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Aitor supplies knives and accessories to the Spanish military, NATO, and various European law enforcement. The 8″ natural silver finish stainless clip point bowie style blade has a very aggressive offset tooth double cut saw along the spine that really will cut wood. This style of knife is notorious for weakness and breakage at the blade-handle junction, but Aitor knives are known for their strength and durability. The guard has lashing holes for added utility, and the pommel unscrews to reveal a good quality button compass inside cap, as well as a small survival kit stored in a clear acrylic tube in the handle.

Unlike most other hollow handle survival knives, the Aitor blade is swaged full width into the handle and a roll pin added for retention, providing a miulti-point stress relief system.
Also stored inside the sheath is a pullout tray with latex powerbands for the slingshot, an empty vial (for honing oil, etc), and a magnesium fire starter. Some of those may be good knives, but I am always suspect of their materials, workmanship, and quality control, areas in which Aitor excels. The back of tray features ruler, international distress signals molded into the sheath, and signal mirror, as well as the cavity for carrying the skinner.

The outside of the sheath is wrapped in several yards of OD green nylon cord with a sharpening stone attached to the back of the sheath under the cord, and black finish stainless metal arms at tip of sheath flip out to serve as a slingshot when the power bands are attached over the ends of the arms. Delivery is 1 to 4 weeks, as these tend to sell out, but they are always reordered when that happens.

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