directly to the rays of the sun (or light bulb, if done inside). A dry, clean rock should be place in the bottom of each bottle to prevent it from tipping over.
The Framework Convention on Climate Change is meeting starting on November 29, 2010 in Cancun, Mexico. Use the maps to answer the following questions: Which country had the biggest percentage increase in methane production in agriculture from 1990 to 2008?
Use the maps to answer the following question: Which country had the biggest percentage increase in total greenhouse gas production (Aggregate GHGs) from waste between 1990 and 2008? In your own view, what is one thing that should be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
In your own view, what is one thing that should be done to change peoples’ lifestyles? In your own view, what is one thing that should be done to cope with the effects of climate change? Is it ethical to continue the way we’re polluting in order to see what will happen on Earth?
Is it ethical that developed countries (like the U.S.) should expect developing (poor) countries to make as many lifestyle sacrifices?

Climate change will cause sea levels to rise so much that the 92,500 people of Kiribati (a series of islands in the Pacific Ocean) lose their homes because their islands are flooded. Evapotranspiration is the sum of evaporation from the land surface plus transpiration from plants. The transpiration aspect of evapotranspiration is essentially evaporation of water from plant leaves. After a plastic bag is wrapped around part of a plant, the inside of the bag becomes misty with transpired water vapor. Plants put down roots into the soil to draw water and nutrients up into the stems and leaves. Temperature: Transpiration rates go up as the temperature goes up, especially during the growing season, when the air is warmer due to stronger sunlight and warmer air masses.
Relative humidity: As the relative humidity of the air surrounding the plant rises the transpiration rate falls. Wind and air movement: Increased movement of the air around a plant will result in a higher transpiration rate.
Soil-moisture availability: When moisture is lacking, plants can begin to senesce (premature ageing, which can result in leaf loss) and transpire less water. Create a diagram of your own showing four aspects of the water cycle: evaporation, transpiration, precipitation and condensation.
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MyARKive offers the scrapbook feature to signed-up members, allowing you to organize your favourite ARKive images and videos and share them with friends. Marine Biomes Marine regions cover about three-fourths of the Earth's surface or 70% of the Earth.
Consider the fossil fuels that are extracted from Earth:Where did those fossil fuels originally come from?How long did it take for the fossil fuels to get there?5.
Studies have revealed that transpiration accounts for about 10 percent of the the moisture in the atmosphere, with oceans, seas, and other bodies of water (lakes, rivers, streams) providing nearly 90 percent, and a tiny amount coming from sublimation (ice changing into water vapor without first becoming liquid). If the bag had been wrapped around the soil below it, too, then even more water vapor would have been released, as water also evaporates from the soil.

Higher temperatures cause the plant cells which control the openings (stoma) where water is released to the atmosphere to open, whereas colder temperatures cause the openings to close.
This is somewhat related to the relative humidity of the air, in that as water transpires from a leaf, the water saturates the air surrounding the leaf. Some plants which grow in arid regions, such as cacti and succulents, conserve precious water by transpiring less water than other plants. Transpiration rates vary widely depending on weather conditions, such as temperature, humidity, sunlight availability and intensity, precipitation, soil type and saturation, wind, and land slope. If there is no wind, the air around the leaf may not move very much, raising the humidity of the air around the leaf. Marine Biomes are msotly salty (ie: oceans) but there are some bodies of water that are not.
Wind will move the air around, with the result that the more saturated air close to the leaf is replaced by drier air.
An acre of corn gives off about 3,000-4,000 gallons (11,400-15,100 liters) of water each day, and a large oak tree can transpire 40,000 gallons (151,000 liters) per year. The Marine algae supply much of the world's oxygen supply and take in a huge amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Even though the climate doesn't effect the marine biome, the marine effects the mainlands climate a lot.
On the plus side the Remoras get a free meal and protection while the shark is not harmed. Overfishing does not allow the fish and sea creature populations to repopulate or lay eggs. Overfishing impacts not only the health of our ocean but has also created huge financial loss.

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