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They were even happier when I told them they could bring their Miller High Life’s and smokes for the picture.
I mean this place is so far off the beaten path that police would probably never venture out here.
In 1942, the Marines built a marine base in the middle of the Colorado Desert to train Marines to fight the Germans and Japanese.
When the camp was later dismantled in 1956, the only thing they left were the huge concrete slabs that they had used for the foundation of the buildings and tents.
The concrete slabs started to attract Trailers and RV owners who loved the free parking and the ability to camp in a location with pretty mild weather during the winter. I had to do a double take while I was driving because seeing two people riding mules down a desert road just look so unusual. I am not sure why they call him Cuervo but something tells me he might have liked Tequila at one point.

I wrote about my experience at Salvation Mountain and Leonard Knight which you can find here: Lord Take me to Salvation Mountain.
But there was a lesser known art camp in Slab City called East Jesus that a photographer prompted me to visit as well. If your going to visit or stay at East Jesus, I highly recommend you read the hilarious East Jesus Survival Guide which I found on their website. Much of the art is not only interesting but habitable, meaning that you can camp out in it.
You can’t help but think of the Mad Max movies when you are wandering through East Jesus.
There is a back, and that's already max height so you can't really do much with the little details. The latest sequel of the franchise, number 7, has not been named or the details revealed, but I expect we will see the new movie released sometime in 2016.

My love affair with horror began the night I saw my first horror film, Friday the 13th, at the age of 9.
Unfortunately the server it was on was wiped, so I can't really show the back side, but yes it did have one.Sorry, but I don't make my stuff to be downloaded, just for show. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.

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