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In the excerpt notice the trend towards devolution, with Scotland and Wales now having their own assemblies.
And it is very good news that the young have such ancient attachments, most likely due to implicit identification. For the first time since 1707, the Scots now have their own Parliament in Edinburgh, and the Welsh their own national assembly in Cardiff.
In 1997, British Airways decided to scrub the Union Flag off the tails of its airliners and replace it with pictures of jackals from Africa and other ethnic designs. In 2003, a campaign was launched to try and modernise the red, white and blue flag by adding a touch of black to reflect multicultural Britain in the 21st Century. A YouGov poll carried out by the Daily Telegraph in 2007 found that fewer than one third of today’s teenagers instinctively think of themselves as British rather than English, Scottish or Welsh. An ICM poll published by the Daily Mail in 2007 suggested that majorities of voters in both Scotland and England now want the countries to split. Enter your email address to subscribe to get an email with link that a new post was published. Featured Articles Jewish Fear and Loathing of Donald Trump (5): Would Trump’s Defeat Be Blamed On Jews? Today, I’m nominating Wisconsin Congressman and failed Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.
The GOP is dead at the national level not just due to demographics but to their own stupidity. Paul Ryan couldn’t even win his own Congressional district for Romney, even though he himself won another term in Congress on the same day. The Wasps of north america (the STILL NUMEROUS North & West Euro protestants, descendants of the founders) are, since 1948 Genocide laws, a protected population.
In other words, CALL INTO QUESTION the motive for their bringing in the non-european south american populations. Ask why they think they should rule over americans who have been in the country FOUR CENTURIES, not four generations? I don’t know about a SN seizure of power in the South, but should there ever be a WN seizure of power in the USA, all these individuals will need to be immediately hunted down and rounded up.
The good news for Paul Ryan is that if he wanted to drill for oil that night, he would have only had to go a mile east, Cabrini Row Houses, or a mile west, the ghetto. The problem with the mainstream of libertarianism and for that matter the Ayn Rand cult, is they believe or carry on like we still have a free enterprise system.
The corporations, crony capitalists, robber barons and the mercantilists did away with that reality. Kerimoglu is among hundreds responding to the Turkish leader’s calls for more demonstrations in the days since the foiled coup.
With Erdogan’s power reaffirmed and consolidated, there are questions as to whether the defeat of the coup strengthens democracy, or divides the nation.
In a sign of growing power, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s portrait replaces that of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the revered founder of modern Turkey, on a public building. An attack late Sunday by Erdogan supporters on members of the Alevi religious minority in Malatya, in eastern Turkey, raises fear among rights activists, dissidents, Kurds and religious minorities of widening polarization after the failed coup. Alevis have been the victims in several massacres in recent decades, and that is cause for Guler and his neighbors to worry.
Turkish leaders accuse Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim cleric and political opponent of Erdogan who lives in Pennsylvania, of instigating the uprising, which Gulen denies. The controversy was continuing in August, some weeks after Father Hamel was murdered on July 26 by two teenage Islamic extremists in a cathedral in the French city of Rouen. In France, Muslims took part in subsequent memorial masses in Roman Catholic churches, as a show of solidarity and rejection of murderous extremism.
People of many faiths expressed condolences after Hamel's murder, including the Supreme Muslim Council of Bulgaria, which a day after the killing, said that religion must not be an instrument of aggression, adding that the fact that the murder took place in a house of worship was even more insulting and a desecration of a holy place.
Other churches, including the Romanian Orthodox Church in Bulgaria's northern neighbour, also condemned the murder, as did Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill. Dimova, noting the lack of reaction on the part of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, said that the lack of compassion was the result of a "special hardening" of the church in recent months, "no compassion, even when blood is shed, over Catholic, not Orthodox, in front of the altar". Lashing out at the Bulgarian Orthdodox Church's absence from the Pan-Orthodox Council in Crete, she noted that the churches and bishops who took part in it had been accused by the Bulgarian church of "terrible and destructive sins".
The church, she said, had injected an atmosphere of confrontation, rudeness, bitterness and rejection which was comparable only to the Bolshevik militant intolerance of the class enemy.
