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All of your projects are unoriginal you have made something in an outside program, got that program to install it too your harddrive and then upload it, in theory all of your projects aren't yours they belong to the owner of the program which you used to make it with. He used a PLUGIN to have blocks placed in bigger proportions so that you can SHAPE them BY YOURSELF and have terrain on.
By that logic, any image created in Photoshop belong to Adobe, or anything made on a computer belongs to the creator of the OS. Cold increases being outdoors during the rain, being outdoors during the night or being in the water without a boat.

However this is where things start to get hard, and it's perfectly understandable to be confused with this rule as it can be a tricky one.
To stay alive, the most important is to provide yourself of basic necessities: Water, food, thermoregulation, shelter, the ability to think straight, to navigate safely and to avoid unpleasant and possibly fatal interactions with animals. It decreases eating a variety of foods, but some foods like raw meat can cause food poisoning. This survival map uses some of the new features of minecraft 1.8 to implement a survival realist experience.

We use the tag, for when the program does all the work for you, such as a pixel art generator, modmaker or noteblock studio.

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