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For those of you familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Maslow suggests that once our basic human needs are fulfilled then we move on to more advanced needs. While I’m not here to argue with Maslow, I do have an issue with how we perceive needs verses wants and the effect it could have on our way of life. According to the following internet article, “When it comes to owning or acquiring certain things, people would often use the terms ‘want’ and ‘need’ interchangeably. One of the concepts we learn in psychology is that people are not bothered by things, but by the views they take of them. A truth in my life today is that my son, my first-born child, one of two children born to me and my first wife, has a perspective that prevents us from having a loving relationship. As an emotional wisdom specialist, I can support you in finding the answers to these questions. Some have used the phrase: “what would Jesus do?” when attempting to make a moral decision, and we know the scriptures hold many answers.  But how do we determine which job we should seek, or which house to buy?  How do we determine where to go on vacation, or when to turn and walk away?
So, what if we asked three or more people to tell us what to do in a given situation?  Could we imagine what Walt Disney would say if we were trying to decide how to have fun with our kids for a few hours without having to drive to Disney World?  What would Walt say?  How about asking Henry Ford how to produce a product that we could sell?  Could the Wizard of Oz help us find answers to some serious struggles we have?  Where would Indiana Jones have us to explore?  An emotional wisdom coach can support you with these questions.
What does living with intention mean to you?  What would it be like if you had a vision and mission for your personal life, for your family, for your business?  How would living your life planned out be different than living with what life throws at you?  How would that make you feel?
To explain the drama triangle, let’s say an event happens; the persecutor causes harm to a victim, who is then rescued by a third party. No doubt, there is pain hidden from public view; something triggered the original altercation. While on the surface, this quote seems to make sense, the fact is, one’s conscience bears witness to God’s law that is written on our hearts at birth (see Romans 2:15).
Emotional Wisdom training using Core Alignment Coaching techniques can access the truth from a person’s unconscious with permission of the subconscious. In October of 2008 I had the great fortune of being encouraged to attend a two-weekend experiential seminar that I was less than anxious to participate in. How do you deal with your emotions?  How does finding yourself in a new paradigm affect your nerves?  Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?  Can you look in the mirror and study the face of the one looking back at you without breaking eye contact? If there are problems making payment, please call PayPal at 402-935-7733 or toll free at 888-221-1161.
June 3, 2014 by Mubarakah Ibrahim Leave a Comment With the long hot days of July coinciding with the annual Ramadan fast health concerns arise in the minds of Health and Fitness Professionals who fear lack of awareness for proper eating and hydration may be a deficit in Ramadan. In American Muslims will fast nearly 16 straight hours without being able to take in liquids.
As we get over 50 the body’s thirst sensation diminishes and continues diminishing with age. I try to be realistic and I know this one article isn’t going to change anyone’s culture or habits instantly so if you are going to drink caffeinated beverages compensate by drinking more water.
Eating foods with a high water content will not compensate for your need to drink water however it can be benefcial to the hydration process. Dark green leafy vegetables, including romaine lettuce, kale, spinach and mustard greens, are packed with essential nutrients such as water.
With 92% water this dark purple veggie is also rich in B vitamins, potassium, copper, manganese, folic acid, tryptophan and phenolic antioxidant compounds. August 2, 2011 By Stephen Campbell There are best practices that can be discovered and used in nearly all complex processes and according to a recent Information Week article there are best practices for the selection of an EHR system as well.
Will the EHR System being considered work with or replace your existing Practice Management System? Do the office have access to sufficient bandwidth  to support a cloud based EHR system, if that is something that is being considered? The information week article includes a  number of additional questions but ends with the following quote from Ms. In this version of Minecraft Story Mode Episode 7 PC Game you are not going to experience the haunted house as the episode is shifting away from the murder mystery. Following are the main features of Minecraft Story Mode Episode 7 that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.
Before you start Minecraft Story Mode Episode 7 Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

