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One of the scarier survival events that preppers need to be concerned about is an attack involving a High-altitude ElectroMagnetic Pulse, also called HEMP.  All nuclear weapons create EMP, but when detonated high in the atmosphere, the EMP generated is so massive that it can destroy electronics and permanently knock out the power grid across the entire country. However, unlike EMP, a CME event does not destroy electronic devices, unless they happen to be connected to the power grid or long lines that will collect the induced current.  For more on the differences between EMP and CME, you can read about it here. One test involved being on top of a mountain that was filled with radio antennas.  The collective power of all these radio towers was 9,000,000 watts of RF (Radio Frequency) energy!  Another test was standing at the base of a 50,000 watt AM station. This means that you should be able to easily protect your electronic gear from EMP simply by wrapping it in aluminum foil.  I also found that placing the foil-wrapped radio inside a galvanized steel trash can greatly increased the effectiveness of the shielding. There needs to be a minimum of 3 layers of aluminum foil completely surrounding the device. When you wrap your electronic device, it’s important to prevent it from touching the foil. If the device has a removable battery, remove it and store it separately.  The last thing you want is to find out that the batteries leaked and ruined the equipment that you went to so much trouble to protect. Lights Out by David Crawford — One of the first books to focus on EMP and still a very good read. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. As you look around, you are aware that electricity and electronic devices have made permanent changes in how we all live. In fact, many people that lose access to electricity for one reason or another either wind up extremely sick or dead in a matter of weeks. Since an EMP will disrupt both electrical power distribution and ruin devices that use it, the wise prepper will do everything possible to prepare for an EMP blast. If you don’t know where to start your EMP preparations, then Survivopedia is the best place to look for answers. Since keeping your home warm or cool (depending on the season) tends to cost a lot of energy, this will be one place where you need to focus a good bit of attention.
Add at least one foot of R-22 insulation to the walls (fiberglass, paper backed insulation is much cheaper than foam based insulation boards).
Rebuild door frames, hinge areas, and window areas so that they do not allow air in or out, and keep a good supply of newspaper on hand to place in doors to help prevent cold air from getting in.
Choose and practice living in one room that has been properly weather proofed, and maintain a reasonable temperature with very few, if any heat resources. Don’t forget that candles, kerosene stoves, wood stoves, propane stoves and others all consume oxygen. Use black and white to your advantage: black and dark colors absorb radiant energy while white and light colors reflect it.
Passive heating and cooling methods can give you approximately 20 degrees worth of stabilization and also substantially cut your power bills at the same time. Second, the easiest if not most effective way to prepare for an EMP based food shortage may well be to store away large quantities of food for one year survival. Foods that will last for one year or more (dried and canned foods will work much better than frozen foods or ones that do not have a very long shelf life). To find out if your bin system will work, see if you can make it one month by eating only the foods in the bin and cooking only with resources that you will be using after an EMP has occurred. You may have to tweak the foods you choose to store away in order to develop a nutritious menu that will meet all your needs. Do not forget that some factors (such as radiation exposure, damage to the packages, and looting) can deprive you of your stores. As time passes, you’ll find harder to obtain food in rural areas, especially as survivors move from the cities and over hunt, over fish, and over tax the soil.
Overall, as a beginner, you may actually be better served by focusing on intensive container gardening. A passive solar heater using tin cans, glass, and a wooden frame, and it can act as a heating source for one room or many depending on how you arrange the pipes. A cinder block stove – You can create a reasonably durable and reliable stove using just four cinder blocks. Start a compost pile near your home – Compost piles generate a good bit of heat, it only takes a few coils of non-flammable piping to transport that heat indoors.
Underground stoves – These can be as simple as pits dug into the ground, or they can integrate tin can rocket stoves into the design. These outdoor stoves are easy to build, durable, and can be used with different kind of fuel (twigs, chopped up bits of wood, dried leaves, grass, dung, or anything else that is flammable). If you live in a city, then you have seen homeless people and are aware of the methods they use to keep warm and cook any food they may find. In time of need, you are sure to realize that any ice in your freezer will melt, and then you will not be able to make more using conventional means. For the sake of simplicity, you can start off with a cardboard solar cooker, which can also be used for refrigeration during the night hours.
No matter whether you are accustomed to filtered water from the tap or rely on bottled water, there is bound to be a shortage of clean water after an EMP blast. Place at least one ? gallon jug in the toilet filled with water, to reduce the amount of water being used. Once you have learned to conserve water, you will turn your attention to storage and collection. If you have access to the outdoors, learn how to collect water vapor that rises from the soil. If you have to survive an EMP caused by a nuclear event, any water that you collect may not be suitable to drink even after you purify it using bleach, tablets, or some other form of chemical filtration.