Given that the Bulgarian Orthodox Church had rejected terming the Roman Catholic church a church and had a problem with the admission of Roman Catholics to the Pan-Orthodox Council as observers, then - by this logic, Dimova argued - "Father Jacques cannot be a priest, and then we can overlook barbarism with silence".
Soon after, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church's governing body, the Holy Synod, posted on its website a statement responding to the criticism, saying that Patriarch Neofit and the Synod "had always responded with compassion and empathy in relation to disasters and terrorist acts in which innocent people of different nationalities, religions, social status and beliefs had died".
The Holy Synod's statement went on to list several occasions on which it had expressed condolences and rejections of terrorism.
Few failed to note that the Holy Synod's statement in defence of itself did not include condolences on the death of the French priest. Political analyst and journalist Toni Nikolov, in an article dwelling on the themes of love and hate, underlined the mutual outreach between Roman Catholics and Muslims in France, in which Father Jacques Hamel had been involved.
He questioned the meaning of the Holy Synod's statement, noting the reference to Father Jacques as a priest "and there is no priest without a church".
Nikolov recalled that once, before he was to take part in a television programme, he saw two priests in the hallway - one Orthodox and the other Roman Catholic.
Father Paolo, Nikolov said, was a warm person, a parish priest for a dozen years in Belene, a Roman Catholic town, where everyone loved him. Referring to the Orthodox priest's spurning of the Catholic priest, Nikolov wrote, "everyone who witnessed this 'brotherly love' did not know where to look. In a separate article, theology professor Kalin Yanakiev, said that he was angry and pained by the Holy Synod's August 2 statement in response to Dimova. Yanakiev said that the actual motive of the Holy Synod in issuing the statement was not clear, whether it was the - "undoubtedly belated" - declaration of shock and compassion in connection with the murder of Father Jacques or irritation with what the Synod described as the "private position of Mrs Theodora Dimova". Opening with irritability at the position of Dimova completely devalued the text, Yanakiev said. The statement, Yanakiev said, seemed to equate the murder of a brother Christian priest with deaths in disasters and accidents, such as earthquakes, fires and traffic accidents.
He noted that in order to justify the church's decision not to go to Crete, it had styled its enemies as "modernists", "ecumenical", "traitors", "heretics, etc" and had called the Ecumenical Patriarch an "Eastern Papist" collaborating with Rome. Yanakiev pointed to an article that had been posted on the official website of the Bulgarian Patriarchate, which he said amounted to calling two-thirds of the bishops of the Orthodox Church enemies and traitors to Orthodoxy.
He said that if he were Roman Catholic Nuncio in Bulgaria, he would probably ask the Bulgarian Patriarch whether he agreed with the claim that the Roman Catholic Church was heretical "while he and the Catholic clergy in Bulgaria are illegitimate priests".
Yanakiev said that if he were the head of the churches, respectively, of Constantinople, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Albania, Polish and Czech-Slovak, he would ask the Bulgarian Patriarch whether he supported the opinion that the Pan-Orthodox Council was a "cocktail (party)" and an "anti-Orthodox Maidan". Were he Ecumenical Patriarch Bartolomeos I, Yanakiev said, he would ask his brother the Bulgarian Patriarch whether he agreed with the statements on the church's official site calling the Ecumenical Patriach a Phanariot, a ecumenist, a Turkish servant and a traitor to Orthodoxy.
Noting that he was saying this "somewhat jokingly", Yanakiev said that if he were former prime minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg, he would ask whether his marriage to a "heretic" was non-canonical and should be dissolved. Yanakiev asked the Bulgarian Orthodox Church whether it could continue communion with the 10 churches that took part in Crete, asked whether Catholics should be called heretics, whether Roman Catholic priests were priests, and whether Catholics who had received baptism and confirmation were baptised and confirmed or not.
He asked these questions, he said, because he could not accept as authoritative and binding on his conscience the letter - made public - from a monk on Mount Athos attacking him. If Crete was a false council, if Catholics are not baptised nor anointed nor priests (as Father Jacques) "I, despite the conviction of a number of zealots in my 'professorial pride', 'conceit' and 'stubbornness' will admit that I was wrong in oral and written public statements," Yanakiev said. The day of Yanakiev's article, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church's official site posted a new message of condolences - from Patriarch Neofit, on the deaths in the floods in Macedonia.
