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I liked the fact that Lisa Bedford provided baby steps, checklists, preparedness quotes, and tips along the way.  I think this breaks the book up and makes Survival Mom more fun to read.
About the Author: Lisa Bedford, aka The Survival Mom, started her blog when she realized that all the literature on survival and preparedness was written by men, for men. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more. This unique manual shows you how to survive a nuclear nightmare by providing an exhaustive investigation of survival strategies and of the problems that will face those who survive. Local members of the Zombie Squad from left: Ashly Wilson, Keith Zimmermann and Joe Wilson pride themselves on disaster preparation, survivalism and fending off the brain-hungry undead. Doomsday Kit Essentials - The world might be coming to an end, but that’s no excuse to be ill-prepared. When it comes to zombie flicks, Joe Wilson prefers the classics, when gore was gore and zombies were simply the walking undead. Wilson is equally put off by heavy-handed interpretations of the organization he belongs to, an international community of horror fans who also happen to be preparedness geeks called the Zombie Squad. Gradually, the group’s zombie-themed camping excursions took off, with an oddball mixture of sci-fi geeks, survivalists and live action role-playing gamers (hey, somebody had to play the zombies!) showing up for what eventually grew into fairly straightforward boot camps on disaster preparation, albeit with an edgy irreverence.
Others in the preparedness community, however, have been a bit more explicit about who the zombies might be in the variety of doomsday scenarios survivalists prep for, which can include everything from a sudden natural disaster or terrorist attack to a run on the banks or a food and water shortage. No one really wants to admit they’re fretting over the approaching so-called doomsday of December 21, 2012, the date marked by the ancient Mayan calendar as the end of the world as we know it – abbreviated on survivalists’ tweets as “TEOTWAWKI” (and occasionally pronounced out loud by preparedness nerds as “Tee-ought-walk-ee”). Although her website bills her as “The Survival Mom,” Lisa Bedford actually considers herself more of a prepper.
Business is getting onboard, too, Bedford notes, and the ads on her website illustrate that assertion. Ironically, it was the floundering economy that led to Bedford finding her own successful web niche. Today, Bedford offers savvy survival tips on her blog and weekly podcast, along with her own line of signature t-shirts proclaiming, “Survival is a mom’s job!” She loves sharing vital information with her more than 3,000 subscribers but is beginning to worry her high profile may ultimately force her family to move if something wicked really does this way come.
To keep things at least a little on the down-low, Bedford takes precautions like having her bulk shipments of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods from Honeyville Grain in Chandler, a restaurant supplier that now caters to the prepper movement, delivered late at night.
With his noob-friendly, common sense approach to preparedness training, Fred Henss could write the ultimate Idiot’s Guide to Survivalism.
Seeing how just one unexpected event could throw even a well-trained hospital staff into a minor panic, Henss began wondering what might happen to a city the size of Phoenix in the event of a prolonged water shortage or electrical outage. Of course, sometimes prepping for the little things can be a gateway drug to becoming a full-scale survivalist. Since then, Simon has gone with the group to a local manmade lake to learn how to purify water for drinking, learned the best bug-out routes in case of a mass exodus (“Find out where the train tracks run,” she reveals, “because you can always drive your car on the tracks”), and has become a stockpiling shopper. George is a man who laughs easily; he roars when relating how he learned to warm MREs – military Meal Ready-to-Eat rations, a survivalist staple – by storing the packets in his pants. Julian Kibby and his wife, Elaine, contradict the old perception that survivalism is just for crazy, white right-wingers. Kibby grew up outside Detroit, where, at 10 years old, he saw the devastating effects of the Flint auto plant closures. One trait Kibby does share with almost all preppers and survivalists is a general distrust of the government and authorities. For many preppers, the 2005 news images of the thousands of Hurricane Katrina evacuees huddled in squalor and even decomposing corpses at the Louisiana Superdome, waiting for relief that never came, still resonate. For its part, FEMA (preppers derisively translate the acronym as “Foolishly Expecting Meaningful Aid”) has made steady progress since Katrina in improving the delivery of federal disaster assistance, according to the Department of Homeland Security.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages similar self-reliance, although the federal agency would like us to know the government is on the case. To that end, the centers have created accounts on Facebook and Twitter, where preppers trade tips about such things as what to pack in a bug-out bag. Seasonal affective disorder is a "thing" in Phoenix during summer, when depression, aggression and stifled productivity all mushroom in the relentless Sonoran heat. Located just 55 miles west of Phoenix, the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station has never incurred the slightest damage from earthquakes.
He built an Arizona movie theater empire before Harkins, and brought organized baseball to Phoenix before Colangelo.