The simplest way to cover all your basis in an EMP (get rid of bacteria, chemicals, and all radioactive substances except Tritium) is to distill the water. Aside from using a still that require vast amounts of wood, propane, or some other fuel, you can also use a solar cooker with a plastic tent on it. After an EMP blast occurs, you are likely to find it impossible to make use of motorbikes, cars, and other motorized vehicles. And even if you fully prepare your vehicle for an EMP blast, it still may not be capable of moving over the kinds of rough terrain that you might have to navigate in the post EMP world. For short distance or extreme emergency transport, skateboards and skates may be of some help. Remember that in a nuclear attack, it is estimated you will have about ? hour before the radiation and compression waves catch up. On the other hand, as the crisis unfolds, any number of problems can rob you of your mobility: injury from buildings falling apart as fires erupt as well as injuries sustained in altercations with rioters and looters.
If you choose one mobility aide, the most versatile aide is the rollating walker, which can be used just like a regular walker, or you can push the seat down and use it as a wheelchair. For individuals looking for a lower budget option, a shepherd’s staff might be of some help. If you live in a rural setting and have an independent leach field, then it is not likely you will need to worry about disruptions in the sewage system. People living in a city setting will truly have a number of problems with sewage because the municipal systems are likely to overflow and contaminate the streets, water, and just about anything else that the sewage comes into contact with.
Even if you avoid using municipal sewage, other people may still be dumping all kinds of things down the toilets and sink drains. The only way to stave off this problem is to make sure all of your drains (including the toilet) are set up with shut off valves.
As for the waste disposal, more than a few people think they will burn almost all of their garbage and keep their house warm at the same time. Start off by finding out exactly what you throw away each day and break those items into categories. If you have been following the news about terrorist attacks in Paris, then you may also be thinking a bit more about how you will manage personal safety. Many people rely on guns for personal safety, while newer technologies are beginning to overshadow conventional guns.
When it comes right down to personal defense training, there is no such thing as winning a fight unless you know the rules of the game. Most self-defense classes will teach you how to disarm an attacker as well as how to attack if needed. If you have a GPS in your car, rely on the radio for traffic updates, or use your cell phone to get travel directions, then you will be at a huge disadvantage when an EMP takes out all the broadcasting stations, satellite links, and other infrastructure points that deliver this information to you.
When you are trying to get out of a city, you will be challenged more by obstructions on the roads then actual navigational problems. Unless you only know how to navigate with a GPS system, you will find that it is not especially difficult to navigate after an EMP. Also, many people preparing for an EMP crisis already know that cell phones, GPS systems, and many other electronic aides will become useless.  These very same people do not realize that there are also some very serious problems with other elements of the communications infrastructure.
If you have a radio in your home, chances are it also relies on transistors, microchips, and other components that will be destroyed during an EMP.  In fact, even if you bought a weather or emergency radio that operates on crank power, there is also every chance that it will not withstand an EMP unless it has a built in Faraday cage, or was placed in one prior to the EMP.
A spark gap transmitter can be built in such a way that it cannot be damaged by an EMP.  Unfortunately, it is illegal to maintain and operate one of these broad range transmitters because they can disrupt pacemakers and other sensitive electronic equipment.
If you find it difficult, if not impossible to build up small radio networks, then you should at least know about basic signaling systems that may or may not help you gain and transmit information over short distances.
Even the most basic aspects of preparing for surviving an EMP can be complicated and require some effort.
While you are looking at this list, remember that it does not do much good to overly focus on one area of prepping at the expense of others. Preparing for all of these elements will take time, practice, and the willingness to do quite a bit of experimenting. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Carmela TyrellCarmela Tyrrell is committed to off gridding for survival and every day life.
Excellent information that I hope and pray that we will never need, but if so, this article was well written, concise and contained alot of info that I had not yet considered. An incredibly easy way to stay warm during an extended power outage is to have the old fashioned hot water bottle ready for each member of your group.
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Having an evacuation map is not just a good idea, it’s required by law to meet most local fire codes.
In the middle of a storm with the soft-top down, occupants of the new Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class Cabriolet are just as well protected against lightning as passengers in cars with a rigid roof. The plan establishes a framework for the effective handling of emergencies and managing the return to normality.
