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October 12, 2009 By Garwulf 33 Comments Welcome to part two of my Survival Hunter PvP guide.
In part one I covered my talent build, pet choice & pet spec, glyphs, enchants and gear itemization. In part two, my goal is to provide you with a few tips and pointers on getting the most out of your new build and play style. There is obviously no specific rotation for PvP, as encounters are ever changing and unpredictable, not to mention we’re almost never afforded the luxury to sit back and settle into a raid rotation. Depending upon what buffs my target has up, I’ll often switch to Tranquilizing Shot at this point to start knocking off buffs.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t always remove the buff you want it to, and sometimes it can be resisted. I’d suggest applying Serpent Sting if no other cooldowns are up, or if your target is a Rogue. Steady Shot is seldom used, but if you’re in a BG or arena and are unmolested, feel free to blow Rapid Fire and break off a few steadies if your other higher priority shots are on cooldown.
If you’re new to the class or the Survival spec, just pull Arcane Shot off of your action bar as soon as you spec SV, then stick Explosive Shot in its place.
Lock and Load is an important part of Survival’s burst capability, so understanding how to effectively use it is critical.
Scatter Shot is not only a great spell interrupt and distance creator, but most important is its use as a setup for trapping. Wyvern Sting is nice for a long ranged sleep, or to pre-emptively interrupt a heal or offensive spellcast.
Because BGs are often chaotic and sometimes lacking in coordinated team efforts, I often use frost traps to try and keep melee targets under control, as well as enabling my melee teammates to lock down casters. Apart from the obvious benefit of CC’ing your target(s), another reason to heavily utilize your freezy traps is for Lock and Load procs. Although Snake Trap can be pretty quickly neutralized through even the weakest AoE, they can be pretty handy at times. Power Auras can literally do just about anything, but here’s a quick look at what I use it for.
This looks like a bit of a mess, but the reason is I have all of my Power Auras activated for demonstration purposes.
The yellow puss-cat just below the leaf is a warning telling me that my pet is taking damage and his health is below 60%.
The gold symbols on the inside left and right of the Serpent Sting aura notify me when Lock and Load procs.
Those six little red candy corn looking thingies flash when my health goes below 50%, letting me know I’m in a bit of trouble.
The blue circular aura around my toon shows when I am in Aspect of the Viper, and the bright star-like aura dead-center tells me that I am not in Dragonhawk. Lastly, the red jolly roger at the bottom signals that my target is below 20% and ready to die. Basically, if I’m on top of my game, I should only have a few auras visible at one time.
As I said, Power Auras is one of the top addons worth having, especially as a Survival Hunter.
Rather than list all of the useful Hunter macros I can think of, instead I’ll just refer you to my macros page. These are pretty simple macros which allow you to CC another target without deselecting your current target.
Well hopefully some of the things I’ve covered in this two part series helps a few of you out there. Is this post over 3500 words and probably adequate for giving the newbie a jump-start in Survival PvP?
If anyone has any other tips or suggestions, please send ’em my way in the form of comments. I have issues with the hunters mark aura, it will show up no matter if mark is up on target or not (read: i cant make it go away with marking the target). Tried sifting through options but couldn’t find anything that I thought would cause this. OT: Awesome site, really really good info for me as I just dinged 80 on my hunter and plan to mainly do BGs and Arena on him.
I’ll most likely just post a few screenshots, along with a detailed list of addons used and why.
Sorry to bother you so much with this but I just started an arena team with some friends and have been doing some BGs for honor and I am in need of a good UI. Hunter beast master builds have the best burst DPS of all of the trees and is often preferred for PVP, leveling and solo'n.
Bestial Wrath - your pet goes into a rage causing 20% additional damage for 10 sec and cannot be feared or stopped until killed. Marksmanship (level 80 - 85) Leveling Build - Level 80 start of spec looks like this , you then take Spirit Bond and Hunter vs.
Use free Aimed Shot proc when available or use Aimed Shot to bleed off excess focus when target is >90% health.
Use Steady Shot to regen focus - Use Steady Shot in pairs to maintain max Improved Steady Shot buff. Survival Hunters are currently the highest AoE spec by quite a bit and they are actually do well now in raids in Cataclysm.