The good news is that in 2016, the meteor showers will not be competing with a full moon, though the moon over Bulgaria is waxing, from the first quarter on August 10 to the full moon on August 18. While the Perseid meteor shower is best viewed from a spot away from the bright city lights, residents of Sofia have a fair chance to see something, given a weather forecast for the Bulgarian capital of clear skies on the nights of August 12 and 13.
At Bulgaria's Black Sea coast, however, both Varna and Bourgas are facing forecasts of partly cloudy skies on Friday night, but clear skies and a warm evening on Saturday. In 2016, unlike in some other years, the Perseid meteor shower will also not be competing with a "Super Moon".
The Perseid meteor shower makes an impressive lights show in the skies over the northern hemisphere every year in August.
With very fast and bright meteors, Perseids frequently leave long “wakes” of light and colour behind them as they streak through the Earth’s atmosphere. The Perseids have been observed for at least two millennia and are made up of bits of dust and ice trailing the comet Swift-Tuttle, which orbits the sun once every 133 years, according to NASA.
Some minority religious groups complained that Bulgaria failed to prosecute religiously-motivated attacks against their members.

Minority groups also reported discrimination and prejudice from local authorities in certain municipalities. Schools banned the wearing of the hijab and crosses, and some local governments continued to deny requests to construct new mosques or repair old ones, according to the report, which covered the year 2015. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Hare Krishnas reported physical assaults targeting members of their communities. Some registered minority religious groups, including Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, and Hare Krishnas, reported the government failed to prosecute cases of assault and harassment against their members.
On April 4, a VMRO party member in the company of a television crew from the SKAT TV cable company, which is owned by an NFSB founder and member of parliament, approached and then attacked a Jehovah’s Witness who was proselytizing in Blagoevgrad, punching him in the left temple and bruising his arm.
In March the government indicted seven people, both Muslim and non?Muslim, on hooliganism charges for their participation in the 2011 assault on the Sofia mosque organized by the nationalist Ataka Party. As part of an ongoing campaign publicized on SKAT, the NFSB, joined by the IMRO, organized protests against the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Karlovo, Blagoevgrad, Petrich, and Gotse Delchev. Minority religious groups continued to report discrimination and prejudice from local authorities in certain municipalities.
Jehovah’s Witnesses received police warnings in Bourgas and Kyustendil to stop proselytizing and administrative fines (six fines of 800 leva each in Kyustendil and two in Bourgas of 50 leva each) for violating local regulations. The government permitted religious headdresses in official photos for national identity documents as long as both ears and one centimetre of hair were visible.
The Jehovah’s Witnesses stated local authorities refused to issue building permits or deliberately altered zoning regulations to prevent the group from erecting buildings for religious purposes. In August the mayor of Shoumen issued an order designating a property the Jehovah’s Witnesses purchased in May for public use and rejecting the Jehovah’s Witnesses application to construct a prayer house and fence on the property.
Many Muslim leaders continued to report harassment by the security services and stated that those services had pressured public schools to stop offering courses on Islam.
In September the government launched an inspection of the public school and kindergarten in Sofia’s Botunets neighborhood, with approximately 90 per cent Muslim students, after media reported that the kindergarten director posted on its website quotations from the Quran to try to induce more parents to enroll their children in the school. The grand mufti’s office reported that, as a result of the probe and pressure by security services, the school removed the course on Islam from its curriculum, and the kindergarten began serving pork with meals three times per week.
In April a group of Muslim citizens from the city of Kurdjali filed a complaint with the regional prosecutor of Kurdjali, the Council of Ministers, and parliament that the government forced schools and kindergartens with majority?Muslim student bodies to serve non halal food. The Jewish service organization B’nai B’rith expressed concern over what it stated was government and judicial passivity in addressing hate crimes, particularly the prosecution’s tendency to dismiss hate speech complaints on the grounds of freedom of expression.
