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This photo was taken at my baby shower - I was 36 weeks pregnant and my sister Jess was 27 weeks pregnant.
My mum and I are in the throes of planning a baby shower for my sister at the end of this month.
I want to make up some sort of cute gift pack to give to my sister to help her in the first stages of motherhood.
To make the cute bag to put your little survival kit together I also have to thank Pinterest for this find. My name is Tania and I love everything about the Arts & Crafts scene, from the creations to the community and every step in between. Still little enough to pose willingly with her younger sister and to want to walk to school with her mommy and daddy.
Michaela Byrd doesn't start preschool until September, so we have several weeks of one-on-one time.
I'm a stay-at-home mom of three kids, a fluffy Pomeranian, and a rambunctious German Shepherd puppy.
She is 9 weeks behind me and has seen me walk through each stage of pregnancy, labour and newborn baby stages first. We are planning a high afternoon tea using proper tea cups and saucers and getting all dressed up in dresses and heels.

I found it really simple to make and you really can make any shape or size that you want with this tutorial I found.
I consider “The Box” my crafter’s tool kit, complete with all the knick knacks that I need to put together my booth and a few extras to help throughout the day. You can’t control the weather, the traffic, or the sales, but you can make sure you are ready for whatever the event is going to throw at you.
I knew switching to a new school and attending all day would be a big adjustment, but she met a few new friends and loved her reading book (ironic because getting her to work on reading this summer was like pulling teeth). I'm going to enjoy the next couple of weeks of together-time with my four year old before she starts preschool three days a week. I think she has liked seeing someone else go through it and realise that things that she sometimes wonders or worries about is normal! It will be a nice change to get dressed up and out of my usual attire of tracksuit pants or pajamas. I used my new found knowledge of "motherhood" to use some of the ideas above and create one of my own.
I have attached a link below for you to download the labels for you to use if you want to make your own survival kit. Being organized and prepared is a sure-fire recipe for taking anyone from disappointing to confident, even if you are a slug.

I continue to use my passion for this community to create more, such as The Curious Canvas, and do my part to help out in the Arts & Crafts scene through my Texas-based Craft Show website, DFW Craft Shows.
I've got three kids and no money to purchase your magic weight-loss pill or bust enhancement, or whatever else you might be selling.
We live in Virginia, but I secretly dream of what it would be like to have a place in NYC to escape to for random girls' shopping weekends.
You could make a pamper one or one full of different chocolates with each meaning something. The business cards come in handy when you have a customer looking for someone or something. One thing I’d like to add is feel free to help others when you can, the goodness will come back to you when you need help.

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