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A nylon polymer that is lightweight and extremely durable, Zytel can be shaped and textured to provide excellent grip.
Considered a value steel, 8Cr13 steel provides adequate corrosion resistance but with slightly more carbon than AUS-8, it will sharpen up and hold an edge better. Due to this manufacturer's corporate policy we are unable to ship this product internationally. We have the item in our warehouse and will ship it out immediately or within 1 business day. DescriptionTLSFB: Signal Fire Keyring AccessoryTool Logic The Tool Logic SFB-T Signal Fire Key Ring Accessory is an incredibly lightweight and potentially lifesaving accessory. First-aid kit: It is the most essential thing that every camping survival gear should include. Campfire kit: If you are planning for some high-end adventures, then you should have complete camping survival gear apart from the basic first-aid kit. Sleeping gear: Though everyone will bring the sleeping gear when they are going for camping, it is important to include the right sleeping equipment, such as air bag, pillows, cots, blankets, hammocks and insect repellents. Cooking kit: Apart from the basic cooking equipment, consider taking burlap bags, which are useful in wild crafting.
Your plane makes an emergency crash landing that leaves you a battered but marooned survivor.
Ever since the dawn of the airplane, it became readily apparent that these high-tech flying machines had the possibility of crashing in some pretty remote and inaccessible places. The .410 full-choked smoothbore lower barrel allowed the gun to take small birds and take potshots at squirrel and rabbit. The ammo issued with the M6, like the shotgun shells, were likewise specially made rounds with soft pointed 45-grain bullet.
Designed to fold neatly under the seat of a B-36 Bomber, C-119 transport or other such plane, the M6 had to be light and compact. Unlike just about every other rifle or shotgun that uses a hinged or pivoting trigger, the M6 had a trigger lever. Military-issue M6s going back to the Eisenhower days are rare on the civilian market but do turn up. On day 30 we will charge 50% of the remaining balance, followed by the final payment on day 60. Even worse, in many of these tools, the important knife blade is an afterthought—and barely useful at all.
Sometimes we get it the very next day, but typically it will ship out within 2-4 business days.. It features an extremely loud emergency signal whistle plus a premium magnesium alloy fire starter that's rated for hundreds of strikes and will throw off a shower of intensely hot sparks at over 2500 degrees even when wet!

However, it is essential to keep in mind that most vacations will be fun with no problems, but sometimes something may go wrong or an emergency will come up. The kit should include things to start the campfire such as fire starters, waterproof matches, steel and flint. Some other cooking needs that your camping survival gear should include are paper bags, plastic or glass containers, and plastic bags.
Early pilots carried personal handguns and rifles with them on long distance flights for protection. The only problem was, this soft-pointed ammunition was prohibited from use under the laws of war. Coming it at 3.75-pounds total weight and just 15-inches long when folded, it met that guideline very nicely.
Made by the Ithaca Gun Company, it was sold only under military contract placed in sealed survival kits on a wide range of military aircraft that continued in service through the 1970s. As the planes it equipped were retired from service, a few of the guns made it as surplus to the civilian market and sparked a demand. Instead of folding completely in half while still being pinned together, Springfield’s version simply breaks down into two pieces for storage by removing the pin. Both of these guns aren’t perfect but compared to the AR-7, the M6 has a number of failure points. While the M6 folds in half and is very light, the AR7 gets smaller, lighter, and floats (briefly). When looking at picking one of these guns up second-hand, be sure to check the shotgun barrel for bulges, splits, and warps. If your camping trip involves wild-crafting, then you will also need to bring other survival options.
These items will be helpful to keep the collected plants and herbs until the end of your camping trip. The only good thing is that your M6 will get you through the night and hopefully a speedy rescue tomorrow.
Athens Arms of Georgia, a small shop focused on NFA guns, started making a new and faithful copy of the old M6 as a transferable SBR. While, yes, they are extremely collectable martial weapons that can fetch up to $3000, they aren’t your typical sexy SBR by any means. The M4 was neat but it only carried four rounds of this marginal ammunition and at just over 4-pounds, could have been a tad lighter. Built for sustainability and survivability, it didn’t need to be cosmetically appealing which was a good thing. Inside said butt-storage box was a small amount of room for matches, fishing line, and other small knick-knacks if desired.

Aiming was through simple fixed front sights with a rotating rear for either shotgun or rifle, and the single-action hammer had  to be cocked before each shot.
With lots of interest in the handy little gun, Springfield Armory contracted in 1984 with CZ in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) to make an updated version. In the case of the 22LR models, the gun stored 15 22LR rounds and 4 410s in the buttstock cartridge box. It’s also more basic and reliable, with no reputation as a jam-o-matic like its smaller, floating rival.  To compensate for the later, Springfield models came with an optional lockable marine flotation case to store the gun in the event of a water landing. It needed to be capable of taking small game such as rabbit and wild pigs for food purposes, but also capable of providing a margin of protection from wolves and predators all the way up to the occasional two-legged variety.
Don’t let the caliber size fool you, the Hornet is a centerfire round that delivers twice as much power as a .22 Magnum downrange and has been used against predators, varmints, and even deer.
There were no wood, rubber, or plastic parts except for the cover of the storage section of the buttstock, the gun being all metal, made from light steel stampings.
Overall length was 32-inches assembled, 18.5 packed, and weight loaded was right at 4-pounds.
It’s just bad for business.  Used Scouts since then have skyrocketed from a bargain at $200 to nearly $600 today. What’s more, the Select Fire offers a surprisingly comfortable grip, so it’s actually easy to hold as you use that big, useful blade—something most multi-tools can’t say.Designed by Grant & Gavin Hawk, the Select Fire is also a handy multi-tool.
Tool Logic, a leading manufacturer of credit card-sized multipurpose tools and accessories, began in 1994 with an inspired dream of a credit card-sized case filled with tools by creator Steve Padden.
While the single-shot M6 wasn’t designed to go into combat, the Hornet did allow a (very marginal) self-defense capability.
To update the design further (its not 1951 anymore), the Springfield versions also came drilled and tapped for standard Weaver bases.  In the 1990s, these retailed for $179, which was a bargain.
Within a year, Tool Logic introduced its revolutionary Credit Card Companion to the marketplace, offering users the benefits of traditional multifunctional pocket knives and tools with the beneficial size of a credit card. They are useful to protect yourself from dangerous animals as well as from some situations. The bits, two flathead and two crosshead, are in on-board carriers that swings out to let you choose your bit, then swings back to snap into place.
Tool Logic has continued to innovate by expanding its product line to include multi-function folding knives, flashlights and key ring accessories.
The contoured glass-filled nylon handle is equally comfortable whether you’re using the blade or the bits.

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