In January a regional prosecutor in Sofia terminated proceedings against four youths who had urinated on a synagogue wall and spray painted “Death, Jews,” arguing that they were answering a call of nature and expressing a personal opinion artistically. Bulgarian women, according to Roumen Bostandzhiev, in attendance at a news conference to interpret the findings of the poll, prefer quality to loyalty. Among Bulgarians aged 18 to 24, about 73 per cent get their information about sex from the internet while those aged over 50 “mostly read literature on the subject”. The current author really has to wonder about such polls (disclosure: the current author is over 50). Leave alone the definition of “sex” (a subject on which at least one leader of the Free World has been known to give congressional evidence) or, for that matter, the definition of “literature” (a subject about which learned counsel argued in the 1960s in the case of Lady Chatterley’s Lover). The poll found that the sex life of Bulgarians is “pretty intense”, a conclusion based on the stated assertion that Bulgarians are having sex at least once a week.
The same poll seemingly did not address the statistical discrepancy between sex at least once a week and a birthrate in Bulgaria that closely resembles the performance of a brick down a mineshaft, but seasoned observers of statistics need not expect too much. According to pollsters, the frequency stated by Bulgarian men about the rate that they were having sex was higher than that stated by women, an anomaly that lends itself to a range of conclusions but which the pollsters interpreted as meaning that “men tend to exaggerate”. Given that you - if you are a regular reader of The Sofia Globe and are astonished to find a story on this website that is about something other than politics, economics and the European perspectives of the Western Balkans, to say nothing of the euro zone crisis - may be wondering when we are going to bring in these issues, you will be interested to note that Bulgarians are doing it at a greater rate than Serbians, while apparently the people of Greece are experiencing a significant downturn.
Meanwhile, and perhaps in the context of the December 13 2012 figures released by Eurostat that Bulgarians have the lowest spending power of any country in the European Union, the pollsters were told that four per cent of Bulgarians said that their “most exciting sexual experience” had been with a prostitute.
Unlike – according to the poll – Bulgaria’s southern neighbours the Greeks, the global financial and economic crisis has not done much to dampen the ardour of Bulgarians. However, it also seems that Bulgarians are more open to talking about sex than Serbians (if you are wondering what this whole Serbians thing is about, it is because the poll compared and contrasted Serbians and Bulgarians. Then again, Bulgaria is still subject to a Cooperation and Verification Mechanism which, if you think about it, could sound rather kinky. According to the poll, 44 per cent of Bulgarian men had no problem speaking openly about their sexual experiences, while the rate for Bulgarian women was 35 per cent and for Serbians overall, 25 per cent. In a finding that seasoned observers may find less than astonishing, it seems that Bulgarian men spend more time than Bulgarian women do looking at pornography. Moving swiftly on, it also seems that Bulgarians and Serbians have it in common that sex is only in second place in importance in a relationship. The difference between Bulgarians and Serbians, apparently, is that while of both more than half have sex more than once a week, Serbians are more likely to be doing it with someone to whom they are married. These Balkan countries, at the same time, face prospects less depressing than the British, going by a separate poll. This poll found that in the UK, people were going to sleep a full 90 minutes later than they were 10 years ago, but that was because they were in bed – updating their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. Maybe it all has to do with spending power, by which I mean, the affordability of mobile internet technology that you can take to bed with you. The full results come two days after Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) governor Dimitar Radev said that all Bulgarian lenders met minimum regulatory requirements on capital adequacy ratios after the asset quality review. The lender's plans to increase its capital buffers include the retention of profit, diversifying its portfolio and reducing risk exposures, the sale of repossessed assets, and arranging to raise outside capital by April 2017. Another bank asked to adjust capital buffers is Investbank, which will have to raise the buffers by 33.3 million leva.
Investbank's list of proposed measures to improve its capital adequacy standings includes a 20 million leva equity hike by shareholders by April 2017, scrapping dividend, reducing risk-weighted assets by 134 million leva, cutting administrative costs and maintaining high liquidity.
