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Depending on what is planted on the targeted square, a Bungee Zombie will prioritize a plant, followed by a Pumpkin if present, and lastly the Flower Pot or Lily Pad on which the plant was planted.
Before one attacks, an arrow will shoot out of the sky with a bulls-eye attached and fall on the intended target. Use Umbrella Leaves to deflect Bungee Zombies by covering any adjacent plants you cannot afford to lose. It is useful to have a Pumpkin available during the final waves, in case an air-dropped zombie lands behind the defensive front. In Versus Mode, a good way to quickly get rid of your opponent's Bungee Zombie is to plant a Squash or a Chomper behind the targeted plant, effectively and cheaply eliminating Bungee Zombies.
In Survival: Endless, if a plant is covered by two Gloom-shrooms, possibly including itself, any Bungee Zombies that target it will be killed before they manage to fly off with the plant, unless the Gloom-shrooms start firing at another target just before he lands. Cob Cannons cannot be targeted by Bungee Zombies, as they are too large to be carried by the zombie. In I, Zombie, you can use Bungee Zombies to remove troublesome plants, such as Magnet-shrooms, but first make sure that they aren't covered by Umbrella Leaves or in front of non-chewing Chompers behind them if you're playing Endless, or you will end up wasting 125 sun. If you dig up a plant a Bungee Zombie is targeting (or the plant gets eaten or otherwise destroyed before it is snatched), the zombie will hang over where it was before grabbing at the air, and pull away nothing. Bungee Zombie is also the only zombie in I, Zombie that can be placed to the left of the red line. Bungee Zombie has the second highest physical health of any zombie with 23 HP (behind the Zombie Yeti with 46 HP), excluding ZomBotany zombies, Gargantuar variants, and Jurassic Bully.
If a Bungee Zombie tries to steal an armed Potato Mine, it will explode when the Bungee Zombie descends onto it.
Also, when a hiding Scaredy-shroom is targeted by a Bungee Zombie, it will grab the air, pulling up the Scaredy-shroom, only showing the head. When a Bungee Zombie dies, it just disappears, similar to a Balloon Zombie, whose balloon had popped over the Pool.
In the Roof levels, Bungee Zombies technically appear in every level because they drop ambush zombie in the final wave, but they only appear in the seed selection screen if they would steal your plants in that level. Bungee Zombie's clothing bares a similarity to the Imp's clothing as they both appear on the Roof and have the sole purpose of taking advantages of advancing over plants. Bungee Zombies and Balloon Zombies are the only zombies that can appear on both the land and pool. Additionally, in the song Zombies on Your Lawn, a Roof scene is shown with many other zombies, the Zombot, and a Bungee Zombie, which is shaking Crazy Dave, possibly the same one who abducted him. Bungee Zombie, Zombie Yeti, Digger Zombie (if it reaches the left side of the lawn by digging), Catapult Baseball Zombie, Target Zombie and Dr.

Crazy Dave is known to hate these zombies "with a passion and a vengeance" (said before Level 5-5).
If the player has a Pumpkin on a Cattail, and a Bungee Zombie steals the Cattail, the Cattail will downgrade into a Lily Pad. It is unknown how the Bungee Zombie can steal heavy plants such as Tall-nut, and plants which technically are the ground, like Spikeweed.
If a Bungee Zombie tries to steal a Spikeweed or Spikerock, it can still harm the Bungee Zombies, even though they are hanging in the air. When a Bungee Zombie is hit by a Lawn Mower, Pool Cleaner, or Roof Cleaner, it will turn into a puff of smoke. If one slows down a Bungee Zombie, it will only slow down its movement, but it will still steal the plant at a normal rate. Bungee Zombie, Balloon Zombie, Pogo Zombie, Dolphin Rider Zombie, Zomboni, Digger Zombie and Jack-in-the-Box Zombie are the only zombies that make noise when entering.
A glitch may happen in I, Zombie on some slower computers is that if more than 1 Bungee Zombie attacks a same plant, they will all grab the same plant. When the Bungee Zombie grabs your plants, it makes a sound like Beghouled and Beghouled Twist when you make an illegal move. This is despite the Zombot's immunity to freezing while its head is not lowered to the ground.
There is a glitch during I, Zombie levels on the DS version; the Bungee Zombie's outline may not match up with where the stylus hits the screen. If a Bungee Zombie target hits a plant, but the zombie is deflected by an Umbrella Leaf, the target will just disappear at the same time the Bungee Zombie is deflected.
If Bungee Zombie aims for an empty square and the player plants a Umbrella Leaf after it arrives, the Umbrella Leaf will not deflect the zombie.
The idea of Bungee Zombie was from Swiss Family Robinson, George Fan', the creator of the game, favorite movie. Day is the setting of the first ten levels of Adventure Mode, and is the most basic area in the game, taking place in the front yard of the player's house. The most frequently used plant on Day levels are Peashooters, as not many Zombies come at first and they can take them down.
Regarding me this map is actually the really superb map which a person must possess within 1 of your own selections! It is the first new zombie encountered on the Roof and the 20th zombie encountered in Plants vs. After a second, a high-pitched "YEEEEE-HAH!" will be heard and the zombie drops into view on its bungee cord.

Three or four Gloom-shrooms may be sufficient (it also depends on other defenses you have). However, if Bungee Zombie tries to steal an unarmed Potato Mine, it will only grab the antenna, not showing the whole Potato Mine. Zombies Facebook page, Bungee Zombies were originally wearing different clothes than in the final game. Zomboss sends out Bungee Zombies, the Bungee Zombies will fly away eventually if they are not killed, even if they are frozen or buttered. However, in Last Stand Endless, they can appear at anytime, not just during the huge waves of zombies.
Because sun falls from the sky on these levels, it is easier to attain a large number of plants, although this does not mean the player should plant as many plants as he or she can.
Because you have observed within this title, This particular Map is actually now support to your latest Minecraft!!!!!
An Ice-shroom can also freeze the Bungee Zombie during his natural hover time, allowing offensive plants extra time to deal damage. Because of that, it is one of the few zombies that do not lose its arm or head when getting damage. Zomboss, he has to wait a longer time to pull back his Bungee Zombie instead of just leaving it.
Besides these two, the plants the player gains on this stage are the Cherry Bomb, the Wall-nut, the Potato Mine, the Snow Pea, the Chomper, and the Repeater. Zomboss dangles out Bungee Zombies on his robot fingers and has total control of when to hoist them back up. Though, at the beginning of the game, the player's lawn will only have one strip of grass, and as he or she continues, there will be more lawn strips (three in 1-2 and 1-3 and five in 1-4 to 1-10). During the final wave of any Roof level, Bungee Zombies will drop to deliver a zombie, usually between the fourth and seventh rows, in a similar fashion to the zombies that emerge from underwater in the Pool levels, and the zombies that come out of graves in the Night levels. If you want to play start the Map by pressing the start button which starts zombies spawning and going down water streams towards the house, you can kill as many zombies in this map.

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