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Small, easy to carry, waterproof survival kits to aid in the survival of an emergency situation.
The Toothpicks, Compass, P-51 Can Opener, Rubberbands, Alcohol Prep Pad, Wax Cord, and Para Cord are not pictured, but are included.
I am that person who usually ends up in some sort of unexpected “situation” almost everywhere I go. But none of us wants to carry around a big ol’ emergency kit, full of things you might not actually need. Quick note: Keeping matches next to a lit candle is a hazard, which is why I detached the lid from the tin. If you participate in outdoor activities like trail running, mountain biking, or hiking, keeping a few wilderness survival items with you makes good sense! I found a little tin that you could use if you don’t like Altoids or similar candies. The PSS has twelve separate webbing tabs for different tent and lean to configurations depending on the circumstance.
This course is suitable for management and leadership development training and small enthusiastic groups who enjoy a challenge! This special three day workshop aims to introduce you to traditional leather working, clothing and equipment construction using a combination of bone, antler, flint and more modern tools. Four days crafting bows, arrows, atlatl and dart, sling, bolas and the humble throwing stick. So imagine if you had an emergency kit so compact that you could carry it around in the pocket of your jeans if you wanted to?

Small, reusable, and durable, these mint tins make the perfect container for emergency kits. Keeping this kit with you will have you handling minor aches and injuries such as headaches, bruises, blisters, scrapes, and cuts with no sweat. Especially before or during significant events, like important business meetings and first dates. These basic items can help you navigate your way, signal for help, or even start a fire for warmth should you become lost or stranded outdoors.
I was never caught out in an emergency and it came to the aid of many of my female friends. They just recently introduced their Personal Survival Shelter (PSS) in MultiCam Camouflage. In the shot below you can see the standard hammock set up along with some supplemental insect netting they offer that can be snapped into place.
They also offer a one foot addition at the rear of the poncho set up for the long version, which allows for added coverage of packs or other equipment worn on your person. That’s why I fell in love with these MINI emergency kits that Britta came up with…and I just know you will too!
The same idea applies to emergency kits; you can have emergency kits in your home that are well-stocked, but those kits aren’t going to do you any good if you’re faced with an emergency away from home! While at first glance they appear to be too small to hold anything useful, by the end of this post you’ll see just how much these tins are capable of holding! This small sewing kit has everything you’ll need to quickly repair or secure small tears or holes.

This little candle will burn for several hours, providing light and heat when you need it most. After the wax cools and solidifies, you can replace the lid and secure it with a couple of rubber bands. Whether you need a bit of extra cash, some essential oils to calm your nerves, or a way to save an important file, this kit has you covered.
The PSS is a three purpose individual piece of material that can convert into a hooded poncho, hammock, or tent.
The poncho set up is simple with a hole in the middle of the material with a hood providing head coverage and incorporates a paracord drawstring for quick adjustment. Small file, nail polish (there are small bottles out there) cotton balls, remover if you could find it in a swab, clippers… Oh the list could go on and on! Snap tabs surround the outside of the PSS to confirm the poncho to your upper body and keep rain out. The entire kit comes complete with a Cordura Nylon carry bag with MOLLE webbing for attachment to load bearing equipment and two lengths of 550 parachute cord. The hood also snaps to the material itself to cover the hole when used in the other configurations.

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