First, our physiological space must be stable; we trust where we are, and we develop capabilities such as what we can do, what else is possible, and what tools we can learn to use. In many cases, the manner in which people would use these two terms can lead one to perceive that these two have similar meanings, if not mean absolutely just the same thing. I once had a manager, when I worked for Anheuser-Busch, whose favorite saying was that perception is reality; I disagreed with him. When he was five-years-old, his mother and I separated due to circumstances beyond my control. How is the struggle between intimacy and autonomy creating a whirlpool of emotions for you? Ray Rice, a successful football player for the Baltimore Ravens had knocked out his then fiance, Janay Palmer, while the two of them were arguing on an elevator on February 15th at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.
Regardless of which of the two started the cycle, Ray sent Janay to the floor when he struck her and she hit her head on the elevator rail, knocking her out.
As an Emotional Wisdom Specialist, I admit that we don’t know what we don’t know, and still there is a belief, created from an earlier event, incident, or accident, that dwells deep inside each of us that triggers a reaction that might cause any one of us to lash out against another person.
It is not until our conscience is seared or cauterized that we become hardened to the truth.
So it is with the conscience of those referred to; it has the same relation to a conscience that is sensitive and quick in its decisions, as a cauterized part of the body has to a thin, delicate, and sensitive skin. The unconscious is our spirit, the all-knowing part of us; everything thing that we have ever experienced carefully stored for access from the beginning of our creation until now. Because I trusted the person who sponsored me into the event, I went along, even though I had attended several seminars in various states prior to this one. At times we would enter the room to find the chairs set up in groups of five, and at other times arranged in a dyad; we worked on ourselves. In Ramadan Muslim go all the day light hours without consuming any form of food or liquids. The body of the average person has the ability to absorb only 8-10 ounces of water very 20 minutes. The needs for water does not decrease only the ability for our body to communicate the need.
During Ramadan many Muslims eat and drink more traditional meals and may consume more tea than they normally would.
These foods have lots of water, dietary fiber, iron,vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants. Red, sweet and juicy, this fruit is packed with vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and dietary fiber. She is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Counselor and Authorized Oasis in the Overwhelm® Trainer. While many practices are looking to qualify for government incentives under the Meaningful Use guidelines, those guidelines are only the minimum to aim for. Then we have a need for safety in our environment as we do what we do and eventually we see the need for Love and Values (our family structure, peers, religion and belief structure).
The main difference is a blind spot that a person has between what is true and what is perceived as true. Have you been down this road before, and is the pain bad enough to cause you to desire change? In the cycle, a rescuer steps in and becomes the persecutor of the original perpetrator, who is now the victim, the original victim now becomes the rescuer, and a spin cycle is created. The NFL and the Ravens football team recently entered the cycle as the rescuer; they suspended Rice for two-games originally, then reportedly, after seeing the video, the Ravens fired Rice and the NFL suspended him indefinitely, thus becoming the persecutor of Ray Rice in the next cycle. Without using the unconscious mind, we would not be able to live like we do, or do what we do. Those of us in the training were asked to forgo the usual vices normally associated with business meetings, such as smoking and drinking during the event, and cell phones were off limits during the training segments. The room of strangers moved from a number of untrusting souls to a unified group in three days.
Each of us is whole, perfect, creative, and resourceful, making the best decisions we can with the information we currently have.

With Ramadan coinciding with the long hot days of August this year, Muslim becoming dehydrated is a major concern and should be a community awareness campaign during Ramadan for the next 8 years as Ramadan continue to fall during summer months. This water creates a very delicate balance is the way that our internal organs work, including the kidney, heart and lungs. The thirst sensation is your body’s first signal that you needs to increase fluids in your body.
Here are some very simple, practical and effective ways to make sure you and your family to stay hydrated during Ramadan. People over 50 should be mindful of this fact and find ways to consciously make themselves stay hydrated. And in our attempt to get the blessings of feeding our fasting Muslim brothers and sisters often we bring “budget conscious” Soda to community dinners instead of juice or water.   However, these caffeinated and Sugared beverages can do more harm than good to the body of a fasting person. After we fulfill those needs, we need self-esteem; our Identity (who we are, stretching our limits and creating in our own way). Two years later, after a trial where I brought 26 witnesses, I was awarded custody and a divorce. In fact, I often lose sleep over the inability to connect with my son who is now 42-years old. The media, following the story of spousal abuse by Rice, has reported all of this information. Our unconscious allows us to accomplish tasks, such as drive a car, without having to tune into every minute detail of the experience. We had frequent breaks that allowed us outside contact, but leaving the training for any length of time was discouraged.
I recalled my most pleasant memories from childhood through adulthood, listened as those in my group explained their life struggles, and discovered more about myself in three days than I’d learned in the previous 57 years. When we have a deficit of fluid in the body, organs have to work overtime to compensate for the lack of fluid. So the best plan is to drink smaller portions throughout the evening and you will be able to get plenty. Mubarakah lectures, promotes and conducts workshops on alternative health, fitness and healthy living throughout the World. Finally we need Self-Actualization or spirituality (this encompasses community-outreach, unity, becoming-one, supporting others). Whereas I thought that would end the battle, in reality, that was only the beginning; by the time my son and daughter were 10 and 8 respectively, they pined for their mother and I allowed them to live with her for a time. Without the unconscious, our conscious mind would quickly overload and not function as it is meant to. There was a definite structure to this event that was unique, yet it was accepted by all and the weekend began. I uncovered the reasons for my dissatisfaction with my job, and found a new passion to help other people. Despite the fact that it is carried within a water based beverage, you body will actually expel more water than what is in the beferage itself. I revised my belief, 20-years after making a similar statement to my father, and retired early. My ex did not return them and it was 10 years before my daughter and I got back together; my son’s reaction to his mother caused him to return home earlier, but in the process, she had changed their last names to that of her new husband, and that created a greater battle. However, he has communicated to me that he is not interested in having a relationship, and he is an adult who has every right to choose his own path in life. My blind spot was that I refused to pay to change his name back, because of my anger and resentment.

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