The start of spring brings blooming flowers, balmier temperatures and something else not so pleasant: the threat of tornadoes. The longest un-dammed river in the contiguous USA is the Yellowstone River; it is 692 miles long. Hurricane Window Protection Panels and Hurricane Shutters from Hurricane Protection Specialists.
Our new CodeRED Survival Kits are being reviewed"The best of the best!" by firefighters and disaster specialist. The SAFE-T-PROOF collection of Ready-Made Survival Kits, Survival Supplies and Emergency Food and Water, ensure total preparedness in the event of an Earthquake.
Typhoon Hagupit, locally named Bagyong Ruby, has gained more strength and slightly slowed down as it continues to move west northwest towards eastern Visayas, state weather bureau PAGASA said Thursday, December 5, 2014. ABOUT PREPARE NORCALThe San Francisco Bay Area is a region that is highly vulnerable to natural hazards like earthquakes, wildfires, and severe weather. Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Scenario?Sign Up for our free email newsletter packed with survival tips and tips on preparing for widespread disaster. You are stranded on the side of a freeway with ten thousand other motorists from your area caught in rush hour traffic, frantic to get home but now you have to get there on foot because your vehicle has died suddenly. An EMP attack is an intense burst of electro-magnetic radiation that can be triggered by detonating a nuclear weapon at high altitude, a weapon launched by a rogue nation, or a terrorist attack. Detonated low to the ground, atomic weapons have a devastating physical shock, but being detonated miles above the ground, the main impact of an EMP burst will be electrical, which is basically energy that won't kill people but will spread like lightning, rendering any circuitry and electrical grid useless by feeding into them and burning them out. An EMP attack could fry every circuit and just about every electronic piece of equipment we have. Riots and civil unrest would spread throughout the nation, not could, but would it's safe to say. And gangs would probably take over many of the cities, though some will run head on with local forces from the U.S. An EMP attack could also precede an invasion as it would give the perfect opportunity to our enemies.
Back in 2010, an executive summary from the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission warned of an EMP attack which would destroy power grids and most electronic devices. While scaremongers have used the story of an imminent EMP attack, claiming that it could be one of the fastest ways to cripple the entire US and end its dominance in world affairs, an EMP attack still remains a very plausible threat, whether it's "scaremongering" or not. The US military seems to be taking the threat of an EMP attack very seriously, which could be one of the reasons why they are reportedly storing equipment into bunkers so that they can be shielded from an EMP attack.
Most of the automobiles which use some sort of circuitry, in other words, all of them would be rendered useless.
At any given minute there are around 4,000 commercial airplanes flying in America, so in what could be described as one of the most dramatic effects after an EMP attack, airplanes would be seen falling from the sky, leaving untold thousands plunging to their deaths.
Even though a large number of planes are likely to come down from the sky with nowhere safe to land, their deaths could be considered merciful when compared to the fate of those who will still be alive on the ground.
Needless to say, without any means of transport thanks to the fried circuitry in all vehicles, the food supply will be the first to go.
According to the data, regional warehouses which resupply supermarkets make up the National food reserves, which is enough food to feed the nation for one to two months maximum. In such a scenario, our food supply will surely dry up and disappear, only exacerbating the situation further. Your cell phones, land lines, and the internet, along with faxes and any other mode of communication, would stop working permanently. When America emerges after an EMP attack, an NSA police state surveillance grid will be brought into effect for the extreme martial law dictatorship which will follow.
According to statement made by Damon Penn, who is a DHS official, at the US House of Representatives on July 8, 2011, there are a limited amount of radio stations that have been retrofitted with some form of EMP protection, but most of the US will be left without mass communication.
While these numbers are mind boggling, they are frighteningly true in the case of a successful large scale EMP attack. While you might be able to get emergency information from a local NOAA weather radio station, only a few of those emergency transmitters are actually EMP-protected. And while repairs to many of these transmitters could be made by military personnel, who can also supply emergency power to them for a while, the truth is that emergency power may not last for very long.
The US would also see devastating conditions in hospitals and convalescent centers within a few days. And that's not the worst part, much of the natural water supply, as in, streams, rivers and lakes would also be polluted by dangerous toxic waste from the backflow of sewage and industrial waste since the wastewater treatment plants will no longer be operational without electricity.
One of the most tragic developments which would arise after an EMP attack will be the fate of school children who will be geographically isolated from their parents.
Needless to say, an important step that should be taken would be for schools to prepare to take care of children for up to several weeks, or for as long as these schools can be equipped to do so.

