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Whether you are prepping for the zombie apocalypse or the aftermath of a hurricane, self-defense is an important aspect of surviving any disaster.  Everyone has their preference as to what qualifies as the best survival weapon.
Though handguns and shotguns are also to be considered, a rifle will give you the most versatility for handling a variety of post-disaster needs from hunting to perimeter security.  However, the options and varieties when it comes to choosing a survival rifle are nearly endless and even the most avid shooters and preppers struggle to choose a favorite.
Ultimately, the choice comes down to your own personal preferences and needs, as there is no such thing as the perfect survival rifle. In addition to its sheer stopping power, the rifle classic employs a classic walnut and stainless steel design that’s both aesthetically pleasing and practical for battling against corrosion in rough weather.  The rifle starts at about $650, a reasonable price to pay for a rifle that’s guaranteed to put food on the table and stop enemies in their tracks when the going gets rough. The selections above were chosen for their popularity, versatility, affordability, and ability to be handled by shooters of all levels.  The choice comes down to you, but in the end the best survival rifle is the one you have with you, the one you have ammo for, and the one you’re trained to shoot effectively. This entry was posted in Survival and tagged caliber, carbine, disaster, enemy, need, one, power, rifles, self-defense, shooting, SHTF, stockpile, survival, territory, top 6, yourself by Cody Griffin.
The reason for the lack of updates is probably something to do with the kids being on their epic six week summer holidays. Things are more likely to pick up again in September when the moppets are back in school and we can concentrate on entertaining mum and dad when the kids are tucked up in bed. The third Hellraiser film may not be as good as the previous two but is still far better than most of the horror films that were coming out in the early nineties. David Fincher’s second film after Alien 3 hasn’t aged a day and remains one of the best films of the ‘90s. When Corpse Bride came out there was a lot of excitement about it as it was a stop motion follow up from Tim Burton who had been involved with The Nightmare Before Christmas which was getting adopted like a badge of honour by teen goths everywhere. Funny how times change, back in the early 90s The Mask was considered by many to be the pinnacle of comic based film entertainment and it’s not even that faithful to the anarchic Dark Horse comic on which it is based.
Eli Roth is a massively divisive personality, he can talk a good game but he has never really delivered on his hype as the future of the horror genre. This week’s celebration of the early ‘90’s continues with Sylvester Stallone’s own more successful take on the same year’s Last Action Hero.
Character Diversification in DOCTOR STRANGEMarvel is to release yet another superhero film, but this one is a little different. Surviving the Long Wait for GAME OF THRONES 08 August 2016Character Diversification in DOCTOR STRANGE 02 August 2016Who is Fiction's Greatest Dragon?
During this week I had the chance to sit down and play Greg Hastings Paintball2 from Majesco Entertainment. Greg Hastings Paintball 2 lets you tackle it with two different game modes: a single player campaign where players create a team and enter matches on the road to victory, and a multiplayer mode where the aim of the game is just to win against opposing teams.
If you’ve ever played the first Greg Hastings Paintball, then you know what is in store in the graphics region.
Greg Hastings Paintball 2 is a game that takes a bit to get into, but once you play it for a bit you get hooked.
It did bring back a lot of good memories of the first GH, but the graphics are almost the reason why I didn’t buy it. West Edmonton Mall is much more than just a mall, with its indoor lagoon, ice rink, and amusement park.
Even though this mall in Alberta, Canada contains 800 retail stores and businesses, it's more reminiscent of a theme park than a shopping center.
Even in the dead of Canadian winter, kids can spend the day in their swimsuits at World Waterpark, which boasts North America's biggest wave pool. The mall aquarium houses a shark exhibit as well as an assortment of other interesting creatures.
We Happy Few is the tale of a plucky bunch of moderately terrible people trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial. Currently announced for Xbox One, Windows, Mac and Linux, We Happy Few will be released in 2016. Since announcing “We Happy Few”, we have been building it with the help of our forum and Kickstarter communities. Our playable characters are not typical video game heroes - they are flawed and not particularly heroic, warped by the trauma their world has been through. Set in a retrofuturistic 1964s, you will find a city ravaged by war and rebuilt by delusionally happy people.
