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The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory proposed by Abraham Harold Maslow in his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation.
According to Maslow, each person had a different set of needs at different point of time in his life.
Esteem: Deals with the need to feel good about oneself and getting recognition from others. Social needs: This deals with the innate need to feel as if one belongs in a chosen social group and in various other relationships that are a part of human life. Safety: Once the first level needs are met, a person feels the need to have a life of security where safety in all aspects of life is ensured. Physiological needs: This level of needs deals with the basic necessities of human survival like food, clothing and shelter. WiFi needs: This level deals with the basic mobile Internet needs, it is playing a more and more important role in our life when the Mobile Internet coming.
The levels are presented in the form of a triangle or a pyramid with the largest and most fundamental levels of needs at the bottom tier, and the need for self-actualization at the top. The limitations with this theory lie in the fact that different cultures may cause people to have different hierarchies of needs.
So, you had enough of hiding from the monster of the night in a measly hole in the ground, and want to build something more substantial.
Depending on the size of your mountaintop and on how impressive you want your castle to be, you should at least take into consideration building one side of it as flush with the mountainside as possible. What you will want to do now is build your castle in a modular way, one solid room at the time.
In order to minimize the annoyance of having to go all the way up the mountain from the mine, either build your own minecart rail system from the bottom up, or just try to find an abandoned mineshaft, and mine the rails there. Once that’s done, you might want to start building some defenses around your now probably no longer too humble abode. Out of the four basics requirements for survival (fire, food, water and shelter) shelter comes out pretty much at the top of the list irrespective of the environment you are in. Hypo and hyperthermia are real and serious risks to people in remote areas, and should never be underestimated. Radiation is where either your body heat is radiating away to the cooler surrounding air or you are absorbing heat from the direct or reflected heat of the sun.
Convection, this is where air currents either remove the trapped layer of warmer air around you or remove the cooling effect of sweating. Conduction, this occurs through contact with a surface that is warmer or colder than the body conducts heat towards or away from an individual.
Most people assume that sheltering from cold and wet temperatures is more important than sheltering from the heat, but in desert environments exposure to daytime temperatures exceeding 40 C can kill just as quickly as hypothermia. Shelter can take infinite forms especially when one considers that your clothing forms part of your shelter system.  At the most basic level in a real survival situation it can be as simplistic as holing down behind a dry stone wall inside a bivi bag, crawling under a broken down vehicle in the desert, digging a simple snow cave, whatever it takes to simply remove yourself from the elements and minimise heat loss or gain. Shelters can be built completely of natural materials, and indigenous people around the world provide excellent examples of shelters that utilise readily available natural materials to provide the ultimate shelters for the environment they are in. As well as an understanding of basic shelter designs, experience of the amount of work required to construct a shelter that fulfils it purpose is also useful to appreciate the amount of work that is required.  In northern temperate deciduous woodland, if leaf litter is utilised as the thatching material for a shelter it needs to be over 70cm thick to guarantee being waterproof and to offer sufficient insulation to keep you warm inside, without a sleeping bag.
One important consideration to take on board when building any shelter is to physically measure that it is long enough to get in, you would be surprised how often people forget to do this realising only once they get in at night that their head is sticking out!
In winter, it may be necessary to incorporate a fire into a shelter design to ensure that a sufficient temperature is maintained within.
Woodland Ways Blog - Bushcraft and Survival is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). With civil disobedience and physical action being taken against law enforcement officials, the police are revisiting how they live, learn, and adapt. The “warrior mindset” has been a phrase known to police officials for some time with regards to human performance.
It is hard to absorb the safety of law enforcement has taken a downward turn, however, departments and organizations have to adjust to the communities’ needs and evolve to combat societal dissonance.
Whether you are currently an officer or thinking about becoming one, you can begin today by implementing many of these tips into your daily regimen. Our blog is authored by Kathryn Loving, a former peace officer with the Casper Police Department in Casper, Wyoming. There is a need to be accepted or otherwise people are prone to negative effects like depression & loneliness. According to Maslow physiological, security, social, and esteem needs are deficiency needs or D-needs that arise because of deprivation.
