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Obits are a four-piece band who currently live in Brooklyn, NY, and whose music is probably considered an occupant of the rock music genre, specifically in the areas of garage, punk, surf, surf-punk, and garage-punk (though, not surf-garage). On listening to Bed & Bugs, the discerning listener may well note more than a passing similarity to such bands as Hot Snakes, Edsel, Drive Like Jehu, Girls Against Boys, Pitchfork, possibly Television or the Wipers.
Did you ever feel as if playing in a band was a completely in the rearview mirror experience? I think there were times where I felt I was comfortable with never being in a band again or really having to identify as an artist. Brandt and I were just itching to do some songwriting together and the band just sort of happened in parallel to that.
Did the process of getting the Numero Group Unwound reissues out into the world play a part at all? As time passes and you gain perspective what do you make of the continued—and many would likely argue, growing—resonance of the work you did in Unwound?
I touched on it earlier a bit but the thing I can add is that Brandt and I have had a lot of conversations over beers and what not and we reflect on music quite a bit. What we are trying to do is bring interesting guitar-centric music to the fore without being another post-punk or metal band. Everyone in Survival Knife brings in their own tastes which vary from my own, so that is another thing to consider! Though Survival Knife is impressively its own beast there is a familiar vibe to the windiness of the riffs and some of the vocals. Brandt and I were the original innovators, or whatever you want to call it, of the "Unwound sound" and he helped shape it over the years in an indirect way. Kris is a very different drummer, more muscular and straightforward and we play a lot to that. Some people may expect what I'm doing to be more "arty" or whatever and Survival Knife, at least at this point, is supposed to be a total rock band. At the same time, during the recording sessions you also worked with veterans of the Unwound orbit like Stuart Hallerman and Steve Fisk. I wanted to work with Bob because I knew we could trust his sense of what we are doing—a common ground. Obviously hardly anyone ever wants to spell out precisely what they're saying in a specific song. I know it sounds serious, but aren't these the things we talk about when we aren't just joking around? I struggle with being compassionate towards my "enemies" or "the other," and that's ultimately what this record is about for me.
There are values that I picked up back in high school from the likes of the Minutemen and Fugazi that I still cling to. This band won't be doing all the crazy touring that Unwound did for various reasons so we have to use our time and energy in a more efficient manner, which is a good idea for any artist.
I think the glaring failure of Unwound is that we didn't know how to lead ourselves out of a destructive circle. That one show by those guys from that band, Victory and Associates, where they talk about stuff and interview people.

This is a pretty touchy subject and everyone has their own opinion about what is the best survival knife.
I did some engineering until 2004 and have been DJing off and on since the '90s, as well as being a music fan for life. I think one of the best things I learned from going to school and getting older is that everything is scaled, whereas I used to think more dichotomously before.
I kind of decided I should start a band after I finished college but I didn't know what it would or should be. Did any of that make it difficult to feel as if you could just exist in the context of another band? Being a little older and outside of the younger music scene, it appeared to us that there are a lot of bands that just seem to be these social projects. Still, was there any backlog of riffs or concepts from your out of music years when you started playing again? The Survival Knife stuff has mostly come out of deliberate ideas since Brandt and I initially started writing in 2011.
I tapered off on record collecting in the last decade, but now just about everything you want to hear is available to sample. I'm pretty into post-Fahey guitar stuff like Alex DeGrassi and that great Numero compilation, Guitar Soli. Meg brings another element of energy as well; she is more of a blank slate without all the preconceptions the rest of us have. I think artiness is more the norm and good rock bands that aren't really stupid or macho are harder to find. I was thinking it must be heartening to have a core excited to reunite around a project despite the gap in years. In broad terms, though, is there anything in particular you set out to explore lyrically on Loose Power? Writing music seems intentional and it is to an extent, but it also comes from those deep places. Given the gift of experience, what do you plan to do differently and what do you plan to keep the same? Maybe a manager would have helped, being the fixed model that artists tend to use, or one of us could have stepped up to a stronger leadership role. To clarify, by scale I mean that things are on a spectrum or curve and not a black and white situation.
I'm inspired by my friends that have kept playing music, whether or not they are getting financial rewards. It lit a little fire under my bum and got me more into a working artist mode, which is good. Everything I've done musically is a personal continuum even though it has been with different people.
They have a "sound" they are going for but not much songwriting backbone and not enough fucking cool riffs. With this kind of stuff, you're only as good as your drummer and we have a very good drummer.

Generally, different folk traditions and the more adventurous metal bands are what I gravitate toward. But having two guitars shapes the harmonic element in a way that's fundamentally different than Unwound, which was based on harmony and overtones between the guitar, bass and feedback.
I kinda realized I was staying a little too close to my comfort zone for this record so next time around we'll see what happens, but it will be different.
So if we are aware of the world around us, and we are because we are humans, our music is going to reflect that. I think you might as well take the risk of writing about things you care about rather than just blow it off and hide behind a mound of irony.
The magic all happens in performance, not just because of chance, but because you have developed a circuitous flow in the context of your work that allows it to happen. Punk rockers are wary of the idea of leadership because it is associated with authority and so we are often very individualistic, but directionless. Trosper on getting zined, Unwound, Live leaves, entirely too long is spent on Lemonade and a band called The Clappers. I think astute listeners will notice, but I don't expect people to do much besides bob their heads, which is just fine! Not very many people have heard Worst Case Scenario, which is a band we did in the '90s. Art used to be more singular and exclusive and now I see it as more reflective of everything. Unwound played a handful of shows with the Mouse back in the day and I think I probably met Isaac in 1991 at punk shows in the Northwest.
I guess it's up to me whether or not I am just a dude from Unwound for the rest of my life. Access to and the popularity of electronic type music and home recording has changed everything for better and worse.
There is a guy in Seattle, Steve Turnidge, who has written some interesting stuff about mastering with PCs that I recommend.
Suicide bombers and Internet trolls all seem like they are doing similar things with their unharnessed power. I mean I would probably be pretty happy just fishing a trout stream the rest of my life without a band.
I think there is tons of innovation in that scene and some of it has carried over into the indie world, leading to piles and piles of dilettante-ish crap. The systemic institutions run by old white men like the Vatican, Ivy League schools, and banks are designed to be too big to fail.
We are now able to check out things that exist in the farthest corners of the world that have nothing to do with our status quo western expectations of what is cool. You can scrutinize every moment of your record and the person that cuts the vinyl can fuck up the whole thing.

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