Finally, Victoria commercial bank required an increase in capital buffers by 3.1 million leva, which was covered by a 30 million leva equity hike from its owner. Victoria was acquired by Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB) just months before CCB asked to be put under BNB's special supervision in June 2014 following a bank run. Victoria, which was kept a separate entity from CCB, was also put under BNB's supervision and later resumed operations after selling some of its loan portfolio to increase liquidity.
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But, pressed to say whether they also think of themselves as British, the great majority say yes.
I have more or less given up on politics but free-market economics and amnesty is poison to the old Reagan Democrats of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Jersey and other places. But with so many worthy candidates to choose from, it really isn’t worth getting worked up over.
I see their main problem is that they are race denying, open border immigration loons, traitors. By using the strength we have, we are going to eradicate the terrorists,” said Osman Kerimoglu, 24, demonstrating Monday in support of Erdogan at Istanbul’s Taksim Square. In a tweet, Erdogan urged his supporters to stay in the streets and defeat those who want him out of office.

State media say about 14,000 people had been suspended from their government positions or detained on suspicion of being involved in the coup, including members of the judiciary, police officers, high-ranking officials, members of the military, and at least 100 generals and admirals. News reports said pro-Erdogan demonstrators in Malatya also attacked a Protestant church and a Catholic church in the northern Black Sea city of Trabzon. The two, who also took three nuns hostage, were shot dead by police in the town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, a few kilometres from Rouen. But, Nikolov added, from the statement it was not clear of what church Father Jacques was a priest - perhaps, he said, because a reference to the Roman Catholic Church would get the "zealots" up in arms. Bulgaria was his second home, he spoke Bulgarian beautifully, and in the courtyard of his church, he had created a museum to the victims of communism. The petulance of the statement was shown by its timing, a few hours after her article was published.
The message was addressed to Macedonia's president Gjorge Ivanov, and not to the Macedonian Orthodox Church which - like all other mainstream Orthodox Christian churches - the Bulgarian Orthodox Church does not recognise, or to the Serbian Orthodox Church, which claims authority over Orthodox Christians in the former Yugoslav republic.
The next Super Moon is in October, with the year's supreme Super Moon on November 14, when the moon will be at its closest point to earth during a full moon in 2016. The Perseids are one of the most plentiful showers (50-100 meteors seen each hour) and occurs with warm summer nighttime weather, allowing sky watchers to easily view the shower.
Their name derives from the fact that they appear to radiate from the constellation Perseus. Jewish organizations expressed concern over hate speech and commemoration of World War 2 figures associated with Nazism. Some of these attacks were carried out by members of nationalist political parties, particularly the National Front for Salvation of Bulgaria (NFSB) and the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (VMRO). Prosecutors initially pursued a hooliganism charge against the attacker, but in April the Blagoevgrad Regional Court returned the case to the prosecution, instructing it to pursue an indictment for religious hatred. In February the European Court of Human Rights ruled the attackers of the mosque had violated the rights of the Muslims attending Friday prayers, and the government had not provided an effective response. The protests averaged approximately 50 participants each and were reportedly peaceful, although in one protest in April, one member from each of these parties threw eggs at a Jehovah’s Witnesses’ prayer house in Blagoevgrad while a meeting was being held there.
Some municipalities such as Bourgas, Kyustendil, and Karlovo had ordinances prohibiting door?to?door proselytizing and the distribution of religious literature. The religious group filed written objections to the police warnings and appealed the fines in court, winning three cases and losing one.
In February the chief architect of Kyustendil refused to issue a building permit for a prayer house, despite a ruling by the Kyustendil Administrative Court directing the municipality to overcome the obstacles to issuing the permit. The Jehovah’s Witnesses appealed to the Shoumen Administrative Court, which had not issued a ruling by year’s end.