People necessarily may not satisfy one level after another and may have other needs not mentioned in the list and may be ready to sacrifice some needs. Here’s a guide to help you with the building blocks of the whole process and get you started.
So see to it that you create a plane surface on the mountaintop all the way to at least one side of the mountain.

You will eventually find enough gold to build a good amount of powered rails, so after a few days, going up and down the mountain will be a breeze. Look up how to build arrow dispensers, build jack-o-lanterns and torches aplenty and lighten up your mountaintop castle. So ideally it needs to provide some insulation to prevent heat loss or gain through radiation, it needs to be wind proof to reduce convection and it needs to offer protection from direct contact with hot or cold surfaces which can conduct heat and this also means being waterproof.
In its simplest form this can simple by dry leaf litter, ferns, or leafy branches retained by logs (cot wall bed) or if resources and time allow a full raised be can be constructed. Avoid low lying areas, the bottom of steep slopes, dried up river beds or flood plains that are prone to flooding. Dickason The importance of alliances and the treaties to which they gave rise in the Aboriginal world would be difficult to overestimate.
Once a candidate is offered a position as a police officer, additional education, field experience, and lifestyle changes are underway.
More so now than ever before, an officer’s lifestyle and education may affect their job performance and even be critical for survival.
Our mental status, comprised of both physiological and psychological needs, is key to regulating our ability to make sound decisions, react to dynamic situations, and have empathy for citizens. Early in my patrol career, I learned the hard way when I was barely able to physically sustain a long foot pursuit ending in a physical fight. You should install a bed, besides a crafting table, a smelter and at least one big chest to store all the undesirable elements. If any bed is built it is important when constructing a shelter to take the increased space taken up by a bed into account.
Valley bottoms and dips may also act as cold sinks.  Avoid animal trails, rodent burrows, insect nests, and rocky areas that may be home to snakes and scorpions. This has nowhere been more evident than in the Americas, both before and after the arrival of Europeans. There are so many advantages obtained from regular exercise aside from long term health benefits.
Along with taking care of one’s emotional stability, police officers should focus on some type of sleep regime. Although it is not probable that all persons will embrace clean eating habits, most can incorporate eating proper portions and fresh foods. The Peace Officer Standards and Training commission in each state requires a certain amount of training hours for law enforcement to keep their certification.
You can keep fresh by doing simple drills and being mindful to scan as you drive, stand, or travel by foot to calls. Becoming a member of the community you work in by participating in city activities, charities, or chatting with the locals will make a big impact on police receptiveness. Some people may have dominant needs at a particular level and thus never move through the entire hierarchy. The best biome for impressive, breathtakingly located castles is without a doubt extreme hills. Depending on how high you want to build, or how many buildings and walls you want to raise, somewhere between eight and fifteen big chests of cobblestone should suffice. When the night is over you should have acquired enough to build at least your first room around the entrance to your mine.
Remember to mine some sand to make lots of nice glass windows for those rooms perched atop a marvelous precipice. Not only were treaties of first-rank importance when they were signed, they are still in the forefront of Amerindian politics today.The treaties currently in effect in Canada were mainly initiated by colonial governments wishing to acquire land.
Asken published their work in 2010, largely focusing on training for elite fitness and mental well-being.
In police work, the first thing that might come to mind is endurance in a foot pursuit or a fight. These are paid by the officer’s affiliated departments and are required to keep an active duty status.
Building community partnerships is helpful in bridging the gaps between the public and the police. Today, it has become more imperative to out train and outsmart those who vilify officers and attack our community peace. Seek out a high rising, yet not too narrow mountain, and start creating some sizable real estate by taking its top off with your trusty shovel. What you can do is take advantage of Minecraft’s nonexistent physics, and start hollowing out the mountain you stand on, mining for stone and other precious stuff. The player character is two blocks high and needs a third block headroom for jumping up a stair, so you will always need a single flight of stairs that consists of at least three steps.