Perhaps this article will help wake up several school officials and community disaster teams to the reality of what we will all be facing if an EMP takes places on a weekday when children are in school?
Emergency services such as the police, fire department and ambulance services are the three critical pillars which hold up the basic functions of a city. The EMP Commission, which was established in 2001, found that in our current state of unpreparedness an EMP attack would easily create conditions which could be described as "anarchic," and would profoundly challenge the existence of the social order in the US. Back in 2008, the EMP Commission painted a clear picture of what an EMP attack on US soil would look like.
The EMP Commission also found that states such as China, Russia, North Korea and quite possibly Iran have incorporated EMP attack into their defense doctrines and have already begun to plot an EMP attack against the US. Of course many believe that an attack such as that on Pearl Harbor would be unlikely nowadays, especially with all the technological advancements. What this means is that even a highly computerized and open society such as the US is vulnerable to an EMP attack. Two years ago the Obama administration signed an executive order to safeguard critical infrastructure against cyber threats. Safeguards such as Faraday cages and surge arrestors that prevent EMP attacks from damaging electronic equipment are being used by the Department of Defense for the past 50 years approximately to protect important military installations. On a more positive note, Newt Gingrich, the 2016 Republican presidential hopeful has been passionate at times about this poorly understood phenomenon of a nuclear EMP attack on the US. It is quite clear that in an age of technology, the enemy is most likely to use a weapon of mass disruption, and bring on years of complicated secondary effects, than a weapon of mass destruction. The result is a a huge electrical current that is generated in an extremely short pulse of time. EMP does not affect living organisms because we (and other living organisms) are not conductive in a way that will cause damage… we do not have a connected loop of wire in us. It is important to remember that a circuit can be protected by building a Faraday cage around it. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP), in effect, destroys the junctions of the transistors in electronic circuits.
There has apparently been considerable and renewed interest in EMP Weapons today by many nations. It amazes me how many people out there don’t have a clue that 1 Nuclear weapon exploded 300 miles above the US would take America back to the stone age. And that there will be many seconds after, – as the Earth Dwellers slowly die of radiation poisoning. I know of the book you speak of, and I have read every review and write up about it, and believe it to be well written and informative. Do you think that electronics placed in garbage bags and then placed in a 55 gallon steel drum would work? There is debate regarding the requirement for the electronic devices (inside the can) being insulated from the metal of the inside of the garbage can (Faraday cage). Is there any validity in wrapping items you want to protect (e.g laptop, iPad) in tin foil? Yes, but in this case I believe that you should first wrap the product in a non-conductive bag and then wrap it in aluminum foil. Do you think that this simple technique would work for vehicle electronic components – wrapped in situ maybe?
Fortunately I have an old mechanically injected Diesel truck, but obviously this still leaves the alternator regulator etc. I believe the answer is this… If you want to be sure of a running vehicle, go out and purchase an older one without electronics.
That was my plan… I checked the distributer first thing just to make sure it had not been converted.
I don’t know what state you are – the $7 antique tag for life is a bargain too!
So if an EMP happens the computers, electronics and stereos will get fried like scrambled eggs and those vehicles will not run. Unless you have your vehicle in an EMP protected building at the time the EMP happens, which will be a matter of luck. Actually, a properly deployed High Altitude EMP cannot be protected inside a metal garbage can, nor a microwave oven (which by design is a type of Faraday Cage).
Most theories floating around the internet are just plain wrong and have no vetted science behind them. By the way, regarding the microwave, the frequencies (plural) of an EMP (broadband) are such that the wavelengths are LONGER than that of the microwave itself.
If other than a rogue unknown, Mutually Assured Destruction would certainly be implemented post haste. Thanks for the great conversation and points of view.Intelligent conversation and debate is a wonderful thing. I am enclosing my generator in a structure and want to line said structure with hardware cloth to form a Faraday cage.
The key to Faraday protection is to have the mesh size to be much smaller than the wavelength in question. It has apparently been fairly widely accepted that a mesh size approximating that of a screen window size mesh, would be adequate. It can be easier to understand EMP if you look at it as a kind of high-power electromagnetic transmission, like putting hundreds of thousands of joules in a radio transmitter all at once. The important thing is that calculating much damage is dealt to a specific device depends on the frequencies and magnitude of the blast, as well as shielding, characteristics of the device (like the length of wires), and sensitivity of the device to interference. As noted above, EMP pulses, especially high-frequency ones, can penetrates even copper to certain depths (a college-style electromagnetic wave penetration problem), so shielding is more effective the thicker the shield. In the first two parts of this series, we looked at what an EMP is, and what effects it would have on us.
