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Crafting in Minecraft is a method which you use to combine blocks and made tools or other stuffs for easier game play. This amazing stuff is a dried mixture of meat, berries and rendered fat (also called suet or tallow). Dry the meat.Choose a warm, dry, sunny period and start early in the day to take full advantage of available drying time. If such is not available, clean all visible fat and connective tissue from the meat, then slice as thinly as possible, preferably across the grain (dries faster that way) and place on a drying rack in full sunlight. Pack in airtight containers Cleaned intestine, bark, glass or plastic containers can be used.
Meat should be as lean as possible and double ground from your butcher if you do not have you own meat grinder. The warmer the climate you are going to be using the pemmican in, the less fat you need in it.
Pemmican is a food used by a variety of Native peoples for many generations, and was adopted by the fur traders in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is an invaluable survival food that when prepared properly using good pemmican recipes can last anywhere from several months to several years without refrigeration! Though most classic pemmican recipes require the use of meat and fat, it is also possible to make it vegetarian as described below.
What you are creating here is jerky, which can be stored and consumed as-is, but it is not a complete food because it does not contain fat. Spread it out very thin on a cookie sheet and dry at 180 degrees F for at least 8 hours or until sinewy and crispy. The key points for making pemmican are to make sure that you render the fat (suet) properly and to make sure that the meat and fruit you put into the recipe are very dry, not cooked or partially dry.
With a single protagonist able to simultaneously woo several perpetually eager characters, it’s understandable that dating sims are often dismissed as male fantasy.
Those needing more drying time will be rubbery; those dry enough will be brittle and crack. If you cool it, re-melt it and strain it again it will improve the shelf life of the pemmican.

Axe is for stone, you cant fighting with a shovel, you must have sword and you can dig with a sword etc. Native American scouts who spent a great deal of time on the go depended on having portable, high-energy, highly nutritious, and filling foods that would last for long periods of time.
Melt the suet to a liquid and pour into the mixture, using just enough to hold the meat and raisins together. After the main character is deployed to a desert-based task force staffed with attractive anime ladies, players will notice that any semblance of reality is absent at this forward-operating base.
This is a sweet concoction and in cold climates, honey can be replaced with suet and processed just as in pemmican recipes seen above. From a mess hall that serves donuts and pudding, the ability to take leave whenever you feel like it, to coed sleeping quarters, the title makes military life seem like pure wish fulfillment.And if wasn’t for a looming alien presence, Just Deserts might seem more like a vacation than a soldierly push against an extraterrestrial foe.
And since the aliens have an ability that can weaken the brain functionality of your fellow soldiers, you’re at the tip of the spear, going out on daily patrols to gather intelligence on the mysterious threat. But just as important are the relationships you’ll forge between Just Deserts’ quintet of combatants, who prove essential for survival against an encroaching threat.Days are directed by energy, with tasks like patrols seizing a significant amount of your vitality, while even moving to any of the game’s ten locations siphoning a bit of your vigor.
From chatting, gifting items, and changing the attire of your fellow soldiers, working out, or going to the range with them to improve your basic stats, and patrolling to earn a bit of currency, you’re free to find your own path to the final boss within a calendar month.What are the game’s strengths? Fortunately, Just Deserts finds a gratifying balance between character development and amount of dialog for each of its romanceable soldiers.
The game could have easy succumbed to protracted conversations that attempt to provide insight into each personality. But for the most part, conversations are succinct, getting the point across without any needless meandering. As such, visual novel readers with short attention spans will undoubtedly appreciate developer Vifth Floor’s expositional economy. Another benefit, aside from one character’s uneasy cursing, is that each girl is easy to like, without the type of personality defects that can convert a lovely lassie into an ex-waifu.From Eve, the taciturn, slightly naive, sniper who sleeps without a hint of trouble (recalling the clear conscious of Saving Private Ryan’s Daniel Jackson) to Jennifer, the flirty American helicopter pilot, the game’s ladies are rooted in traditional tropes. But the decision is hardly detrimental, each signifying a soldier’s disposition, allowing players to get down to business.
Later, the pursuit of each officer won’t produce any profound insights, but does offer comfort in its broad and largely non-boorish simulation of romance.Although Just Deserts shows its indie heritages, the game’s aesthetics occasionally transcend its roots.

Character portraits are attractively drawn and exhibit a pleasing range of emotion, even if they aren’t fluidly animated. CGs and backdrops are attractive, flaunting nice-looking locales which help to establish context. Early on, you’re be assaulted by Rubik’s Cube-looking opponents who lash out with pebbles that resemble giant Rice Krispies. Sonically, Just Desert delivers an agreeably-sized selection of tracks that stand as one of the game’s high points.
Battle selections are especially well done with a number of groove-driven melodies that recall gaming’s golden age.What are the game’s weaknesses? When repellent isn’t used to deter opponents, players will enter traditional turn-based combat to settle the conflict. While there’s novelty in the use of each girl’s distinct combat ability, the tit-for-tat trade of blows can grow tedious. While Vifth Floor might have wanted to keep encounters accessible, there’s no excuse for not offering a way to speed up the protracted battles. As such, veteran role-playing fans might have trouble staying engaged while journeying to Just Deserts fruition.Another blemish stems from some of the voice talent.
While most of the cast does a decent job, British Brigadier General Cornelia DeAyana has an accent that meanders all over the English plains. While French mechanic Cecile Chevalier’s pronunciation is a bit overdone, at least it’s mostly bearable. While the developers would be commended for their multinational cast, they probably should have sought out voice actors who can perform in their native inflection.Is it worth the money?
On the surface, Just Deserts would seem to offer an impressive value proposition, with each play-through lasting between six and eight hours, which offering seven different endings to seek out. But if the prospect of enlisting in a harem fighting force appeals to you, Deserts’ initial run is worth consideration.Just Deserts was played on the PC with review code provided by the publisher.

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