You will eventually have to find a proper mine to dig for materials to construct other things in your castle. Some tips for better lifestyle habits: 1) avoid processed foods, 2) eat fresh or whole foods, 3) limit refined sugars, and 4) eliminate or at least reduce soda intake.

This advice might seem basic and common sense, but refusing to become complacent is crucial. Coal mosty, so you can create smooth, proper stone to build the castle with, not just cobblestone. You can leave two blocks space in the middle of the staircase, or you can build flight-on-flight with no room for spectacular suicidal falls in between. At first this might be a bit inconvenient, since the castle is on top of a mountain, and the rarer materials only spawn in the deeper underground layers. The extreme hills biome probably has several nice ones that just wait for you to decorate them with more castles and fortresses. Fitness accelerates your stamina during an average work day, leading to less mental and physical fatigue.
Sure, we can indulge in our favorite pastries once in a while, but overeating has taken a toll on the belt line.
Above and beyond the necessary courses, there are schools some officers pay for out of pocket or find sponsors to fund their attendance. The best way to go is to first build the foundation, the ground level, of your castle before building skyward. This way you can easily build a tower to the top of the skybox if you have enough building material. When you’re done populating several mountaintops with nice, big, towery castles, you can go ahead and link those with bridges and maybe even rails. Who wants those tools poking us in the muffin top or excess pudge jeopardizing our safety or physical abilities? Additionally, many written material resources are available to read which include the latest and greatest in police work, updated procedures, case law, and personal betterment.
The more tricky part is then building the walls so you don’t have just a naked staircase reaching for the sky. The safest way to do that is simply to build a platform on top of the stairs, and then build the walls of the tower from the top down. As usual, be careful here, since there will be monsters, and probably also dungeons and monster spawners.
Flowers, bookshelves, furnishings, slab floorings and more just wait for you to put them in one of your castles.
Let me stress again the importance of having switched your respawn point to your castle with a bed.
Without such agreements, even the inter-tribal situation was one of latent, if not outright, hostility.In the sixteenth century, it was principally the French who pioneered friendship treaties with Amerindians, usually for trade.
Since the region where the best stands were found was already claimed by Portugal, France set about circumventing this by forging alliances with natives of the region.In forming these alliances, the French were careful to follow Amerindian custom, to give them validity both in Aboriginal and European terms. This meant that agreements were usually not written and had to be periodically renewed with appropriate ceremonies and gift exchanges.
In the Amerindian view, such renewals were necessary to keep them in tune with changing times.
The treaties were written in English, without any versions in appropriate Amerindian languages.
It is known that there were earlier texts, believed to date to at least 1620, but none has been found. The first to include Amerindians in what is now Canada was the Treaty of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1713, involving the people of the St.
The treaty acknowledged they were subjects of the British Crown and in return were promised territorial security.The Proclamation of 1763, by reserving to the government the right to acquire Amerindian lands, shifted the emphasis of treaties from peace and friendship to land issues.
Annuities were introduced in the Halifax Treaty of 1752 between the British and the Shubenacadie band of Mi’kmaq.
This is a positive development in a world where the relationship between established (traditional) principles and adaptation to changing circumstances needs constant attention.
Adaptation is the key to Aboriginal cultural survival today, just as it was to their physical survival in the days of the mammoth hunters. Treaties, important as they continue to be in this never-ending process, are still instruments, rather than ends in themselves.Olive Patricia DickasonOlive Patricia Dickason is a professor emeritus of history at the University of Alberta (1976-1992) and adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa. Before she began her teaching career, she was a journalist for the Regina Leader-Post, the Winnipeg Free Press, the Montreal Gazette and The Globe and Mail in Toronto. She holds honorary degrees from several universities and is a fellow of Ryerson Polytechnic University.
A member of the Order of Canada (1996) and a recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal (2002), her other honours include a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation and being named Metis Woman of Year by the Women of the Metis Nation of Alberta in 1992.

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