Now for those of you who are hoping for a detailed check list of what you can do, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Instead, I want to give you a few “What-ifs”; some possible scenarios for you to think about. Preppers stop and think all the time about what they would do if their power grid goes down. The price of fuel would sky rocket, especially if the affected areas included large numbers of oil refineries. If the effects hit a coast, be it east or west, many of the items we need in our daily lives are shipped from overseas into ports that now have no power. In addition, China losing say, half their grid, would directly impact their projection as a world leader and major influence in the region.
What happens to the global climate when the nuclear reactors in that region no longer have power to run their cooling systems?
As I stated in my previous EMP articles, rebuilding the grid could take months or even years.
I would also encourage you to identify areas where you are too dependent on the grid, and find ways to change that.
Currently, I am in the beginning stages of building worm bins, and will grow my own worms to feed our chickens. As for the rabbits, we just butchered a large number of them, keeping just the breeding stock.
About James LA police officer in Oklahoma, James is a gun enthusiast and certified police instructor.
Former Counterintelligence Special Agent, US Army Chief Warrant Officer, and Combat Veteran.
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Because of this, many preppers are interested in EMP protection measures for their electronics.
It is one thing to say you can do without electricity, and then actually be able to achieve that goal. No matter whether they are unable to refrigerate foods or keep the house warm, surviving without electricity may not be as easy as it looks. There are a number of “passive” unexpensive methods to keep your home warm or cool, and they can cut your heating bill by as much as 50 – 75% even on regular times. As long as you do not have furniture in the room that will fade in the sunlight, it is fine to choose windows that will let the maximum amount of light and heat in. No matter how new or tight your windows may be, the seals may become brittle and the frames will lose their tight fit as the house settles.
No matter how much you may want to save on heating bills, it will do you no good if mold, fungi, and mildew build up in the walls because there is not enough air circulating.
Always remember that heat rises, therefore the roof will always be prime escape point for heat that you may be trying to conserve.
Don’t create a completely airtight seal in the room because carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels can build up to lethal levels very quickly.
Carpets, furniture drapes, and many other internal objects can become heat retainers or reflectors if you pay attention to this one small factor alone.
Just be sure to use good quality materials and do what you can to get the best prices on installation and labor. Unless you have a year’s worth of food stored away and already eat enough to ensure fresh rotation, it is not likely that stockpiling will be a viable answer.
Start off by purchasing airtight bins that will hold at least 30 gallons, and fill one bin with enough food to last for one month. Once you arrive at the proper ingredients for your bin, repeat the formula for at least 11 more bins, and this will give you a year’s worth of food that can be stored even in a medium to large sized apartment. You must also have some kind of plan in place for what you will do when your stored food supplies run out.
Not only will you be able to triple or quadruple normal production amounts, container gardening also forms an excellent basis for setting up a hydroponics system.
If you circulate water through the pipes, add water carrying radiators in each room to disperse the heat. If you have enough wood or other materials, these stoves are easy to build and may be more efficient than above ground camp fires.
Keep supplies on hand to make it easier to start a fire: magnifying lens, tea lights, dried pine cone, or waterproof matches and tinder cloth.
In a survival situation, you will still need to switch to ice or some other method during the day hours. It requires heating it up to a point where it turns to steam, and then collecting the water droplets in a clean container. If you do some experiments with plastic bottles, you’ll see how to use natural sunlight to make water evaporate faster, and then collect the clean water in a chamber away from the main heating area.
Even if they are not destroyed by the EMP, you will not be able to use them on the main roads until all of the broken down cars are removed. Use alternative forms of transport that you might want to consider: sled dogs, horses, other animals used for transport, or a rugged bike that can go over rough. While they may seem slow, there is no question they will get you further and faster than running.
You can double, or even triple you distance of travel with a skateboard or skates when compared to walking or running.
Even though the wheeled part is best used indoors and on smooth surfaces, it can help you get around your home in time of need. Just keep some sludge removers on hand so that you can put off cleaning out the tank as long as possible. The simplest thing you can do is keep a portable composting toilet on hand to use in time of need. Overflowing sewers will eventually back up and spew all kinds of noxious materials right into your home. As soon as an EMP hits, you will be well served by closing these valves so that sewage cannot get into your home. Next, figure out alternative means for disposing of each waste type, or even repurpose it in a survival situation.