QuestWorld – Shipwrecked is the first of hopefully a long series of the QuestWorld adventure RPG map.
Created by Smenx and his team, QuestWorld is an old classic adventure RPG map made during the early stages of Minecraft and therefore lacks the most recent functionality and blocks of the game. Although the creators have lost interest in updating the map or continuing QuestWorld 2, this map became a timeless classic and serves as a look back on what Minecraft look like when it was still at its early stages. You were  shipwrecked on a populated place with no way of getting back home, your goal is to help people in the immediate area with their quests to get access to new cities.

Questworld is based on a unique system (during that time it was very difficult to do it) that uses redstone wiring. History has proven the rifle to be the best all-purpose firearm to face a variety of combat and self-defense scenarios. Below we will feature a handful of rifles that are commonly considered to be among the best all-purpose firearms to have on hand when SHTF. M1 Carbine – Though it hasn’t seen active duty in combat since Vietnam, the M1 Carbine was for years considered to be one of the best combat rifles in the world.  Designed as a more compact and lightweighted version of the M1 Garand, a WWII infantry staple, the M1 Carbine was an incredibly versatile rifle that had high effect and tremendous accuracy, especially at mid-range. From there you can customize and accessorize your Ruger to suit your specific survival needs. Marlin 1985 GS – If you want a compact rifle with big stopping power that will take down nearly any type of game in any kind of whether, look no further than the lever-action Marlin 1985 GS.  Despite the appearance of a menacing big-game hunter, which is indeed, the 1985 GS only measures 37-inches overall and weighs just 7-pounds. Sadly a column every week is not feasible because there will be times when there is simply nothing to talk about as far as what has been added goes. Once the providers have added the required cartoons and PG rated films then their job is done. This one feels more like a comic book than the previous two and transplants the action to the USA as Pinhead is revived by a seedy nightclub owner and goes on a massive rampage with some new cenobites he creates.
Looking back it’s astonishing that something this powerful got made back then with little studio interference. Corpse Bride didn’t quite live up to expectation, it’s not a bad film by any stretch but it’s just kind of lightweight and barely registers. If this was made now it would be absolutely faithful and probably have some extra grit thrown in its bulging cartoon eyes.
Roth seems too keen on frat boy humour and being friends with Quentin Tarantino which has done him few favours with internet pundits.
Demolition Man is all about John Spartan, a ‘90’s stock Silver Pictures cop who causes tons of carnage in his quest to get Wesley Snipes’ Simon Phoenix. Now I will admit that I know nothing of paintball, but after playing this game I know I want to go out to the woods and get my survival game on. You start off by recruiting players to form a team, and you take this team through three different paintball game types: woodsball, speed ball, and x-ball. The game takes everything from wind and weather into account when playing matches in either campaign or multiplayer.
I found myself playing the game for hours, enjoying the online matches after tackling the difficult campaign. It features the world's largest indoor amusement park, a lagoon with a sea lion show, a professional-size ice rink, and 21 movie theaters -- and that's just for starters. It has waterslides, rapids rides, play areas for young children, and all kinds of traditional water park fun.
Another popular attraction is an indoor lake where you can take scuba-diving lessons, go on a tour by self-propelled submarine, or rent a canoe.
If you act out of turn, or they notice you’re not on Joy, the locals will become suspicious and will rapidly turn your frown upside down!
Each character has its own storyline, reacting to the events of the world around them, and their place within it.
Everything appears to be happy in Wellington Wells, including the roads, the people, and its omnipresent television personality, Uncle Jack!
If you want to check out our campaign and all the updates we have posted so far, hit the red button!
The authors are proud to use completely vanilla elements on building the world without the help of piston – yet still getting the same effect. You are now allowed to place redstone torches in front of doors to open it, unless stated otherwise. That was certainly true of last week and was nearly the case this week, so the below picks are the cumulative efforts of your streaming providers from the last two weeks.
