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This amazing stuff is a dried mixture of meat, berries and rendered fat (also called suet or tallow). Dry the meat.Choose a warm, dry, sunny period and start early in the day to take full advantage of available drying time. If such is not available, clean all visible fat and connective tissue from the meat, then slice as thinly as possible, preferably across the grain (dries faster that way) and place on a drying rack in full sunlight.
Pack in airtight containers Cleaned intestine, bark, glass or plastic containers can be used. Meat should be as lean as possible and double ground from your butcher if you do not have you own meat grinder. The warmer the climate you are going to be using the pemmican in, the less fat you need in it.
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Pemmican is a food used by a variety of Native peoples for many generations, and was adopted by the fur traders in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is an invaluable survival food that when prepared properly using good pemmican recipes can last anywhere from several months to several years without refrigeration!

Though most classic pemmican recipes require the use of meat and fat, it is also possible to make it vegetarian as described below. What you are creating here is jerky, which can be stored and consumed as-is, but it is not a complete food because it does not contain fat. Spread it out very thin on a cookie sheet and dry at 180 degrees F for at least 8 hours or until sinewy and crispy.
The key points for making pemmican are to make sure that you render the fat (suet) properly and to make sure that the meat and fruit you put into the recipe are very dry, not cooked or partially dry.
Desde este punto debera cazar, recolectar recursos, crear objetos, investigar tecnologias y construir refugios para hacer frente a las diferentes peligros presentes en el juego. Those needing more drying time will be rubbery; those dry enough will be brittle and crack. If you cool it, re-melt it and strain it again it will improve the shelf life of the pemmican. Su punto interesante llegara con la posibilidad de apresar o domesticar a diferentes dinosaurios y otras criaturas primitivas presentes en la propuesta.No seran pocas este tipo de animales. Native American scouts who spent a great deal of time on the go depended on having portable, high-energy, highly nutritious, and filling foods that would last for long periods of time.

Melt the suet to a liquid and pour into the mixture, using just enough to hold the meat and raisins together.
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This is a sweet concoction and in cold climates, honey can be replaced with suet and processed just as in pemmican recipes seen above.
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