In the instance of personal defense the first rule is, and always will be situation awareness.
Martial arts can give you plenty of moves as well as training in weapons that can be far more effective at close range than guns.
Never underestimate the value of even a few classes, because they can save your life now and also in the post EMP world. You can still use compasses and other items to help you determine which direction to go in. Before you go tromping through an area, always be aware that nervous people may be in the woods and will not recognize that you mean them no harm.
In fact, even if you do not have a map, you can still use landmarks for navigation and other methods to help you get to a generalized location. Even though these signaling methods are usually used for rescue needs, they can also be used to transmit information in your local area. In many cases, these beginning tips will also give you plenty of room to expand into more advanced topics and training. For example, many people today are more concerned with food, water, and guns, yet completely forget that an EMP crisis may also involve trying to navigate, and maintain a comfortable room temperature.
If you get started now, you will be that much further along in the process, and hopefully more confident in  your abilities to survive an EMP and thrive in the post crisis world.
If, indeed, we are affected by some sort of EMP or even some other unfathomable disaster, know that you have provided a great public service by educating all of us. You want to know the truth about a subject, one that is not simple, it seems to have many "ways" to "protect" your electronics or vehicle!
Heat water and pour into the rubber hot water bottle and encase it in a cover, then place it inside your jacket. Rivers provide drinking water, irrigation water, transportation, electrical power, drainage, food, and recreation.
It would take years to replace the large transformers, and even longer to rewire the entire nation. No government level command and control as it presently exists; without the internet and computers, there will not be a centralized government.

This was back when the US found itself locking horns with countries such as China, Iran and North Korea. According to reports, critical communications equipment at the North American Aerospace Defense Command was moved to a bunker inside the Cheyenne mountain, which is a cold war relic in Colorado. And even if you did find a pre-90 era vehicle that uses pre electrical parts, where would you get gasoline from to run it? These huge warehouses preserve the food by refrigeration and temperature control systems and are equipped with enough emergency electrical power in the form of diesel or gas generators to last just three days.
Considering the circumstances, most of the US population would perish within the first 30 days due to famine.
Nearly all of the broadcast stations, including television stations, would immediately go off air. He also mentioned that in the event of an EMP attack on the US, between 250,000 to 500,000 people who will die during the first few minutes of the EMP attack, and the aftermath of the EMP attack would leave around 1 to 2 million dead in the next three days. For instance, in the 1962 Soviet high-altitude nuclear tests over Kazakhstan, even military diesel generators were damaged.
Old age homes would run out of resources and services of qualified staff to help preserve the lives of those who will be virtually helpless after an EMP attack. Reuniting school children with their parents will be almost impossible for the majority of schools where kids have to commute for more than 20 miles. A year later, in 2009, the congressional commission on the strategic posture of the US, co-chaired by former Secretaries of Defense James Schlesinger and William Perry came to the conclusion by the findings of the EMP Commission that the electric grid needed to be protected immediately. Keeping that in mind, it's no coincidence that the EMP Commission was set up by Congress in response to a possible Russian nuclear EMP threat, which was made to an official Congressional Delegation back in May 2, 1999 during the growing crisis in the Balkans. Still, an EMP attack could very well be called the "Pearl Harbor of the 21st century" if it were ever to happen. This is frighteningly true because in the US, everything you can think of, from the power plants and banking system to telecommunications and the iron and steel infrastructure all rely heavily on computers in order to function, leaving it vulnerable from all sides to an EMP attack by enemy states, terrorists and rogue nations. He seems to be the most visible worrier of an EMP attack and can be seen pushing the issues in his speeches, debates and interviews.
The only question is, will our political leaders and those at the Pentagon wait to see which happens first? Ionizing radiation is radiation with enough energy so that during an interaction with an atom, it can remove tightly bound electrons from the orbit of an atom.
This huge current will pulse through a coil, which in turn creates a massive pulse of Electromagnetic energy that causes the EMP damage.
Depending on the amount of Electromagnetic radiation, the current that is induced in these circuits can be huge or small.
Anything that has a connected loop of wire is a circuit (including the power grid power lines and grid transformers). However if a person depends on a circuit to live (pace-maker, life support) then that would obviously be a bad thing. A Faraday cage is a conductive casing that prevents the Electromagnetic radiation from reaching the circuit. Unfortunately, indirect consequences of using such weapons will be just as, or more devastating than other weapons of mass destruction given the reliance that developed nations have on electronic infrastructure.