With Tempe's Vemma under attack by the FTC, founder BK Boreyko's notorious young sales crew is rapidly jumping ship. A recall effort seeking to oust school superintendent Diane Douglas has Douglas doubling down on her efforts to repeal Common Core standards. Mad or nomad, homeless or just hoboing, scores of unrooted transients migrate between our north and south climates annually, following or fleeing the sun as the seasons change. Bill Johnson's Big Apple might have looked redneck, but the iconic Western "Let's Eat"-ery was actually a welcoming haven for all colors in Phoenix's segregated '60s.
Some of the Valley's most ardent Fed-fearing, LGBT-demonizing citizens find a mouthpiece in a headline-grabbing East Valley preacher.
Medical marijuana's secret benefactors include some of the Valley's most prominent business people - and some are no longer worried about remaining secret. Phoenix's DIY Disneyland of the '60s and '70s grew up right along with the city's baby boomers. May 8, 2014 by Helen Ruth 9 Comments I heaved the final large box onto the conveyer belt and handed my membership card over to the cashier.
A psychologist friend of mine and her physician husband, both believe that everything in society will stay the same– our economy will always maintain, and that things will continually get better. I can still remember several years ago when I was newly married and living paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes I have to turn off the TV and tune out the news as the negativity in the media can drag a person down. As a gardener, I have learned all too well the trials and triumphs of planning or not planning ahead. Many a time, I have neglected my plants by failing to water them or not paying attention to pests.
In order to be successful, I realize I have to think ahead and plan for those potential problems. I also realize as a prepping mom, the worst thing I can do to my family is to squelch their joy.
I have noticed when it comes to prepping that there are two types of people— those who get busy with living and those who plan for no tomorrow.
I’m sure some of you out there have recognized author Stephen King’s quote here, “Get busy with living, or get busy with dying,”?
There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. From what I read online, the economic crash will happen- around the end of the second quarter- say- the end of June? My husband gets cellulitis in his legs every couple of years, bad enough for prolonged hospital stays. Will my hubby be back in the hospital at some point and I’ll have to live out of my stash? One of the key things that I am noticing lately is packaging getting smaller and prices getting larger. The author outlines step-by-step procedures for preparing and defending shelters, storing food, treating illnesses and injuries and understanding the psychology of survival.
In her years doing this, she has tried many products and seen many more she liked the looks of. The squad was born out of a campfire bull session among five outdoorsy 20-somethings from St. But given the global weirding of the environment – record tornadoes and heat waves, tsunamis and earthquakes – worldwide political unrest and the constant threat of economic collapse, nothing seems off the table. On the one side, there are those who believe they are prepared to handle any disaster that might come along – “preppers,” for short. Companies with names such as Emergency Essentials and PrepareWise pitch specials on one-month supplies of “just-add-water meals” and free shipping on bulk orders of emergency food storage products.
Bedford’s husband, Steve, an electrical contractor, saw a dramatic drop in business in 2009. Apart from natural disasters, financial collapse and political uprisings, one of the preppers’ biggest fears is that everyone in the neighborhood who now laughs at their garages packed with two-liter soda bottles filled with white rice will descend upon their houses in the event things really start looking like a disaster movie. Chandler software developer Toni Simon says she never put much stock in disaster scenarios (“Y2K was way overblown”) until she was invited by a friend to one of Henss’ meetup sessions. An avid news watcher – as are most preppers, on constant global disaster alert, thanks to 24-hour cable news channels – the 20-year military vet says he’s been stockpiling gold and silver in the event that rising inflation and continued unemployment send the economy into an irreversible tailspin.

But for all his military experience and preparedness, could he actually shoot an invader circling in on his family’s food or gold stockpiles?
That experience, coupled with an upbringing that stressed self-reliance and thinking ahead, formed what he feels is a natural instinct for prepping that many in minority communities already share.
Still, its new director, Craig Fugate, has admitted it wouldn’t hurt for more citizens to become preppers themselves. Marshal David Gonzales be the bipartisan, bicultural candidate to finally dethrone Sheriff Joe?
Are Arizona?s "homeless snowbirds" living the couch surfer's dream, or riding a wave of neglect? But lunches with Bill "Wallace" Thompson may be the funniest, and the sweetest, weekly get-togethers in Arizona. If the world ends before two weeks, I gave you the money for nothing!” I held a straight face, as the cashier blinked at me twice.
A friend of mine gushed about how she’d found this amazing sale and that her cabinets were stuffed to the hilt.
I had more important things on my mind, like having spare money for the weekend, and being able to eat out. I’ll never forget the day I was admiring the first ripe tomato of the season, and went into the kitchen to open a can of tuna. I prepare for hard times and bad weather, by making sure we can handle any type of emergency. For several years, she homeschooled her kids at an 1800 living history museum, while she cooked from a wood stove, taught primitive life skills to the public, and ran a home based sewing business.
Having medical insurance doesn’t make me a hypochondriac, anymore than having a stocked pantry makes me a doomsday fanatic. With its dozens of useful charts, lists, drawings and photos, this book also serves as an excellent reference on surviving any major disaster. Louis after watching the tense 2003 British horror movie 28 Days Later, in which virus-infected humans voraciously attack survivors and spread their zombie plague. And then there are the rest of us: the non-preppers, those who mock the Chicken Littles but who’ll likely end up at their doorsteps, the preppers fear, should disaster actually strike. If that happens, he predicts, there could be violent civil unrest on our streets – possibly within the next six months.
The agency’s “Resolve to be Ready” campaign urges Americans to prepare an emergency supply kit, make a family emergency plan and stay informed – the top three rules of prepping. They truly believe that Walmart will always be there for the rescue, and that Uncle Sam has lots of money.
One family was building an underground bunker, and the mother was worried sick over her family being killed and her daughters being raped.
I have to remember the sense of accomplishment I feel when providing for my family vegetables I had nurtured and grown myself. I think ahead for possible worst case scenarios, so that we can enjoy the good days ahead and not be devastated if or when hard times come. Just want to mention that Stephen King’s quote is actually a twist of a Bob Dylan quote from one of his old songs.
The Zombie Squad started out as a tongue-in-cheek survivalist challenge: Who among the group, all pretty well-skilled in fighting off the harsh elements of nature, could outlast something as unnatural as an attack of the running undead? People not being able to find work.” Bedford says she had always been a “be prepared” type. Privately, they also talk about scenarios where guns might someday be needed to fend off starving and desperate non-preppers. So, what I do is have several, say soups on the shelf, and when I use one or two, I put it on my list to restock. But I really began to take it to another level when I saw what was happening to people around us.

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