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Most of us first met Bowden as the distractingly sexy assistant on Tina Fey’s 30 Rock, and the stunner lived up to expectations in this solidly quirky horror entertainer.
Berry was all over the place in the weird Gothika but she played her craziness well, her character teeming with sexuality. Jack Frost is a strange little horror-comedy with some very original touches, but it mercifully refuses to deviate from the hot-victim cliche: Shannon Elizabeth looks her hottest as she meets her death at the hands of Frosty.
Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof might not be your idea of a horror movie -- though it is a low-budget exploitation film about a mad stuntman who murders young girls in his car - but try arguing with the bouncy hotness of Winstead.

Dushku fills out a tanktop unbelievably well in this film even as cannibals chase and corner her. Horror movie remakes are often just tackier versions of the original, but the way Biel was used in this remake - with her white vest knotted above her navel - makes us rethink the very notion of remakes.
Oh, we can forget everything else about this slasher film but those hot pants will live on in our heads forever. She was scary and sexy all at once, and having Robert Downey Jr to play against certainly didn’t hurt.

She manages to fend off more than her fair share but eventually begs for her life - in vain.

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