The Ground Dwellers may surviive longer, (Morlocks, just kidding,)… Forever under ground? The source of power was based on basic power generation by passing a magnetic field through a conductor to create a huge pulse of instantaneous energy.
My own personal opinion is that the EMP pulse will not penetrate the surface molecular layers of the metal as it travels around the surface of the cage… meaning the inside molecular layer does not become charged (zapped). You could then wrap it again in a non-conductive bag and then wrap it yet again with aluminum foil (double wrapped) for more assurance of protection.
The topic and understanding of decibels is mostly not understood by people who have not been schooled in it. In the final part, I’ll look at some things you can do to be prepared should we ever experience one.
But as I mentioned in the previous two articles, there are simply too many variables and unknowns to accurately know what could happen.
If you asked me what you should pack for vacation, I could tell you to take your swimwear, a beach towel, water shoes instead of flip flops, and some sunscreen. But how many of them talk about what would happen if the grid went down in areas other than your own? Even if a large portion of the US’s farm land wasn’t hit, the food distribution would be turned on its ear. We could eventually have multiple nuclear reactors in meltdown if the backup diesel generators run out of power. Really, being prepared for an event like this is simply doing the things you are already doing to remain prepared.
At some point, you will run the risk of your stores and stockpiles running low or even out regardless of how much you have. We allow the chickens to roam and forage during the day, and they eat quite a bit on their own. In his off time, he is a single father who enjoys playing with his kids and watching football.
I grew up in the woods and spent a lifetime in various environments from deserts to jungles to politically-sensitive urban environments, and I'm here to tell you what I know. When considering disaster preparedness, keep in mind that what survival gear and emergency supplies you add to your bug out bag and then pack for your survival kit can mean the difference between life and death, or at least affect your level of comfort if SHTF and you had to get outta dodge.
Each item in your kit will depend on your skill set and what you’re trying to prepare for.
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Insulate floors and add heavy carpets, install carpet hangings on the walls or other decorations that will seal off the rooms. If you routinely close off the attic or other upstairs floors, then feel free to put plastic down on the floors in order to form a heat barrier. It absorbs heat well and can also help keep a warmer, less dry temperature in any room that features an aquarium.
And if you stockpile and others find out, they come to your home and try to take your food.
As long as you have a viable means of producing food, don’t take a chance of getting hit by looters or anyone else that might want to steal from you. You can also grow container gardens in just about any location, including inner city apartments and other areas where land and other resources may not be available. The rocket stove is usually used in outdoor settings, however you may use it indoors if you have sufficient ventilation. Take the time now to get to know your neighbors so that in a crisis, you have the chance of moving among them safely. If you are stuck in the city, it take much more time before you can get into a location where water be more available. As an added bonus, this type of staff also makes for a powerful weapon if you know how to use it. If you have access to land, keep a few compost bins, and use it to grow houseplants that can be consumed for food or medicinal needs. You have to know where you are in the city so that you continue to move outward instead of moving deeper into it.
But when the dirt hits the fan is not the time to find out that your efforts were all in vain!
What you probably refer to is the fallout plume, which will carry radioactive materials along with the prevailing wind.
Learn how to protect your two way radios from the effects of an EMP as well as a communications "system" for re-connecting with loved ones. Some reports state that an EMP attack could wipe out more than half of the US population in less than a year. But, the fact of the matter is that an EMP attack would have a devastating impact on all the normal channels of government activities, including communication, intelligence gathering and everything nuclear.
These reports came up after the government had disclosed a plan about building a similar $44 million facility in Alaska for housing the military's interceptor missiles. Sure, you might manage to store away fuel for a rainy day somewhere on your property or bug out retreat, but at some point it's going to run out. With all the hydroelectric power gone, where is the water which is used for irrigation going to come from.
Due to the high level of computerized automation, the equipment in most of the television and radio studios would be completely destroyed or damaged beyond repair.
The infrastructure which is used for the purification and delivery of potable water and even for disposing or treating waste water is a vast network of electric powered machines that use electrical screens, pumps, filters, sprayers and paddles but work by complex computer systems.
Another serious question would be on how long the teachers would stay on the job and ignore the welfare of their own families.
As we have seen in protracted storm induced blackouts (Hurricane Katrina) that when the power goes out and all modes of communication fails, and there is no fire trucks, ambulances or squad cars patrolling the roads, society's worst elements soon take over.