The regional prosecutor of Kurdjali and the Council of Ministers responded that there was no legal requirement for food in educational establishments to comply with the religious beliefs of the students or their parents. Bulgarian women (who may or may not be nodding at this point, or nodding off) do not agree, going by the poll. Anyone in that bracket, which spans current existence and death, either is keeping abreast with the literature, or seeking an aide memoire, or reminiscing. Apart from possibly considering that contraception must be widespread, or that the high rate of smoking among Bulgarians is having an egregiously deleterious effect  on sperm count. Encouragingly, however, the vast majority of Bulgarians said that their most exciting sexual experience had been with their regular partners. The older a Bulgarian gets, the more likely it is that their most exciting sexual experience is with, as it is put, a lover or a mistress. Two-thirds of Bulgarians said that they were making love at the same rate as before the advent of the financial crisis. No one, in good faith, was trying to provoke another Balkan War on the topic of sexual prowess rather than territorial claims.) To introduce a factor in no way referred to in the poll, could this be the reason that Bulgaria made it into the EU before Serbia? Again, if the path to EU accession depends on meeting all the criteria required, Serbians may have less to worry about than they first thought, unless speaking openly about sex is to be introduced as a new requirement, if only to make European Commission official documents a great deal less dreary reading.
The statistical factor skewing this, apparently, is that the rate of people getting married rather than living together is higher in Serbia than in Bulgaria.
Of Brits in bed, according to the poll, 25 per cent were on the internet in general, 15 per cent watching online streaming of television shows and 13 per cent were in social networks such as Facebook. The asset quality review required FIBank to increase it loan provisioning by 419.6 million leva, which accounted for about 60 per cent of the total provisioning adjustments in the entire banking sector, made following the review.
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People turn to Prospect for the ideas and trends behind the headlines and for a contrarian view of topics. Nationalism has endured as a sleeping bear (or bulldog) despite everything an unhinged elite can throw at it. Only 10 per cent of the teenage sample, many of them Scots, reject a British identity altogether. All these Tea Party idiots wish to argue about big government but they never want to preserve the U.S. It’s akin to have a Libertarian door man who lets in Pakistani immigrant rapists to gain access to your apartment and then mouths off some Austrian Hayek free market theory that your daughter being gang raped by the Paki Muslims was the result of TOO MUCH government control of immigration, labor markets instead of not enough control.
Muslims, Jews, and Jehovah’s Witnesses reported incidents of vandalism against their places of worship, the report said. According to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, these protests sometimes incited other incidents of vandalism such as broken windows at their properties. Despite letters of protest by the Directorate for Religious Affairs and the ombudsman against the restrictions, the regional governors of Burgas, Kyustendil, and Plovdiv continued to enforce the ordinances. Jehovah’s Witnesses were reportedly also preparing to challenge the ordinances themselves in court.
If you are still feeling confident, for reasons which must remain between us, please read on. Fifty-one per cent prefer “sensations” first – presumably, not a reference to a new flavour of rakiya – and outdo the 31 per cent who place fidelity first, seemingly in the way that those who guard cash vans or propagate right-wing politics do.
Bulgarians may also be staying at home and having sex because it is illegal for them to smoke in restaurants. Apart from that Kosovo thing and a few other issues highlighted in the regular European Commission reports, I suppose one would have to ask Brussels.
Secretary of State John Kerry has said Washington will consider an extradition petition, but wants to see evidence. Or because there is nothing decent, so to speak, to watch on television, or certainly that reading any Bulgarian newspaper is a capital waste of effort. UK lawyers are even attempting to launch a string of private prosecutions against him, on behalf of protestors and candidates imprisoned after the rigged elections in December 2010.
In its classic Cold War-era, Yugoslavian form, this tactic worked best for states stuck between two blocs, as they could sell marginal advantages to either side. First, the 2003 campaign to give the Union Jack a multikcultural stripe (appropriately a black one) was ridiculed into silence. At year’s end, the authorities had not identified the perpetrators of the 2011 assault and were still investigating the case. Second, a 2007 poll found that less than a third of teenagers spontaneously think of themselves as British before being English, Scottish or Welsh.
What good will it do any white to have low taxes if every face around him is black, brown or yellow? Thirdly, another poll indicates that most Scottish and English voters want the Union dissolved, i.e.
If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. This is good news because it shows that multiculturalism has not become a new state identity. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.
It is good news because it means that most British do not identify with the outward manifestation of their ongoing dispossession.Advertisement - Time to SUBSCRIBE now!

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