The (assumed) good weather of August will do the rest keeping the kids outside and entertained. A low budget film where the world has been overtaken by giant insects is never going to live up to the scope of the premise. Subtle it isn’t, and the claustrophobic tension of the first two is gone in favour of something that feels more ambitious and epic. Around the time of its release, studios were trying desperately not to label things as ‘horror’ instead using the label ‘thriller’ but Seven is a horror film through and through. The images and characters don’t imprint themselves into your brain the way Jack and Sally did.
First time I saw it I loved it, second time loved it, recent viewings I have found it to be a bit of a slog and decided the film is overrated.

The first Hostel film is probably his best work so far, once the frat boy crap in Europe is out of the way, the film becomes a pretty suspenseful and violent ride and the last twenty minutes are some of the most exciting in a horror flick from the last decade.
On his last encounter Spartan ends up killing loads of innocent bystanders and he and Phoenix are sent to the Cryoprison.
With every match the rules and objectives are described to the player, so that he knows exactly what he is supposed to be doing. You still have the same three game types as in single player, but you can participate in ranked matches in which you use whatever teams and equipment that are available. There are tons of things that affect your skills on the field such as wind speed, wind direction, rain, and others. With all of the videos, and other unlockable content, this game is surely enough to keep your attention. Galaxyland Amusement Park's 25 rides include Mindbender -- a 14-story, triple-loop roller coaster -- and Space Shot, a 120-foot, heart-pounding free fall.
Compared to all these glitzy and elaborate entertainments, some of the mall's other amusements -- a 25-lane bowling alley, a miniature golf course, numerous video game arcades, a casino, and an exact replica of Christopher Columbus's ship the Santa Maria -- may seem like small change but are actually great fun. Our stories are definitely not appropriate for children, but are laced with dark humour, hope, and even a spot of redemption. Each time you die, you’ll restart in a brand new city, thanks to our procedural generation tech. Having said that there is a fun playful atmosphere and the film feels like a celebration of giant bug films rather than a giant bug film to compare to the likes of Them, Mimic or even Eight Legged Freaks. The clever script keeps you on the edge of your seat and, despite the high concept pitch, the film feels authentic in its portrayal of two detectives on the trail of a serial killer and isn’t afraid to show you the tedium of waiting for something to happen. Later this year Tim Burton returns to this medium with Frankenweenie, hopefully that will be better than this. The good news is The Mask is still great, the cartoon character effects hold up and it’s a timely reminder of just how great Carrey was when he was on form and not being all serious and starting a pretentious website, the world misses you Jim. Kubrick creates a real air of menace and supernatural dread with his swooping camera shots and his framing of the corridors and wide open spaces of the Overlook Hotel but the film feels like it’s all about Jack Nicholson’s performance and when he finally cracks and turns up the crazy, it doesn’t feel like the film has earned it.
Hostel was a big hit and was sadly labelled with the ‘torture porn’ label which it doesn’t really deserve as it’s far better than you think it will be. Un-frozen several years later as Phoenix has escaped, Spartan finds the world much changed with political correctness having gone mad to create a safe, dull world where everything that was good about life has been outlawed. Also, the game pretty much lets you take it at your own pace, so you can kind of ease into the world of paintball. Going through these matches earns you and your team cash which can be used to unlock new equipment, clothing, and training for your team.
I think they could have taken more time with the way the game looks, and really produced something great. When the developers were designing the game, they took their time when dealing with the game mechanics. Although the graphics aren’t the best and the multiplayer is a bit dry, Greg Hastings Paintball 2 is a great game to play when you want to have some fun. You will need to practice conformity, stealth and combat if you want to survive long enough to escape. You’ll discover the history of this world, and how it came to be just so beguilingly happy.
You’ll be able to customize the world to your liking, and play through using multiple characters and playstyles. This film was massively influential; you can still see traces of it today in almost anything that features a serial killer plot. Having said all this, I recently viewed the documentary Room 237 which has made me see the film in a whole new light and its nigh time for a re-watch. At any time you can swap out players with those from other teams, as well as equipment from said players. The film should have been a mess but somehow the action, satire and heart of the film all work together to create a film that is above all one hell of an entertaining two hours. The aim of the game is to go to each challenge that your team is invited to, and win, making your team the top team in the world.

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