Whether it's the financial records of multinational corporations in the US, the stock market or the ATM card, everything that keeps the banking and financial sector moving forward like a well oiled machine, from record keeping to financial transactions, all depend at a micro or macro level on computers. These views coincided with those from the National Academy of Sciences, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the National Intelligence Council and the Department of Energy.
According to reports, the former Ambassador to the US and head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Lukin warned that "hypothetically" if Russia wanted to "hurt" the US it could fire an SLBM and detonate a nuclear warhead at a high altitude, resulting in an EMP, which would massively disrupt all communications in the US. Even a superpower such as the US, which possess the world's most powerful armed force, air force, navy and an incredible nuclear arsenal cannot guarantee its immunity in the event of an electromagnetic pulse attack.
But to be fair, as any country grows increasingly powerful both technologically and economically, it will become more and more dependent on modern computer systems, which means that the US is actually more vulnerable to an EMP attack than any other nation in the world. According to the EMP Commission's 2008 report, the cost of protecting the national electric grid was estimated at around $2 billion, that's roughly what the US currently gives to Pakistan each year as foreign aid.
Yvette Clark (D-New York) introduced the "Secure High Voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage Act." Unfortunately, the legislation is still in the House Energy and Commerce Committee waiting to be passed. It is the instantaneous explosive pulse of these spinning dislodged electrons which creates the Electromagnetic energy that causes the damage from the EMP effect.
If the current is large enough, it will burn out a circuit due to internal resistive heating. This type of protection is likely nullified if there is anything connecting the inside of the cage to the outside of the cage (power cords, circuit touching cage, etc.). The magnetic wave of energy came from a high explosive blast (magnetic wave) within a steel ball (the conductor) and being directed through advanced, high tech gear producing a proton beam of energy. Well that isn’t sound advice if you want to go to Aspen Colorado for a week of snow skiing. As a result China wants to call in the $1.25 trillion dollar debt owed to them by Uncle Sam. Hopefully you see that the impacts of an EMP could be multi-faceted and may not directly effect your power supply. If so, you might explore maybe starting small with just a few, and then slowly increasing your numbers as you become more comfortable.
This is currently the list of the top 10 best-selling prepper and survival gear items, along with an explanation for each.
Here’s what Graywolf from Graywolf Survival carries and why, as well as some suggestions on how to plan your EDC kit.
Cars, buses, trains, the subway systems and even commercial airlines and any other modes of transportation would cease to work.
In short, all hell will break loose, leaving us weak and defenseless to a larger superpower like Russia or China or both.
And that's not to mention the huge impact it would have on the civilian population who will be left without, food, electricity or security.
Besides that, the critical infrastructure for the production, delivery and storage depends on a complex web of technology, which includes machines for planting, harvesting and packaging, along with refrigerated vehicles for transporting produce and food items, and not to mention the temperature-controlled warehouses which are used for storing these food items. The only medical personnel that would probably stay behind would be those that live not too far away from the hospital or nursing homes. This makes much of the machinery used in the water infrastructure vulnerable to an EMP attack.
Having said that, it WILL have a potentially terrible effect on humans and human civilization due to the dependencies that most of us have on electronic infrastructure to keep us fed and alive.
I chose to keep this article simple, so as to encourage the likelihood of someone actually taking action. The capability for an entity to accomplish this task obviously exists so….What are they waiting for?? Since the holes of the screen mesh of a microwave oven are extremely small compared to the wavelength of the microwave itself, little radiation can leak out. To me, being prepared is more about becoming self-reliant than it is following someone else’s check list. But stop and think about the impact of that versus you being in the middle of the affected area. Be sure to check your local ordinances to ensure your are compliant with local and state laws. So being able to feed them something self-sustaining  makes me feel a lot better both financially and prepared-wise. But to read an article and go away with unanswered question(s), and not to have clarification, is irresponsible! This is terrifying when you realize that there are around 4,000 or so commercial flights that are in the sky over the US at any given time. Since the system cannot operate without the vast amounts of electricity supplied by the power grid an EMP event would deprive most of the US population of running water almost immediately. According to the EMP Commission, an EMP event could transform the modern electronic economy into the feudal economies of the past which were based on barter. One can only imagine where advancements in technology have lead this type of weaponry idea today.
My guess is something exists to replicate an EMP via, not air-born Carrington effect type disruption, but a ground pulse weapon used to cause reverse current flow through electronics from the grounded side, much like a solar flare induces. That is Arthur Bradley, PhD and author of the book Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms.
This is where the true vulnerability lies as all electrical components are grounded with little to no regard for protecting themselves from current back flow.

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