Serpent Sting - Try to initially cast this DoT at the start of the fight if the mob will live more than 12 seconds and try to cast Cobra Shot before it drops off as this adds 6 seconds to this DoT.

Kill Shot - Use this whenever possible when target is below 20% health, 10 second cooldown, not focus cost.
Kill Shot - if all but one or two mobs are now dead and they are under 20% health use kill shot and switch to single target rotation. Note: Having the right talents is important, but using the correct rotation is what separates the pros and the amateurs. Provides a generally passive buff in addition to allows for far more frequent use of Arcane Shot, which is a must in PvP combat. Tier four skills give you a selection between three skills that increase your DPS.
Please email me or leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions on builds I post. The Survival Hunter Games two vC10.two Apk Mod (God Mode) The Survival Hunter Games two is a blockbuster hit loaded with new and even much better functions! As 1 of these brokers sucked within the portal, you are now trapped in a dimension exactly where the earth is significantly unique, and all because of a preference built by a handful of males a number of millennia back.
Thanks to get Free Down load The Survival Hunter Games two vC10.two Apk Mod (God Mode), Be sure to Kindly share it to any social media in order to get to the viewers to go through this write-up and hold traveling to Alvin Recreation for more Android Games 2016. The purpose of this two part post is to offer up some basic tips and suggestions for those new to Survival Huntering, a quick-start-guide if you will. The purpose of that post was to offer a brief overview of the spec and to help better optimize your toon for success in BGs or arena. There are however a few basic things to note when it comes to knowing which shots to use and when. Maintaining uptime of the 50% healing debuff is extremely important when trying to take your target down, especially in arena. You may wonder why we need to glyph it considering the effect and cooldown are both 10 seconds. Explosive Shot is Survival’s highest damage shot, plus it has an incredibly high crit rate when properly talented and glyphed. Black Arrow not only adds a nice DoT and damage debuff to your target, but it also starts the proc timer running on Lock and Load.
Since PvP is all about burst, Serpent Sting isn’t terribly important, especially since it can be cleansed pretty easily by many classes.
Arcane Shot is not used by Survival hunters at all because it shares a cooldown with Explosive Shot. Just as in PvE, the trick to handling Lock and Load procs is to allow enough time in between Explosive Shots so that you get the full damage from the initial blast, plus the two subsequent ticks.
Of course, if your opponent is low on health and Kill Shot becomes available, then by all means fire it off immediately. Since traps possess an arming time of 2 seconds, it is often necessary to set your target up beforehand. Since Wyvern Sting has a posion DoT immediately following its sleep effect, one trick is to follow it with a Scorpid Sting in order to re-trap the target in a Freezing Trap or Freezing Arrow.
I use Freezing Traps mainly for self-defense purposes if I see a melee target coming after me. They are especially useful vs casters who are susceptible to interrupts, along with the chance that the snakes might apply Mind Numbing poison. This addon is one of my absolute favorites, and one I highly recommend for all Hunters, not just Survival Hunters.
The pulsing green leaf and timer show me how many ticks are left on the heal so that I don’t overwrite it.
I don’t use Mirror for PvP, but if you have a PvP trinket such as Anvil of Titans for example, Power Auras can be used to notify you of the proc and time remaining. The strings listed here were for an earlier version of Power Auras, so they may or may not work as intended. There are many other beneficial uses for Power Auras, so I suggest playing around with it some to find what works best for you. You can set all sorts of filters for it so that your screen isn’t so spammy, plus you can configure triggers that will notify you of certain hostile spellcasts or enemy heals. This addon, or similar ones such as Quartz, are helpful in allowing you to customize how you want enemy cast bars, buff and debuff timers to display.
For those unfamiliar, Gladius is a unit frame addon for showing specifically your opponents in arena.
With the amount of split decision making that goes on in PvP, anytime you can combine multiple spells or commands into one keybind, the better off you’ll be. There are however a couple of Survival specific macros that I’ve yet to include on that page. As I said, I didn’t write these posts to teach players the art of owning in PvP as a Hunter. I didn’t foresee part two being this labor intensive, so when I got to the end and thought about linking all of the info to WoWHead, I said f**k it. I was hoping to find a hotshot Gladiator to share some wisdom, but you may have to settle for me. More than likely what it will be is a conversation starter where I give my advice and tactics, then others chime in with their experiences.
