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Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to hear about great deals, promotions and more! Throwing a boomerang is just plain fun and has a lot of benefits that are overlooked today.
Since Cold Steel are in the business of making things to throw, it was only natural for them to try and improve on the boomerang by making their own, non-returning version. The boomerang, or throwing stick has been used on every continent from time immemorial and is still found in use as a hunting tool in isolated pockets around the globe even today. Help other Extac Australia Pty Ltd users shop smarter by writing reviews for products you have purchased.

Besides being a useful hunting arm, throwing a boomerang can be good exercise while dramatically increasing eye hand coordination. Injected molded from high impact Polypropylene, with a wood grain surface texture, and sporting the most aerodynamic length, shape and cross section Cold Steel could devise, the Cold Steel boomerang fills the bill.
Fashioned in various shapes, forms and sizes and made from wood, bone, horn and even metal, it was most effective when used to harvest game birds, water fowl and small game.
Anyone who shoots a bow, throws a spear, swings a bat, stick, sword, golf club, racquet or throws any kind or size of ball will benefit from learning how to throw and practice regularly with a boomerang.
You can use it for hunting, target throwing, and distance throwing and, in a pinch, it will also serve admirably as a highly effective self-defense tool as well.

Today, the boomerang or throwing stick is most closely associated with Australia where many original inhabitants (Aborigines) still posses the skill and knowledge to use them to put meat on the table. Affordably priced, incredibly durable, the Cold Steel Boomerang is fun for the whole family and will provide years of hard use and entertainment.

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