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DescriptionTLSFB: Signal Fire Keyring AccessoryTool Logic The Tool Logic SFB-T Signal Fire Key Ring Accessory is an incredibly lightweight and potentially lifesaving accessory. When you are first learning bow-drill fire-making, you must make conditions and your bow drill set such that the chance of getting a coal is the greatest.
Even if you have never gotten a coal before, it is best to get the wood from the forest yourself.
Once you have a good section of wood (the more, the better), split it in half with an axe (or knife) to let it dry.
Make sure you have a comfortable knife to work with as this will make things more enjoyable and safer. Taking the once-split branch, cut it with a saw or whittle and snap it into a foot long length. Take a foot-long straight-grained section of wood (if possible, from one of your previous splits) and whittle it into a slightly less than one-inch diameter straight dowel. Take the other half-split branch and saw off a section approximately four to five inches long.
Find a section of a green (live) branch that is about the thickness of your index finger and almost straight or slightly curved and the length of your arm from elbow to fingertip.
Now, put your left foot on the board (if you are right-handed) so the inside ball of your foot is next to the shallow gouge. Load the spindle by wrapping the string around the spindle so that the spindle is outside of the bow.
Now you must lubricate this end (keep track of which end is up and which is down!) This is to keep it from smoking and taking away your energy so all your power can be focused on the lower end.
Keep all moisture away from this as it will cause the wood to expand and it will bind in the handhold causing friction and burning. You must now make a notch in the board next to the “burned-in” hole so the ground-off powder has a place to accumulate.
If there is smoke coming from the powder pile for more than a few seconds you probably have a coal. For instance, if you are pushing down as much as you can and still getting dusty powder or hardly any powder at all you have done all you can with technique.
It is very important that the fundamentals are learned before attempting the more advanced techniques.
Keeping a notebook of your experiences and experiments will greatly aid in advancing your ability.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount.
On day 30 we will charge 50% of the remaining balance, followed by the final payment on day 60. It features an extremely loud emergency signal whistle plus a premium magnesium alloy fire starter that's rated for hundreds of strikes and will throw off a shower of intensely hot sparks at over 2500 degrees even when wet! If you do not know the feeling of a coal beginning to be born then you will never be able to master the more difficult scenarios. Using an axe or a knife and baton (a short, sturdy branch for hitting the back of knife blades) combination, split the branch evenly down the middle.
In other words, the dowel should have the same diameter as the first   knuckle of your thumb.

Whittle down the edges to remove any rough spots and to provide a comfortable surface for gripping.
These include: 550 parachute cord, nylon, cotton, jute, leather, rawhide, buckskin, and a wide variety of wild plants. Another possibility is to raise your butt off your foot and lean your chest on your left knee -use whatever works for you. Take your knife and scribe a 45 degree angle in the top of the board that originates form the center of the hole.
You may have to switch the ends of the spindle as one end may be slightly harder than the other.
If you don’t learn how to read what the wood is telling you, your coal-producing reliability will be unpredictable in the more difficult  scenarios. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. For this it is best to choose the “easiest woods” and practice using the set in a sheltered location such as a garage or basement, etc. Also, getting wood from natural sources ensures you do not accidentally get pressure-treated wood which, when caused to smoulder, is highly toxic. You want to have lots of material to  experiment with as you burn through boards and spindles.
The drill spins against the board on one end and is held vertically by the handhold at the other end. Keep splitting until you get a flat board that is about one inch thick, or the thickness of your thumb. On the flat side of this, exactly in the center from all four sides, gouge a hole with the point of your knife.
It should not want to bend more than two inches from a straight line when flexed using a little strength. Set this end into the split in the bow so the knot is on the side of the bow that is curving away from itself (convex). This distributes the pressure forces over a greater area reducing the tendency of the spindle to drill up into the handhold.
In other words, you should be pushing down enough only to make lots of smoke, but no  more powder. This isn’t so much of a problem in itself, but it usually occurs because there is not enough pressure down and not enough speed.
This way the set will require less downward pressure to produce more powder allowing you to fill the notch with the same amount of strength.
The wider spindle will generate more heat because the edges of the drill will be traveling faster than the narrower spindle. You should be able to get a coal nearly every time you try when using a proven set before you move onto made-from-scratch bow-drills. Also, make it a common practice to feel and carve different woods when you are in the bush. Whittle it down to remove any protrusions so you end up with a flat, straight-sided rectangular shape (this isn’t very important).
The fatter the spindle, the less wear it places on the string, but a longer bow is required to result in the same amount of rotations taken per bow stroke. If it bends too easily or is prone to snapping, find a slightly thicker branch or use a denser wood. Make sure that the string is held tightly by the split by moving the short section of cordage up the split toward the bowstring.
This mark should be about one full spindle width from the edge of the board (about an inch).

The tighter the string becomes, the better, just don’t make it so tight that it breaks the bow. If you imagine an electric drill, a small bit will require less effort to drill through a material than a very large one. Cut out the wood in between these lines so that you have removed about a one-eighth fraction of the burned-in hole. This is simply a fist-sized bundle of dry grasses, fibrous inner bark of certain trees, etc. If you push down too much you run the risk of making crusty powder and pushing all the good powder you so carefully made out of the notch. A downside of this is that the set becomes more sensitive making it easier to push too hard! The best way to approach this, in my experience, is to shoulder the spindle down a bit, build up a good pile of powder (whatever it looks like), and just try to make as much heat and smoke as you can. A good way to get good wood for learning on is to find a recently fallen branch or trunk that is relatively straight and of about wrist thickness or bigger. Make the sides of the hole slope out at a 45 degree angle so as to form a cone shaped depression.
If it hardly bends at all then you can carefully whittle off a little wood on the inside of the curve. Holding the loaded spindle and bow in your right hand, place the bottom point of the spindle into the hole in the board. Eventually, you should see a small amount a smoke forming at one or both ends of the spindle. This slice should go all the way to the bottom of the board so that you have removed a wedge of wood on one side of the board pointing to the center of the drill hole. This is not so important with dry, soft woods, but is very important when using damp or slightly harder than ideal woods. This powder will not ignite easily because there is little surface area for combustion reactions to take place. Tool Logic, a leading manufacturer of credit card-sized multipurpose tools and accessories, began in 1994 with an inspired dream of a credit card-sized case filled with tools by creator Steve Padden.
Cap the other end with the handhold and apply some pressure to keep the spindle from popping out. This often solves the problem of the handhold burning as well as the problem of the lower end of the spindle refusing to start burning. Within a year, Tool Logic introduced its revolutionary Credit Card Companion to the marketplace, offering users the benefits of traditional multifunctional pocket knives and tools with the beneficial size of a credit card. The amount of slack in the string is something that must be adjusted through trial and error when you fit the spindle. Tool Logic has continued to innovate by expanding its product line to include multi-function folding knives, flashlights and key ring accessories.
It is best to avoid synthetics such as nylon as they sometimes melt from the friction unless thick enough. If it refuses to,  even when you pick up the speed and push down harder, reload the spindle so the top is now the bottom and vice versa.
If the bow is too flexible the string will also slip and you won’t be able to apply the torque that is required. Repeat the pressing of the spindle into the handhold hole and rubbing the tip into your hair until it develops a sheen.

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