IGE is a large supplier of online game currency and currently has very good prices on gold.
You also go into a rage causing 10% additional damage and reduce focus costs of all your shots and abilities by 50% for 10 sec. Remember you can remove non-critical talents to best fit your play style or what your roll maybe in the raid.
You should always try to have enough focus to do this when this shot comes off of cooldown.

It deals instant dps with little Focus while slowing down your opponents. Tier 6 skills provide you with a alternative between dps skills.
Down load right now and practical experience for on your own 1 of the ideal very first particular person shooter online games offered on the current market! Our new game interface is exceptionally person welcoming, and boasts quick to play contact monitor controls that permit you to simply operate, bounce, crouch, dash, reload, aim, shoot and more!
In this part of the guide, I’ll give you an overview of the basic PvP shot selection, Survival Hunter mechanics, as well as show you some useful addons and macros.
If you get lucky with RNG, these two opening shots can take your target down to nearly 50% within seconds.
Depending upon your target and what buffs are on them, Tranq Shot may need to be used right away.
Unless you’re a MM Hunter, Serpent Sting uptime need not be too high on the priority list.
This is a given for any experienced Hunters, but this guide isn’t necessarily intended for them. The beauty of Lock and Load is that your focus fire target need not be the snared target in order to trigger the proc. If you fire off your second and third explosives immediately, you will actually do less damage to your target than if you had fired off an alternative shot in between cooldowns, or just simply waited.
This is more easily said than done, but one thing I try to do is utilize an ice trap of some sort every single time the cooldown is up.
If I see a healer or caster DPS all alone and in mid-cast, then I’ll go for a Freezing Arrow. It’s highly customizable and can display all sorts of things including, health, mana, enemy cast bars, and even pvp trinket cooldowns. Hunters have quite a bit to worry about due to the abundance of abilities at our disposal, in addition to a pet to control and look after. I could then update the guide with the additional tactics; creating a comprehensive post on how to deal with other classes. Also, thanks again for taking time out to create such an awesome source of information about our class. This means that you can just macro trang shot into your other shots so that every time you use a shot other than auto, it also shoots a tranq shot. I know that setting up a whole UI post its time consuming, so I wanted to ask if it would be possible to post your UI on a site like WoW Interface.
Your leveling rotation is just cast Misdirection on your pet, then use Chimera Shot or Arcane Shot until your target is dead. Also note Lock and Load proc will reset CD as well so make sure you cast it when it is available. Tier 2 talents provide you with a alternative among 3 skills offering you CC along with utility. I'm currently a mythic raider on Darkspear (Horde), but that being said I probably PvP more than I raid. We are a earth with a strong foundation in complex and otherworldly developments that boast the potential to open up portals to other proportions. You should remain alive in this bleak earth until aid can get to you… IF aid can get to you. The 2 second shorter CD helps to deal with those variables and allow for more uptime on the healing debuff.
Firing a Freezing Arrow on top of a healer mid-cast is an excellent way to provide you with more burst damage while nuking down a DPS target, plus it’ll prevent that healer from topping off your target. If you’re lucky, your target may trinket the Scatter Shot only to find themselves in deep freeze immediately there after. Unless you know your Freeze trap target will be left alone, Frost Trap is almost always a better option, especially if you’re specced into Entrapment. As a Survival Hunter, I find the addon very useful for displaying a modular debuff timer for Explosive Shot. I have a separate SBF bar for my poison, so I still knew when to reapply, but I had thought the power aura was acting up or something. I’ve seen people post their WTF and Interface folders along with a premade profile on each add-on so that one can recreate their UI.
You want to be able to keep your pet up for as long as possible so you can keep doing damage. This was carried out in order to review the outcomes of unique outcomes and alternate fact. Acquire game perception in among maps during loading with suggestion screens, and start out every game with mission design directions! It appeared a safe enough experiment with all the protection safeguards that were being taken, but then the unthinkable took place. Before you start out your very first level, you are going to be prompted to watch a quick online video advertisement in order to generate a power up. If you are ready to conquer the level in the allotted time, you will generate a permanent weapon. If you do not get towards the clock, you can still advance by means of the game, just with out the permanent weapon. Combat stronger, more clever enemies, producing this game an extreme struggle of wit, stealth and talent!

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